Syria – Four Men Found Executed in a Field East of Idlib

Syria - Four Men Found Executed in a Field East of Idlib

Four men were found executed in a field east of Syrian city of Idlib. Men had their hands tied behind their backs, which is typical of executions carried out by Muslim Brotherhood extremists. It looks as though the first men shown in the video was shot in the spine from the back. Very unusual for an execution. A shot in the temple of the head is more common. Perhaps he tried to make a dash for it and was shot trying to flee?

I saw a video by Al Jazeera spreading their fake propaganda recently and I could not believe my eyes. They showed footage from pro Bashar al-Assad demonstration while they were talking about alleged anti Assad demonstrations. It was an aerial footage that quickly panned across the square filled with millions of people – the footage was fast enough and broad enough not to show any detail of pictures of the president these people were waving. All to make an impression that Syrians are protesting against al-Assad. Al Jazeera is bigger a joke of a news station than CNN or Fox – and that’s beyond pathetic.

Syria is a country of 22 Million people. 12 Million of them participate in pro Assad demonstrations daily (which are also anti terrorist demonstrations) – that’s basically the entire country less tribal people who live in the hills, far away from aches of the busy world in the cities, infants and elderly/disabled people. The protesters rally round in appreciation of the “Syrian army’s sacrifices for the sake of their homeland”. That’s why footage of protests that actually show people chanting anti Assad slogans only ever show a group of maybe 4 or 5 people. These are actors paid by Al Jazeera who protest in fake cities that don’t exist.

There is quite likely a lot that’s wrong with Bashar al-Assad, but his people stand behind him, the same way Libyans stood behind Muammar Gaddafi. If Syrians want him, let them have him. I don’t see a reason to support terrorist groups that want him removed. They don’t represent people of Syria.

Qatar has an army that’s specifically trained to carry out terrorist attacks in foreign lands. That unit of 2,500 well trained and armed mercenaries participated in overthrow of Libyan government and now this “Sunni Arab Intervention Force” as they refer to themselves is in Syria with an objective to “expedite the drive for Syrian President Bashar Assad’s ouster”.

Qatar terrorists were also joined by 1,000 operatives of the Iraqi Islamists group known as the Ansar al-Sunna. These are the very terrorists responsible for 15 coordinated bomb attacks in Baghdad on December 22, 2011 – the attacks which killing 72 people and injuring 200. These Muslim extremists have relocated to unleash terror on Syria and blame Bashar al-Assad for it. The number of them grew from 17,000 a few weeks ago to over 20,000 today. Their actions can be seen in the video below.

It seems as though everybody, except from actual Syrians says that Bashar al-Assad is a dictator who needs to go. Makes you wonder why actual Syrians, the very people who should be victims of his alleged brutal dictatorship want him to stay and praise him for not giving up on the fight against the terrorists.

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17 thoughts on “Syria – Four Men Found Executed in a Field East of Idlib”

  1. “Men had their hands tied behind their backs, which is typical of executions carried out by Muslim Brotherhood extremists.”

    And the USA soldiers are the bad guys, do I have that right ? Odd how it is only the USA soldiers, and not the NATO soldiers.

  2. I am syrian but I live in england and I was in hamaa 2 weeks ago for a visit. I saw with my own eyes the army soldiers of the coward bashar executing 2 women in my bare eyes, yes there is a little exaggeration from the media but people are dying and theres no way that 20,000 terrorists suddenly submerged into syria, and dont tell me through lebanon because lebanon has a strict rule against terrorists – hang ’em

    1. Right; and I’m a Syrian living in Germany. Last week I went to Syria and saw family with children beaten to death by Sunni extremists who then shot policemen dead.

      Terrorists themselves admitted that they were 17,000 strong. That was before Qatar mercenaries and Al Qaeda operatives joined them after withdrawing from Libya.

      1. Tell me, Do terrorists and sunni extremists wear the army uniform? do they have maher el assad brother of bashar al assad roaming with them dressed in civilian clothing around the 4th brigade with full army clothing and kevlar? is maher al assad a sunni extremist or an alawite huh?
        alawites used to work as maids for my grandfather and now they’re all wealthy and have villas in qardaha that are built for millions. if there are any terrorists in syria they’re bashar al assad and his gang of alawites. Minorities have ruled enough for 40 years its time bashar and his brother get hanged for what their father did in the hamaa massacre. alawite scum

          1. Just think if it wasn’t for the Internet we could be booking our next family holiday to one of many dirty Muslim sand nigger countries…

      1. I’ve never got the whole last meal deal when someone is about to get executed in the states, the last meal I think would be a McDonald’s big mac meal. Do the yanks call it a big cheese deal? Empty soul put Leroy down you know the answer to this ha !

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