Syrian Man Executed Al Qaeda Style, Blood Fills His Face

Syrian Man Executed Al Qaeda Style, Blood Fills His Face

That black piece of shit on the wall is an Al Qaeda flag. Al Qaeda operatives from many countries operate as mercenaries in Syria. They abduct random civilians, coerce them into admitting some made up shit, usually that they killed like 50 people and yadda yadda and then execute them in cold blood. Yet their one and only crime is that they were not Sunni Muslims. That’s what Sunnis do and have always done – wage war on everyone who is not a Sunni. They are the bottommost of filth.

These are the boys Hillary the Obtuse supports. They are in her eyes the hope for new democratic Syria – complete with Al Qaeda flags and genocidal tendencies, executing everyone who’s not one of them, including children.

In this video, after your typical Al Qaeda style interrogation in front of the black shit flag, the man is executed with a close range gunshot to the head. Close up of his face as blood oozes from the wound, filling up all facial orifices is pretty disturbing. Notice how even if you don’t understand Arabic, you can still tell that he knew the answers right away, as if someone served him with what to recite as a response to which question beforehand.

Fuck Al Qaeda and Hillary the Obtuse. Fuck everyone who supports this genocide under a guise of revolution. Sunni terrorists are not freedom fighters. They are extremists who want to turn previously secular Syria into an Islamic state with Sunna Islam as state religion and Sharia Law enforced upon everyone.

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Thank you for eleven years of Best Motherfucking Gore.

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        1. Wait, now I get it. I retract my last statement, and enter this lyric: ” Awwww fuck! chuck’s on a killing spree again, With guillotines for men . I walk around town with a frown on my face. Fuck the whole world, fixin’ to catch a murder case”.

  1. Mark,

    You seem to interject your opinion on what is happening in most of the posts you make. And, while I agree with them usually, I don’t quite understand where you get your information. The main reason for my ignorance revolves around the fact that I don’t trust nor watch/read the news. What is the agenda Hillary Clinton has in supporting the Sunni (pieces of shit) FSA? I really don’t know why toppling the Syrian regime would be beneficial when considering Sunni’s hate America. What is the end goal? What do Americans stand to gain?

    1. There seemed to be a lot of references to Iraq in this video, they mentioned basra, Baghdad and Suuni/Shiite rubbish, as well as I heard the word American? I think this might be Iraq, if not these cunts all went from Iraq to Syria to fuck shit up there.

  2. Life is cheap, even the most vocal of life preservers, the Church, have been guilty of many an atrocity. Most of us given the right motivation and circumstances are willing to kill, we are right to protect ourselves from termination by killing if need be, however what the Sunni Muslims are doing is what the Church have previously done and what all the other systems of rule have done, tried to kill all those against their system, victory through attrition and our governments support this because an unstable power is easy to manipulate, should one side win they will back the other and the game continues.

    We all know the above and yet we never seem to rise up against our governments and that is because some of us have better life’s because of the collected resources, others are pessimistic about our chances of survival and there are those that like to protect the status quo because it is all they have ever known.

    One thing is certain, once the populations get downgraded in their living conditions and cannot secure employment such as the period we are living in now, the cracks will begin to appear and the society will break.

  3. Brutal. This the first time I’ve heard the sound of blood gurgeling out like that. It sounded like someone was slamming down an icy cold Coca Cola. Dang! It’s a good thing the poor guy cooperated although ugly to watch it was more merciful than decapitation by knife.

  4. This execution is very poorly done. Shooting someone through the brain does not always guarantee death (See Mary J Buttafuoco). If you really want to ensure death aim the bullet at the base of the skull where all the life supporting brain matter lies.

    1. Of course he instantly died, why would you think otherwise? Your body is composed of unconsciousness mechanism. The twitching and movement is the result of the rest of your undamaged nervous system trying to continue working. Consciousness is instantly lost when your brain blown out, because consciousness is the sum total of brain mechanism.

  5. Am I the only one that thought he didn’t look terribly Middle Eastern? Looks like he’s got rather dark blonde hair? And, at the beginning of the video, when he was propped under their disgusting flag, he looked like he was in a lot of pain, deep breaths seemed difficult, makes me think he was suffering from a few broken ribs.
    Not a bad looking fellow, VERY sad eyes near the end, when he’s just sitting there, staring off into space. You can see that he was just replaying his whole life in those few moments.

  6. If this was me, I would enter a state of a berserk zen and snatch their gun. When someone is about to commit a crime, their heads are filled with conflicting emotions and slight hesitation. You can hear it in their voices.

    You’d be surprised how well you are motivated when you have justice on your side.

  7. if you put me in front of a camera and I know your about to kill me … the heck I am gonna let you make me talk and get what you want… killing quick is a a act of kindness,,, luckily he had that …..

  8. i wouldn’t say shooting in the head is al-qaeda style. i’d call al-qaeda style something throat & blade related. anyway, if i found myself in the hands of salafi butchers, i would definitely wish to have put one in the brain…

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