Syrian Man Executed by Jewhadist Gangsta Style

Syrian Man Executed by Jewhadist Gangsta Style

Syrian man was executed curbside by Jabhat al-Nusra Jewhadists with a gunshot to the face. The shooter held his gun sideways, like a proper gangsta from a Hollywood show.

The execution was preceded by a minute and a half speech, but it’s just when the execution took place when that one fucker had to walk in front of the camera. And of course, thanks to the generous donations from the US Department of Defence, CIA, and other alphabet soup agencies, the Jewhadists went on a ammo wasting spree cause… Western taxpayer will just send more if they start running out.

Props to Best Gore member @amer-the-adventurerz for the video:

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    1. A little update, Entire town of middletown county of Lake in California virtually wiped off the map. Videos are plentiful on YouTube. In 24 hrs this fire has grown to 50,000+ acres with zero containment. So far no fatalities

    1. AmOur ,you’re looking mighty fine I must say.
      Blayvier, thank you, its nice being able to get on again. And Steph96 forgive me if i got that wrong but, thank you but, as for videos no one is being allowed back into the area

          1. @Nightmare

            If they said a few words I could live with that but they just go on and on and on. I think they just like the sound of their own voice lol.


            I’m not a violent person but I guess for you I could make an exception 😉

          2. @Nightmare

            Keeping it short, sweet and to the point is the key. Like ‘this motherfucker’s gonna die.’ Or in other cases ‘off with his head’ is a classic line. That’s all we really need to know lol.

          1. I do think they said..
            “good day to kill infidels, fire”
            But their words are like for every one word we say theirs is like 30 words for our one word. (i’m just guessing here) kinda like Chines words are.

    1. Update: town of middletown, lake county Ca. Virtually wiped out. In 24 hrs fire has grown to 50,000 +acres. This is unbelievably fast. Upward to a thousand homes gone probably more. No fatalities at this point. Videos are plentiful on youtube.

        1. Ha!
          Of course there is! That is just what those from the “provinces” or “regions” would have you believe…

          ..Personally, I quite like a broad Yorkie accent. But that is not what our (German) queen speaks. 🙂

        2. @Mr Nightmare, you are correct.

          Defence in Old French was deffense which came from the late Latin Defendere so when the Normans conquered England and the word was introduced it would have been with an ?s? and not a ?c? so I assume at some point the ?c? was used as a form of linguistic fashion because the adjective ?defensive? was/is still used along side it.

          It is still correct from an English language point of view though.

          Too much Anglo/Euro linguistic amalgamation has happened for it to be called proper English anymore.

          If anything Welsh would be closer to proper English than modern English is because the Welsh language is closer to old English in both form and tone than anything else spoken today.

          1. Cornish survives also. Some of which I understand. Found that out by chance while sitting on a bench in Newquay listening to two old dears chatting.
            ( I didn’t Google that ).lol.

        3. That’s very true @Mr.Nightmare, I was leg pulling.
          Our language was indeed derived from many others, French being one, as @Empty Soul stated. Only the toffs spoke French way back, while us Yorkshire folk spoke / still speak a language derived from a blend of old Norse and Teutonic with a touch of Latin and old English thrown in. The Queens wouldn’t approve as we hardly ever pronounce The when we converse.

          1. @ewe lol the many variations any more is why when asked what languages I speak my answer is always ” German, Italian, and American Hill Billy” because what they call English here is not even in he same ball park as English there.

          2. Different accents @Am0ur, we all have them, although granted, for a small group of Islands, the accent variations occur amazingly often here.
            To be honest most US accents seem to have a drawl to them, which isn’t a bad thing. We probably hear them differently to you guys though.
            One thing for certain, not many, if any, members, speak as they type. Unless they are pretending they were born with a silver spoon shoved up their arsehole sideways. 😛

          3. @ewe Here in the US there are many accents as well I has a very strong southern drawl ( lol boozer can tell you) , yet Texas natives have an even stronger on, people from the northeast sound very “chirpy” to me they talk fast and higher pitched, then still there’s the west and to me its like crossing the both and south and adding something else in all together. Then comes the various slang and that’s so diverse I won’t even get into that.

          4. @Am0ur
            I have a 2nd generation Vietnamese neighbor….I’m from South Dakota…my god he sounds exactly like John Wayne…I can’t even wrap my head around that sometimes. 🙂
            Makes me giggle.

    1. @Tray Von Martin
      I don’t know where Ate is from but the British write “defence”, Americans tend to write “defense”.
      Neither is incorrect.
      They also use an “s” in some words that Americans would use a “z”.

  1. Yea know if America really gave a shit,or even Europe/rest of world,our government should just nuke this country and all these radicals. I guess the logic is like a hockey fight,just let them go at each other til they tire themselves out,or had enough.but they’re basically 1 step above niggers with guns,which is like planet of the apes,all they do is kill,jump around like monkeys and shoot their guns.

  2. Surprised we couldn’t hear some old Jew Director yell cut when the asshole photo bombed the money shot.
    Would have been cool to see half those assholes catch a ricochet.

    1. Now that would of been a great money shot, the bullet fly over and hit the shooter right between the eyes, but the jew director would never allow such a move, for he would have to pay another shooter to take his place. (we all know how cheap jews are)

      1. Yeah right…me playing in a sand box…..with you sand niggers…so that won’t be happening any time soon.
        But fuck you very much for thinking of me.
        Hope you get sand in your sweaty ass crack.

          1. @yournextexgirl… let me give u the chance to say it to me… so yournextexgirl.. is there something you would like to say to me today? Its all yours…. lol

          2. That sweet little girl in your avi seems like the miss manners type.
            Every time I look her way she’s thanking me for one thing or the other. 😛

    1. LMAO !!!
      Hey @antropomorphia been following the Chicago news lately….CLTV and WGN on cable…me an the wife call CLTV the murder channel. Heard they found a cut up baby to go with the double digit weekend murders in a lagoon…man you guy’s got a serious infestation problem there.

      1. Garfield Park is your typical ghetto where shootings are a daily occurrence, but this brutality, there’s a sick asshole on the loose. They drained the lagoon and collected whatever evidence they could, only time will tell. Check out It’s a Chicago crime/statistics site, got scanner frequencies too. Never a dull moment.

        1. I lived in one of those ghettos here in Vegas, and when the sun went down every boon was out and doing crime and shooting up the place. The last straw for me was when one of those apes broke in my apartment and I moved to a house in a better part of town.

  3. He was wearing fatigues, so I’m guessing not a random Syrian but a captured soldier. Would think by now they would know not to surrender but fight to the death. Surrender, they kill you anyway, but make a spectacle of it and broadcast it to the world.

    1. Sweaty unbathed unshaven Dirty rats with dirty fatigues with live ammuniotion and Arms which is come to them as alms from some of the rogue nations that promote Jewhad .

      The one that knocked him down saw to the other feeling trigger happy and spraying bullets as if there is no tomorrow and they never before were given the rifles in hand with the live ammunition practising targets but pity is that most of shots that are fired missed the syrian guy and one can see the shots are seen hitting all over the tarmac and the curb. They seem to have not got exact feel of the combat situation as they can’t even aim and fire bulls eye at such a close quarter

        1. We are coming for you and your sweaty salt laden butt crack and soon enough your free street roaming would be a thing of the past in JERSUALEM.

          We got a plan and the purpose
          if you didn’t know it is:

          Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution of all jews in and out of the town

          Homeland Eradication of Local MORONS CALLED JEWS ?

  4. News only happens wherever Muslims are .
    Their hunger for a kill will never appease and will continue unabated .
    Good God this Jewhadist Virus hasn’t spread out its tentacles much further than the Middle east and is contained within iraq afghanistan libya syria & iran .
    The sickest of sick countries on the world map where the civilisation is in a time warp and the Beadts living there still are with a fallacy that they are living an era alongside the founder of their religion .I am referring to the AD 570 .
    Their love for bood shed will either have them nuked soon by the western nations or they will end up killing each other one day .
    For a start they were first after the whites calling them infidels and now in a sudden twist of events you see them thirsting for each other’s blood .

    1. It has been the same over there for donkeys years, nothing ever changes. Brits have been in and out of the middle east fighting hundreds of times, as have many others.
      It seems to me that what start out as western proxy forces eventually cut the apron strings and morph into yet another version of what they believe to be Alan’s will. This is also very old hat.
      But let’s be honest about all of this. As long as there is oil and that silly book, the same will be repeated ad infinitum.

    1. So what? Why do people feel the need to brag about that like they are ahead of some curve?

      There are tens of thousands of people who have not seen this video yet. We are not all half-assed members, part timers who flit around to various gore/reality news sites. Many of us are loyalists who only get our fix here, therefore, it is necessary to include all vids and galleries in our repertoire no matter how “last week” they may be.

  5. After years of watching beheadings, executions, surgeries, accidents, suicides with plenty of laughs and wasted time watching shitty edited ISIS “executions” I have finally made an account. Hello everyone 🙂

      1. @justinsucks I always knew that jews “RATS” like you always come up from behind to try a stab…. you’er just scared to die by a white mans blade, which one day you will, I would gladly fuck your women with my Aryan cum… oey vey..

  6. Jewhadis lol, still don’t understand how Jews are controlling Muslims even though Muslims totally despise Jews, and how ISIS, AL-NUSRA, AL KIEDA, TALIBAN are killing people in the name of Islam, as instructed by the Koran for reasons dictated by the Koran whilst reading verses from the Koran…. Doesn’t make sense.

    1. @sy
      There reading verses from the koran that arn’t even there… It’s funny how stupid those jihadis are, thinking that there fighting for freedom while there leaders are kissing the feet of the israeli government… Begging them for more weapons and ammo that they trade for there oil

  7. sitting there calmly doing nothing but waiting for the fucking bullet to be launched is beyond my ability to comprehend . i am staring to think they make them swallow a Valium pill before they carry the executions so they will just there like a numb dead bodies, i mean no one ever attempted to resit or a t least run?

  8. It’s so silly for towel-head to stand there and give this dramatic and poetic speech ?that no one is going to give a shit about in about 3 minutes. Syrian dude just wants to get it over with.

    Towel-head is wearing some nice Knickerbockers that goes well with fashionable sandals he’s got on. The long shirt dress he’s wearing just compliments the whole outfit. I would be proud standing next to fashionable towel-head.

    The lack of a director only points out the obvious, they won’t be winning an Emmy anytime soon.

  9. If these meatballs had any sense they would shoot the guy in the gut and/or kneecaps and film him for 10 minutes. That would freak people out a hell of a lot more than some hadji-homie wanna be doing a sideways head shot with Ahmed walking through to block the camera as it happens.

  10. So now they admit some of those refugees are indeed IS, as expected… in the UK we just have to look out for combat sandles once they arrive! The real refugees will have designer clothes and new phones according to the photos. So at least we will know which are which.

  11. Muslims are killing and tearing each other apart all across,the Middle East and Africa . Muslims bring nothing good and usefull to the world. High tech? Some good discoveries ? Nothing good co,e from muslim countries . Israel ? There in no country in the world which produce more high tech, military knowledge and much more than Israel , relatively speaking. I meant to say that you fools who blame Israel in every post in this sick website, are just bunch of filthy foolish leftist who suck Muslim dick and lock muslim ass, as west Europe are great in doing so today but actually it seems like you are more racist towards the Muslims themselves since you cannot even give them credit at what their doing quite good and with their own fate and dedication. Only the west and Israel can be blamed and have to be behind everything Muslims do, isn’t it so? Is it because the entire Muslim ummah (nation) is,an ummah of angels ? Or is it because Muslims are too stupid and do not hav enough quality to do,what they do by themselves and without being controlled by Israel ? You people can whine and blame Israel all you want but it leads you nowhere. You are just acting like sole losers who are who fail or do not want to face reality for some reason and some of you are actually foolish enough to realize what is Islam and who are the Muslims and what is going on . Well, you can go fuck yourself and suck the d!cks of your “Jewhadists”. Israel is much stronger then you and your crap. If I was a European like I assume some of you are or even a Canadian, I would care more about the Islamic cancer within you who is getting bigger and everyday. Millions of Muslims are knocking at the door of Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Greece, UK and more European countries, threaten to flood Europe with their Muslims’ asses, and what you foolish clowns care about is blaming Israel, demonized and act like a bloody self righteous and fake bleeding heart people. Fools !

    1. No one produces more high tech than Israel?

      Oh wait, you were serious.

      LOL LOL LOL lolololLLOLOLOlllolol

      isreal is a socialist, totalitarian nation. They cannot afford to defend themselves, thank goodness they have the US to give them billions of dollars every year to keep their military in the latest technology. Not to mention the numerous embezzlement scams which has and tried to funnel money (hundreds of millions of dollars) directly to israel and thanks to the jew run media is quickly swept under the rug.

      Let’s not forget the numerous technologies stolen from the US by israeli spies, attacks on US troops and personnel, the blatant disregard for other nation’s sovereignty by plucking citizens and absconding with them, without due process, all the while lecturing the US and the rest of the world on how to act accordingly. jews are nothing more than a scourge of the world no better than the islamist. For they are one and the same. The jews created a country strickly for religious purposes and the islamist does the same. They both practice and use the same tactics. The history of that region did not start in 1948.

      If isreal is so fucking great, then how come it cannot feed it’s own people? I see commercials every day on how the israelis can’t get enough to eat or how in some non-jew caving nation doesn’t provide every-little religious convenience for the jew.

      The world ain’t all about the jews. Face it, isreal wouldn’t exist without the UK’s and US’s guilt. It is evident the creation of isreal was the single most greatest mistake of the 20th century.

      Apple of God’s eye — smh, more like boil on Satan’s ass.

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