Syrian Soldier Captured by ISIS Executed by Woman, His Corpse Dragged Behind Car

Syrian Soldier Captured by ISIS Executed by Woman, His Corpse Dragged Behind Car

ISIS has released a video titled “Message to Nusayris Soldiers“. In the video, a captured “Alawite” Syrian soldier is executed, and his corpse is then dragged behind a truck. The video was filmed in the Syrian province of Homs.

Although no woman is shown in the video, ISIS allege that a woman, widowed by Syrian soldiers, participated in the execution and herself pulled a trigger “to avenge the death of her husband killed by the army“.

Props to Best Gore member Baby14 for the video:

79 thoughts on “Syrian Soldier Captured by ISIS Executed by Woman, His Corpse Dragged Behind Car”

  1. Bullets were makin his ass dance. I counted about 13 shots before he didn’t move. Right when his brain spilled out. So he very well could have felt all 13 of those shots before the end. That must have been horrendous. Hope he passed out from shock or something after the first one or two. Looks like he was shot at least once before he hit the ground on his side. Brutal either way, but much better than beheading.

        1. Trust me… I live nowhere near the city and I’m gonna keep it that way…

          I work in Washington DC… The best thing about that city is leaving it…

          But I know what you’re saying… 😉

  2. Muslims believe that if someone is killed by a woman, they will go to hell rather than meeting their 72 virgin goats… 😆 They think that works on Syrian soldiers… and thats why they run away from Peshmerga girls…

        1. First of all you began your sentence by “Muslims believe that….”, not ISIS. Try to be honest, it was a stupid generalization but it’s never too late to leard 🙂

          And even if we talk about iSIS, this tale about them believing that you can’t go to paradise if a woman kill come from some western media (usually shitty medias) but you will not find something concrete proving that belief.

          Their belief is, sure, totally fucked up even for a radical muslim but inventing that kind of story is ridiculous ^^

          My education system taught me to make assertion based on proof 😉

          1. Its not at all ridiculous to assume that its true, after all, anything that women do must be under their concent, and if such is not the case, they will be brought to shame. So in what way is wrong to assume that if women does take their life away without their concent, their shame will bring them to hell? 😆

  3. Will there ever be a day when they finally use English subtitles?! I mean aren’t these videos meant to scare us?! I can’t understand that Arabic bullshit. I can barley understand the Arabic’s behind the counters at 7/11 out here. They can do all these high production HD videos looking like Hollywood but can’t throw in some subtitles for the people they’re trying to scare…

    1. so long as the western viewer must rely on politicians and broadcasters to present context and interpretations, the effect of terror and ignorance is about where all parties involved would prefer.
      remember, all it took was for that “jihad johnny” character to speak with clearly understood english for people to first suspect his videos and indeed the whole goddamn situation as farcical

  4. Well, according to yahoogle translate, the words on the flag say ” Just Married “. Thing is though, there’s no sign of any goats in the car, so I’m calling bullshit on that translation !.

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