Syrian Soldier Executed by ISIS with Shotgun Blast to the Head

Syrian Soldier Executed by ISIS with Shotgun Blast to the Head

A Syrian soldier from Deir ez-Zor was captured by the Islamic State and executed. They dressed him up in an orange jumpsuit and lead him to the execution grounds with feet bound. He was then shot in the head with a shotgun at close range. The blast made his skull explode.

The video was once again professionally edited, except for that rewind at the end. That looked like work of a 14 year old on YouTube.

Many thanks to everyone who sent the video. Baby14 was the first so he gets special mention:

74 thoughts on “Syrian Soldier Executed by ISIS with Shotgun Blast to the Head”

    1. Standards are slipping WTF happened to the good old slicing off heads??? Disappointed boys disappointed takes me ages to weave my way through the dark net only to be shown a guy being shot disappointed I got my cock out thing this sounds like a good vid to wank to but bang its over but its not all lost I have the actual footage of Chris Kyle being repeatedly shot it is fucking amazing 1/4 of his face smashs against a wall followed by another shot where his eye complete with eye lid and nose hitting the cctv camera slowly sliding down before a group of shots shoot his brains all over the place not only is it great to wank with I have it on my laptop and play it while fucking some troops lonely wife’s I kid you not playing that while getting deep throat is amazing I would upload the vid but it is evidence for the trial and I am the only one who would be responsible if it was leaked but let the trial go then you will agree it is amazing how Chris Kyles head smashes it is fucking amazing only one thing would make it even better is fucking his wife up the asswhile playing on 50+ inch screen she gave me a cute smile in court on Tuesday she is fuckable

  1. These guys sure do love to hear themselves talk….. fast forwarded to the end. Sorry mohammed, but i couldnt wait for it. The blood that comes from a headshot always takes on the appearance of a delicious strawberry frozen dessert.

  2. I’m starting to really hate these maggots so fucking much! For…the over-produced videos and horrible horrible poor excuse for music. I miss the mexi-gore with the cartoony mexican hat dance music…Oh yeah, I also hate them cause they’re evil…

  3. Wowww Nice shot!
    Terrible thing but it is rather cool to watch, hey this guy got lucky actually this is a lot less painful than being Beheaded
    I like the brain shot on the floor
    5 stars this time ISIS
    These guys are Bad-Ass

  4. Can you imagine what it must feel like to be in his position?

    Knowing you’re going to death and being resigned to the fact, and that it will be videotaped and dispersed on the web.

    I wonder how they killed Kayla Mueller?

  5. GNARLY. It makes me wonder if the ISIS aren’t really just Americans or hired by the American government. I hear they’re funded by the US. I mean, look at how professional the videos look. No one out there in the fuckin mountains and desert has a phone better than a 2000 Nokia…

  6. It’s obvious ISIS and its alleged attrocities are (most of them at least) the work of zionism; kike want to turn the international opinion against Arabs.
    Just look at the professional edition of their videos and the how they effectively disseminate them via the internet.

  7. love the slow-motion head explosion. I feel like these videos are produced by a 12 year old psychopath. politics aside most armies throughout history try to demonstrate a sense of self-respect and honor. Not these guys.

  8. Here you go, the Islamic State coming back with more sick shit which still capitalizes them as terrorists. They are committing violent acts like this because they don’t know how to ‘forgive’ or care for anyone but themselves. They do these atrocious acts just to satisfy their particular taste for blood. Evil, as evil as killing animals for fun. They’re nothing but bullies, picking on the helpless. You never hear about the terrorists fighting the CIA or US GOVT, it’s only the citizen who endures the punishment. Seriously, I really hope these guys lose this war. The media attention for ISIS is what is helping them grow for fuck sake. Who cares about them, what they do is nothing but garbage anyways.

  9. When I first heard some of the more popular tunes used for these films I thought they were sort of charming and I didn’t mind them. But I’ve gone right off them now ad nauseam. At least the execution itself was a little bit different this time around. They need fresh tunes, and stuff that’s more ghoulish. The laid back, vocals only, desert sing song style sounds inescapably poofy when overused like it has been.

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