Syrian Child with Exploded Head

Syrian Child with Exploded Head

Too many children fell victims to that senseless aggression of blood soaked Sunni terrorists in Syria and the aggression continues unhindered. The terrorists either use children as human shields, or in places like Houla where there is no government’s presence, they just plain line them up and execute them in cold blood. All so they can have propaganda videos for the sheep.

Video below is yet another of many proofs that not even when it comes to children do Sunni terrorists hold back. They are so set on killing and receiving money for it, they’ll stop at nothing. The child’s exploded head looks like a result of a close range headshot from a high powered rifle to me. My guess is the kid was executed the same way thousands of others were in the hands of the terrorists, though they may claim something completely different (artillery fire?).

Props to FEED ME! for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. At least he’s safe now…
    “Allahu akbar” means God is great. But these murderers know nothing of God. I’m not one to call Middle Eastern people animals. I know they are not. But a minority act like animals by doing things like these. I only hope peace can one day be arranged there, at least to the extent that peace can exist among humans.

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  2. Hey Feedme,
    I know your hungry as hell, but you didn’t have to eat a little kids fucking brains, seriously, what were you thinking, that it was monkey brains, I wonder if you beat that little monkey with a little wooden hammer?

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  3. This wasn’t on the “Visit Beautiful Syria” travel brochure. The lengths those murdering barbarian subhuman thugs won’t go to to try to further their twisted, insane beliefs. I doubt those who commit atrocities like this are born with hearts at all – just black, tar-like cysts of hate in their chests.

  4. Just another pussy turd for the Grim Reaper to flush down his toilet. Luckily, he’ll only have to flush once for this kid. Unlike with those Mexicans, and their dismemberments. That’s always a flush once for the bulk, and a second for the remainder situation.

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          2. @phatman, I DEMAND the seat be left UP in our home, boys/men wee on the seat, if I don’t notice it, I’ll sit in it!

        1. I think its caused by people who believe you can catch diseases from toilet seats, even with the “ass gasket” in place. It is, of course, completely false but they don’t know any better so they hover their ass over the top of the bowl and just cut loose, hoping it ends up inside.

        2. Amen, brother Days. I’ve heard some nastastic stories about the ladies room. It’s like the walls and floor are their canvas and they’re out of every color but brown and red. Is it a myth that men are more disgusting than womerns? I think so. No offense ladies but, please, jam a glade plug-in up there every couple of weeks or so. A cooch that smells like roses will please a thousand noses.

          1. Wow, I always thought the men’s smelt worse because of open urinals? Plus men drip onto the floor, women don’t usually miss the toilet? The public toilets are cleaned every day where I live (tourist type town) and in the big shopping centres (malls) in Perth they are like brand new! No smell, No graffiti.

          2. Yeah the men’s can be a battlefield too, of course. All it takes is one careless deposit on the seat and it all goes to shit after that. it’s kinda like a full trashcan, the whole “who tops it drops” mantra. I refused to use public restrooms until I was 18, the idea of the residue of the last bm splashing back up for a friendly hello bothered me deeply, and anally.

  5. damn kinda sucks for the mum, carrying that kid for 9 months and then painfully delivering it AAAALLLLLL FOR NOTHING!!! oh well… Allahyou Wackbar (or whatever the fuck they say) to this kid

    1. Looked more like his grandmother than his mother. Imagine breeding with something that haggard. Ugh. Muslims are so desperate to produce more of their evil spawn that they wouldn’t think twice about it.

      God needs to get his ass in gear and start showing how great and merciful he is before people start thinking that he approves of dead children….oh wait, he does approve of dead children. Silly me.

      1. well if she is the grandmother i highly doubt she was that haggard when someone was bredding with her….and im also pretty sure if you or me lived in a country like that,where you constantly wonder is this the day i,my son,my daughter,mother,father etc gets killed, we would look pretty damn haggard at that age too

    2. That’s why I always turn the sound off the instant I hear “Allahu”. “Snackbar” never even gets heard, as I hit the mute button at the speed of light. That prattling nonsense just makes me sick anyway.

      1. Ive been through a lot of these pages, but have yet to see an empty skull, of a young child. Ive seen them shot, but as I said somehow this one really hit home. Actually it just came to me as to why. This is a bit of TMI, but I’ll say it all the same, my sister and her four year old son were killed in a housefire in 1990, this is what happened to my nephews head from the heat of the fire, like a piece of popcorn. I get it now, I didn’t ID the bodies, but my brother and father did, and that’s what my brother told me, so maybe seeing this is what brought the memory back. O.k. I got it.

          1. Its not really a lover, but yes, the image of that replaying itself repeatedly in my head,likely is the reason I look at things that others would think I’m insane to want to see. If you actually see it, you don’t imagine or fantasize what it would look like, which is the type of imagination I have. The wondering is what drives me nuts, not the seeing itself. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. @daweeka…..i know how you feel……looking at stuff like this makes me grateful for where i live no matter how bad i think it is……i could never ever recover from seeingmy child like that….never….id be dead that night too

    2. Congratulations daweeka, you are a human being with a conscience. ๐Ÿ™‚ Slaughtering children and/or supporting the slaughter of children is a sub-human, fleshy virus activity that this world doesn’t need. This kind of garbage is one of the main reasons why I am a nihilist.

    1. I disagree.

      War should mean War. No exceptions.

      In fact. The only way you can truly exterminate an opponent would be to target children intentionally.

      Not only are you eliminating next year’s combatants. Nothing demoralises a population more to see its children die for their mistake.

      1. I thought there were all sorts of ‘rules’ in war? Like no bombing hospitals etc. isn’t the Geneva convention a list of rules for war? Makes it sound stupid, like grown men (and now women) playing a game, a game with real bullets and bombs with the aim to kill other humans.

        1. Those are wars of the westernized supposedly “civilized” world. The superpower countries,US, Britian,Canada, etc….the ones that gather for their summits. They have rules of engagement that are supposed to be followed. Not all countries abide by these rules.

          1. Their have been plenty of summits where sanctimonious old pricks sit around a great big table and try and tame humanity.

            Usually the people we attack don’t follow these ‘international treaties’.

            Anyway. Whenever we attack a nation. We create an awful amount of resentment. Especially to the young.

            Those young people will eventually grow into angry young men. Who are the ones that bomb planes, buildings and trains.

            One has to ask oneself… Why the fuck do we allow them to get this close?

            Which is why. If we are going to invade a nation. We may as well go the whole hog and exterminate the hostile populous as well.

    1. You just gave me an image of the chilled monkey brains scene from Indiana Jones, which looked kinda tasty if ya aks me. Indiana Jones references are common for me on this site for some reason… hmmmmm…

  6. Saudi Arabia is thinking about offering a bounty for each assadist killed by the rebels….they will most surely pay for whatever NON-SUNNI thing killed, including childrens, pets, etc. If Israel starts offering bounties too, perhaps mexican cartel members and blackwater mercs would consider temporary relocating to syria for business purposes…

  7. I hate the “rebels” with a passion and the Syrian military should do more to take their country back from these terrorists.Now that being said it looks to me more like an explosion did this poor kid in. I may be wrong. Definetly died before his time.

  8. Children don’t understand politics and are innocent victims in these wars, they’d rather be playing. Man, I am soooo glad I live in Montreal. It’s not the greatest place to live, but beats living in these countries by a long shot.

    1. Got a few of us other mums too, especially being that a child that age should be out playing with his little buddies, not being used as a political pawn. No kid should have to live in a war zone.

  9. from a Syrian minority sect myself, all that is written by the uploaded is 100% true, the motherfucking Salafis and Wahhabis are infusing the terrorism in my country to spread their twisted fucked up excuse of religion (which btw was invented in the 1700s and then embraced by Saudi Arabia in the 1930s) these are the parasites of Islam.
    Thanks for the uploader for telling the truth about these pigs and their fabricated media games
    [Best Gore = molto rispetto]

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