Syrian Civilian Executed by Hanging for Not Supporting FSA

Syrian Civilian Executed by Hanging for Not Supporting FSA

Happy to have been joined by Al Qaeda, the Sunni monsters from Fake Syrian Army (FSA) continue with their genocide unhindered. Whole world minus the sheep already knows that their revolution is a fraud and is used solely as propaganda to masquerade the extermination of everyone who doesn’t follow Sunni Islam and is not is not an extremist. The latter is important because even moderate Sunnis who want to live in peace and don’t support FSA’s mass killings are a target.

Video below shows what Fake Syrian Army is ready to do to anyone, including fellow Sunnis who do not support their jihad. The man was executed by hanging to the vicious cheer of terrorists. I look at their faces and see nothing but lust for blood. They could care less about democracy and whatever other polished word clicks with the sheep. They’re in it for genocide and that’s what they deliver. How did Western media get talked into supporting these pigs is beyond me. How do they sleep at night?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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38 thoughts on “Syrian Civilian Executed by Hanging for Not Supporting FSA”

    1. I guess it is, but they’re getting boring with their tactics. I was wondering if the guy got shot too, just didn’t turn on my volume because I figured it would be a bunch of screaming apes like all these allah vids are.

  1. Hey ladies, now that guy was well hung, wouldn’t ya say! I gotta say, I really like how fast that guy was bleedin’ out after they shot him, which also could confirm the idea that he was still alive, if not solidify it.

  2. just muslim dog men showing their true evil and murderous nature. what crazy insanity is occuring in those countries. eventually it will come down to ww3. the west will have no choice but to eliminate the muslim dogs while we still can or they will show the west no mercy. its going to be us or them. high noon.

      1. I don’t know man, but bring on the end of the world, if you ask me.

        I’m non-religious, but Islam is based on systematic brainwash until utter and thorough submission is achieved. Nothing good could ever come out of that. If a clash comes, I’ll be on nobody’s side.

          1. I will befriend a polar bear that will maul any Muslim who would attempt to get too close to me 😉

            I’m a misanthrope. I’ve learned enough about people of all religions and social backgrounds to not wish to side with any of them. Let them attack each other and kill one another off. I’ll watch from afar and laugh my ass off at their doom. May Mother Nature win.

          2. People just love to go on and on about the “good” in human beings.

            I don’t understand how people can use such a blanket-like descriptor to try to explain away The Fleshy Virus.
            Sure, I do understand optimism, and the burying of heads in the sand, not to mention how desperately people want to believe that “good will prevail”
            But the BLINDNESS that is needed to pull it off……yet, here we still are today.

            At least as The Students Of Best Gore see things, the horrible-bad is rooted and rising, and no kind gestures will ever be able to over- shadow the cruelty and obscene daily holicaust that has only been bread to grow, both in intensity, and in consistency.

            I don’t expect to survive any of this, due to one simple fact.

            To survive this world, means, absolutely nothing.

            If mushroom clouds apear I want to see how quickly I can get to them.

          3. @Rotten don’t do that, dying from radiation poisoning could be like dying from AIDS? long, drawn out & painful, weight loss, sores! NO WAY!

  3. A normal every day commute into town for the sunnis who gather some shopping from market and stop off at the bazaar to watch their next door neighbours hang to a slow death. It looks like a pool of blood appeared when the condemned non jihadi activist was cut down, maybe it was the force of the head hitting hard ground that caused his skull to crack or more than likely the jihadis at ringside popped a few slugs of lead into his head. They need to introduce the Lombard RAC Rally back into the sunni controlled areas of Syria oh what a pleasure to see a Lancia Spider plough into some of the spectators here.

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