Syrian Terrorists Execute a Man for Practicing Different Religion

Syrian Terrorists Execute a Man for Practicing Different Religion

Sunni thugs executed this man because he wasn’t a Sunni. He had an audacity to practice different religion and that’s as good an excuse for Sunnis to execute him as any. The video was originally posted with a statement that the man was executed because he was a practicing Alawite, though thug in the video, clearly in order to earn his paycheck, said that he was a Shabiha.

In Arabic, Shabiha means Ghost and Sunni terrorists use this label on everyone who does not support their genocide. In their minds – you either kill the innocent with us, or we call you a Shabiha and execute you. Whether you’re a child, a woman, an elderly or a disabled person makes no damn difference. You’re not with us, therefore you’re a Shabiha and you must die. Simple Sunni logic.

The man was executed with shots from a military rifle fired at close range. One of the bullets cracked his skull open and kicked his brain out of the cavity.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Hahaha. Nice one, “always sunni in syria (delphia). The syrian version of the sitcom will include a’lot more violence, executions & alla akbars that wasn’t shown in the american version of “It’s always sunny in philadelphia”…. which is a great show btw.

    1. yea me to that was crazy it kinda reminded me of that movie ALIEN where the thing came out of the egg and leaped onto the dudes face…

      that’s the power of the brain it can do amazing stuff even grow legs and jump out at you when your not expecting it

          1. Thing is if Iwas to try the shit… With my luck I would get drug tested straight after…

            Then I am fucked.

            Future jobs down the swanny

            Not worth it for a line of coke or spiff.

          2. Hey Gorewhorenz, I mostly agree with that.

            Hey everyone, I don’t do any hard drugs anymore, I’ve been in way to much trouble, I’ve learned my lesson for the last time, besides that if I got busted again I would be headed for prison for a long time, which would force me to inact suicide by cop, which I don’t want.

  1. If this guy Allah exists, He will be most surely fed up to His balls about His retard self-proclaimed followers, sunni, chiites, wathever, thats why this people will never get their heads out of the shit where they are buried…

        1. yeah, no shit man….i think everyone knows that the three mesianic religions are like the same piano, with three diferent looneys hitting each a different single key and screaming “listen, my tune is the right one!!”

        1. yeah he says that in the old testament, he also authorizes abraham to fuck his female slave when his wife couldn?t bear a child, and later i think he ends up kicking the slave out of his house with god’s approval, once she has the child. Later, he’s ordered by god to sacrifice this child in an altar ‘akbur-style’ to test his faith, and he’s stopped just when he was about to cut his son’s neck, as god was satisfied with the akbur style faith demonstrated by the poor Abraham (that was supposedly about 80 years old by the time)

          1. @Odgoso…

            Good one Sir…

            Even though the Bible is comprised of two scriptures (old and new testaments).

            The doctrine and dogma of Christianity, is almost exclusively pulled from the New Testament.

            The teachings of Jesus Christ teach us that Murder is wrong and Forgiveness is paramount… Under every circumstance.

            But that is not to say that we follow them.

            The Old testament is Jewish scripture… And that teaches us that God is an angry God.

            Just to get both sides across.

    1. Broad daylight, on the side of a busy road, and nobody cares, we should hire the chinese to build a Great Wall of Islam around the middle east and leave dune coons to sandniggers, set up cameras everywhere so we can watch them kill each other.

      1. @phatman – lol, Great Wall of Islam, it’s funny that you should say that. The Israelis have the right idea there. They built a huge separation barrier that cuts off Israel from the West Bank, so they’re literally blocking the Muslims from getting to them. It’s quite impressive really. I’m not a fan of Israel, but fuck, they’re good at what they do.

  2. Guy looked so stoic even though he knew he was going to be executed. This might be a dumb question, but I’m not knowledgeable about guns, can any gun send the brain flying out of its coop or does it also depend on the type of bullet used?

    1. Chances are he a took 7.62
      soviet M43 round,or a
      5.45×39.5,both of which will
      tumble causing a lot of
      damage,a projectile does
      not have to be huge to do
      such damage,conversly many
      handguns can do similar
      Lots of variables come into
      play in ballistics
      Small projectile+hyper velocity
      Large projectile+low velocity
      Large projectile+high velocity
      =better damage
      Placement of shot
      Projectile design
      Shape/sectional density
      are all variables,and there are
      even more if you get really
      technical,generally most
      reasonable calibres are
      capable of evacuating a
      brain from its cavity.

      1. Upon a second viewing of the video Odgoso…

        I can clarify that the ‘Snackbar’ was using either an AK47 or the Chinese knock off Type 56.

        This would mean that the round used would be a 7.62×39 round…

        This round travels at over 700 metres a second. Meaning that if fired at an unarmoured target at a range of less than 3 metres. Chances are the bullet would have travelled straight through the fella. And not tumbled inside him.

        Either way. I don’t think he is going to make it…

        1. Was wondering if you would
          see this,so we agree round
          most likely to be the M43??
          122 grain steel cored
          @2,574 fps
          124 grain lead cored FMJ
          @2,546 fps
          Or 130 grain @ 2,350 fps (this
          is unlikely,as export to wogs
          is normally steel cored laquered
          case rubbish,sometimes copper
          washed)……which leads me to
          the point that it is more than
          likely steel cored…..that has a
          tendency to tumble (sectional
          density etc) on impact,especially
          with bone,these will tumble
          downrange anyway(unstable).
          But….agree with you at the range
          this poor sod got plugged at is
          a moot point,the pill would have
          Have noticed your preference
          for the Browning “auto”,assume
          its the hi-power you desire?? a
          fine choice with a long pedigree.
          Do you prefer the earlier models
          or the later BDA??
          And as i am nosey what would
          be your choice for a rifle??

          1. Due to the fact that these nasty bastards are likely just middle- class Syrian kids rebelling at the establishment…

            They would have no clue as to the benefits and drawbacks of certain types of ammunition. So they would have to use the type of ammunition most available for their bootleg/ stolen Type 56s.

            The M43; now due tithe fact that their is a small steel insert in the M43… This greatly increases the chances of the ‘dum-dumb’ effect. For the purposes of enlightening fellow members… This is where the steel insert will fracture the copper cover of the projectile. Causing many copper ‘splinters’ to tumble inside the wound… Causing havoc… Dum- dum bullets were made illegal in the Hague convention of 1907. But the Russians circumvented this ban by saying the ‘dum-dum’ effect was unintentional.

            It is almost a paradox, that with rifle bullet wounds… It is arguably ‘better’ to be shot at, at extreme short range like this… As their is greater chance that the bullet will create one, clean wound…

            Although this fucker upstairs isn’t going to see those benefits!

            You are totally right Odgoso. I love the Browning Hi-Power (I call it the BAP…).

            My preferences are due to the fact of reliability and familiarity. People often complain of the weight and alleged ‘bite’ of the gun. Although I have never experienced it.

            I have only ever had experience shooting with the one firearm. A Browning Hi-Power (stainless finish 1984, with modern grips). So I might not be a connoisseur of firearms.

            My own choice for a rifle would mainly depend on the situation I would use it in… If I was plonked in the middle of the desert… With no camp. No cleaning equipment. Just the gun and some ammunition. It would be a British L1A1 rifle. A real marksman’s rifle. Every shot will count as you only have a single mode of fire. No temptation of wastage.

            Although the L85A2 has had a troubled history. It has truly matured into a decent weapon. I would use this in an urban scenario where CQC is the only method of engagement.

          2. Ahaa Wifey…

            Don’t worry about it.

            I despise people who use weapons to murder their fellow man (or woman). Unless in self defence of course.

            It is a cowardly act.

          3. Fuck yeah Trooper, anytime, I’ll shoot your ass and turn around, you know what happens to people who shoot someone in the back. I may be dead, but you’ll wish you were dead. He he

  3. WHAT?? No way!! This never happens!! A person executed because of their religious beliefs?? Must have been some crazy MF extremist type……
    *please note sarcasm!!*
    Again im not fond of the human race…..i need to be a birdie where i can just flutter around in peaceful contentment….and shit on all these assholes!

        1. Ahaa!

          Just me Baby… Just me.

          I am sitting with a girl at the moment… Who thinks I am the biggest fucking deviant since Galileo reckoned the Earth wasn’t flat.

          Out of all the girls I know… I can only say one of them was up for anything disgusting.

          1. lol @trooper
            yah probably not advisable to have anyone looking over your shoulder whilst you are on this site….anyways…i thought you were a big, raging deviant…arent we all????

          2. Yes…

            Although we on this site only represent an insignificant minority… I guess I know quite a few deviants. Some might frequent this site.

          1. Ali.

            Or rather a pussy is going to try eat me.

            Because I am the Birdy now…

            Reverse role play. If you catch my drift.

            *Filthy grin*

          2. Hey Trooper, dude I’ll go zombi on you, Ha I almost said I’ll go zombi on your ass, then I realized how gay that sounded, butt Ali??????

  4. Whats with all the comments on the naked chick pic?? I don’t blame you guys for preferring naked women to brains bein shot out but reserve the comments for actual fucking video comments…

    In any case, enough innocents have been killed by terrorists in the middle east (some figures estimate 700,000+) that I think we should just turn the fuckin place into a parkin lot. 1 Nuke = 100,000-200,000? If that many innocent people are being tortured and killed anyways then why not just count losses and drop the finger of God on these fucking alla akbars.

    They claim to have God on their side, I’d like to see their reaction when they see the US bomber fly over and drop something bigger than the usual.

  5. Dear mr uploader,
    don’t know who u are, but u have become a hero of mine.
    the description provided couldn’t be more accurate, even almost all media networks are trying to cover this, you manage to tell the truth.
    Molto Rispetto

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