LTTE Female Suicide Bomber Attempts to Kill Sri Lankan Cabinet Minister

LTTE Female Suicide Bomber Attempts to Kill Sri Lankan Cabinet Minister

On November 27, 2007 female member of LTTE aka Tamil Tigers attempted to kill Sri Lankan Cabinet minister Douglas Devananda and it was caught on CCTV camera. The female suicide bomber who had explosives strapped to her bra is seen in the video speaking with the cabinet minister before getting up and reaching into her bra to set the bomb off.

Douglas Devananda who was Sri Lanka’s Minister for Social Welfare and a leader of the EPDP at the time was not harmed, rendering the mission of the suicide bomber unsuccessful. The woman suffered from polio and used it to her advantage as owing to her visible disability, the security guards did not perform thorough body check. Aside from the woman, one security guard was mortally wounded by the blast and succumbed to his injuries later in a hospital.

Different video of the same event. Shows less from the beginning and it repeats the same sequence several times over, but it’s not a video of a video:

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  3. I don’t even know why they try they never fucking succeed. Women have got to be the most worthless excuses for terrorists ever. It’s like without a man or men they just can’t do violence right except poison. They’re exceptions, but not many.

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