Ted Bundy – Last Interview Before Execution plus Autopsy Photos

Ted Bundy - Last Interview Before Execution plus Autopsy Photos

One of the America’s most notorious serial killers – Theodore Robert Cowell better known as Ted Bundy was executed at 7:16 am Florida time on January 24, 1989. As several hundred deranged people set off fireworks outside the Raiford prison, Ted Bundy fried in the electric chair.

While on death row, Ted Bundy taunted his captors pulling off the Scheherazade from One Thousand and One Nights tactics to stay his execution and it worked for 9 years. Eventually, after exhausting all of his tricks, buying stays in exchange for confessions to unsolved homicides, information on where to find the remains and his personal input on another mass murderer the police were after – the Green River Killer, the solid date was set with neither the authorities nor Florida Governor Bob Martinez willing to negotiate any further.

Unconfirmed reports say that as he was being lead to the execution cell, Ted Bundy cried like a little bitch. For 9 years he was able to buy himself time and probably believed down to the last minute that he’d get another stay. It never happened. All of a sudden, the serial killer found himself in a room with Old Sparky in its center. At that moment, he knew the shit was real.

Mere hours before the execution, Ted Bundy gave his last interview to Dr. James Dobson. The video of that interview, in which Ted confessed to addiction to violent pornography is below. The most unwholesome part of the video is that if you didn’t know what Ted Bundy looked like, you’d think it’s the interviewer with his rapist glasses who’s a serial killer.

The fact that in his last interview ever Ted Bundy made it sound as though violent pornography had devastating effects on human mind clearly showed that he did not think he was going to die for real. Many tried to understand him, none really did. After all, sheep psychologists can ever only understand the sheep. If they really took the “violent pornography” story for a fact, it only proves my point that psychologists are a sample of the dumbest specimen from the flock.

In their divine dumbness, the psychologists studied the Frankenstein Monster yet none really looked at the Frankenstein himself. The Frankenstein monster did not choose to be a monster, he was created one. If it is true that there is a rapist and a serial killer in each and every one of us, then the key to understanding why Ted Bundy let his inner savage take over his charismatic sweetheart self lays in the trigger which awakened the giant. Not like any psychologist will understand that, cause if they had the ability to, they wouldn’t be sheep psychologists in the first place. I’ll leave them with the notion that it was violent pornography which transformed the boy on a racetrack to an amazing future into the America’s most notorious serial killer. It’s best that way.

We serial killers are your sons, we are your husbands, we are everywhere. And there will be more of your children dead tomorrow. -Ted Bundy

Here’s a little “psychology” test for anyone who watched the Biography series documentary on Ted Bundy I posted yesterday. I intentionally made no mention of it so I can bring it up in this article – how many of you were able to read between the lines of the closing statements made by former Washington’s secretary of state Ralph Munro who wrapped it up by stating that the real question is not how to remember Ted Bundy, but rather how to remember all those girls who, right at the prime of their lives, became his victims. If it did not translate to you as something like this, I have bad news for you:

Ted Bundy got to bone all those hot bitches any fucken way he wanted to and there was not a damn thing they could do about it. He had himself hell of a good time manhandling them stinks. Damn… I wish I could dip my shrivelled peen between all those pairs of fresh labia but I can’t let anyone know how I really feel so I’ll masquerade it by making myself sound like I’m more concerned about them hos than I am about Ted. If I say that, no “psychologist” will suspect anything.

He was right – no “psychologist” would suspect it, but I’m not a psychologist. Vincit Omnia Veritas! Let us all enjoy the sight of psychologists on BG quietly hoping nobody ever exposes them for being psychologists so they don’t have to face the wrath of complete humiliation should I feel like incriminating their utter cluelessness.

They don’t know who the next Ted Bundy is because their fundamentally counterfactual profiling prompts them to look among the wrong type of people. Ted knew that, hence the quote above which ends with: “…there will be more of your children dead tomorrow.” There will be more and they will be posted on Best Gore. Your incompetence calls for mockery, so that’s what you’ll get.

The last interview Ted Bundy gave to Dr. James Dobson hours before his execution is below:

And a gallery of autopsy photos showing the body of Ted Bundy post mortem:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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88 thoughts on “Ted Bundy – Last Interview Before Execution plus Autopsy Photos”

  1. Interesting point, serial killers are our neighbours, friends, husband, farther, all that have a dark side and facinating with hardcore porn, the same can be said about pedo’s who are attracted to young girls who start by scouring the internet for you young girls or child porn. Their addictions take over and can no longer control their urges, n

      1. How many pedos do you know? I really don’t think it’s like that. You get horny you look at porn, some go further but they are not addicted. You wouldn’t say I’m addicted to sex because I want to have sex would you? Pedos AND serial killers are mentally ill and they can’t blame shit except themselves. I mean, us that look at this site every day would be murderers if what Ted says is true.

        1. Bundy’s excuse was nothing more than that, a scapegoat of an umbrella topic.
          Reading this post bothers me because you can see the writers prejudice spilling over.
          You get the sense that the writer “knows” or is capable of knowing the means by which to ascertain an understanding of Bundy’s brain.
          This is false.
          The field of psychology exists because there is some truth to it, much like myths or legends.

          Bundy was simply rotten to begin with. Had to be. He was never molested or abused, he didn’t have a hard life. No drug addiction. He showed none of the common history associated with psychopaths such as himself.
          Gayce was a closet Homo who was molested as a young man, so he killed and raped young teen boys.
          Ramirez had a cousin who kept souvenirs and pics of the rapes and killings he was apart of when in vietnam. That in itself was a red flag in the Ramirez gene pool, later on Richie becomes The Nightstalker.

          So there are commonalities as far as exposure to such things at a young age as well as having that propensity to overstep the line between fantasy, curiosity and reality.
          Bundy wasn’t created a monster.

          That’s what Gayce, Ramirez and countless others have become. Even Carl Panzram and Charlie Manson are a product moreso of their upbringing and experiences than anything else.

          Bundy was going to be a politician, he kept himself out of the chair for 9 years, representing himself legally.

          This man was brilliant and did what he did simply on the grounds of narcissism and what I feel was something that happned to him personally that led him down the road to take those lives. To abuse those women.
          Something gave him the “fuck it” attitude.

          No one will probably ever be able to claim they had their “finger on it” when it comes to understanding somebody like Bundy but I know he is probably the scariest form of evil out there.

          Evil that forms itself at will for the simple glory of doing so. Without rhyme or a reason, a demon is born.
          To kill, simply because you know you can get away with it.

          I think that’s why he alluded to how anybody can be a serial killer and that even by killing him there will be others in his place.
          Rule of thumb, not all psychopaths are murderers, not all murderers are psychopaths.

          I think most people who frequent this site or watch horror movies have been exposed to plenty violence but we aren’t travelling around murdering and raping bitches and keeping their heads as souvenirs.

          PS when I first found this site a couple years ago I burned though all of it’s contents in about a month.
          Pics and all!


  2. I’m afraid to search the internet to search for violent porn, I don’t want to end up like this, lol, addicted to gore and thats enuff, lol. Good point made I guess, not everyone feels the need to turn their fantasies into realitys..Thats some deep shit right there, I found this video very interesting. Not all serial killers have a terrible pasts, but I guess thats what makes a serial killer so interesting as they are the typical guy next door,,

    1. From “what people searched for to land here” list, I don’t wanna know either, but I’m thinking all of those have to deal with “violent porn” and other things that I just don’t want to get off on.

    1. @trooper
      yeah isnt it creepy?? he actually seems like a pretty decent guy…someone i would hang out with…eeek!! thats a scary thought…..

      shows you that you cant trust ANYONE…the human race is just simply awesome, arent they??

  3. If Ted,(from a dark sexy corner of hell)was able to see what is happening nowadays with the internet n’ shit,he would be in a constant boner state..drooling all over Devil’s ass….this should be his “Paradise”……

    1. Although I have never been on death row…

      I know that in the moments before doing something difficult/ dangerous, you go into a trance, auto-pilot like state. You think that it isn’t real, something is going to get you out of it…

      And then you dissacociate yourself from your body, you watch yourself do these things… It goes past extremely quickly.

      1. @Trooper -Really? I’ve been in a state like that constantly for years now. It’s not nice at all , i don’t know what’s worse, reality or feeling so trance-like .
        Yet i’d like to feel ‘normal’ again and have no idea how …
        I got no friends anymore, for when i told them i was in this strange state, they didn’t want to have anything to do with me .
        A few even said i should see a shrink, that’s an insult, i could wring their necks for it;
        what Mark says in this post about psychologists and psychiatrists is so true, they are dumb, sheep shrinks are for sheep. I haven’t seen that said so spot-on before and am kind of glad reading it.

        As for this trance-state, it’s so bad the only way to stop it, sometimes seems to be to put an end to it all. Yes, i’m a loser, i know that.

        1. You ain’t a loser Serpent.

          As for your current situation. The only thing I can recommend is for you to go for a change in lifestyle.

          Discover new things. I know what it is like to get stuck into a ditch where everything is grey and pointless.

          I managed to get out of it by changing the way I walked, talked and looked at life.

  4. Whoa dude thanks for this post. I’ve been a huge follower of serial killers since I was a teenager, not because i idolized them or wanted to become one but because they interest me. How do their minds work? What makes them tik? What is their modus oporandi? Lpl I’ve just read too much John Douglas and Bob Resttler growing up.

  5. This collection is awesome. Thank you very much for putting it together. 3 things come to mind after going through all of this. The first is: How the hell do you bludgeon and rape 4 women within 15 minutes? How many dicks and arms does he have? That’s incredible! The second is: I wounder if that V W beetle Bundy hauled ass in is still around. I bet you that old clunker is worth a fortune to collectors of sick shit (Ripley’s museum, Marilyn Manson, etc..) The third is: the electric chair is the shit!!!!

  6. what i see in this interview is an enormous sob story poor me con perpetrated by bundy on the groveling dobson, who eats it up and even says the words “mutual friend”. fuckin’ sack of shit. i see bundy as a well-crafted compulsive liar, who pursued extremely selfish and vain behavior in the form of deception in real life, fantasized thru porn about and then fulfilled for real personal honesty through extreme antisocial brutality. my unqualified opinion would be the exact opposite of bundy’s: that a fair amount of expressed anti-social behavior in real life (such as telling someone off, cheating at a fair game) that is NOT murderous is pretty much required to keep an even balance in oneself to avoid an “uncontrollable” urge to release. just two cents from an average joe.

  7. Too bad he didn’t kill niggers and jews instead of all those women, even though one of the women was a jewish bitch.
    Serial killers should all be like Joseph Paul Franklin, they should kill niggers, nigger lovers and jews.

    1. No, it’s proof that HIS eyes didn’t pop out during execution. It’s different for everyone. Some people bleed profusely from the nose & mouth, but Bundy apparently didn’t. Some people don’t have burn marks from the cap. Other times the connections on the wrists & ankles have fried the muscle right off the bone. Electricity is extremely unpredictable how it interacts with conductible things (like the human body)…there is a reason why they tape the eyes closed before execution.

  8. I’ve stated several times that I am a psychology student & future psychologist.. no shame here πŸ™‚
    I don’t understand your disdain of psychology Mark?
    I briefly studied Bundy for my senior thesis on psychopathy.
    I’m a little confused with all that you’ve said about psychologist & can’t really pinpoint a solid topic to hit on so i’ll say this:
    First, impulse control. Certain types of Psychopaths don’t have it & many have the inability to foresee consequence of their actions or they are so narcissistic that they believe they are too damn smart to ever get caught.
    A psychologist wouldn’t blame the porn they would see that he, like all other psychos, can’t control their impulses. It wasn’t the porn it was the hard wiring in his brain, he may have been born with this defect or he may have had a brain injury in the past. In every psychopath who’s brain & background has been studied they have 3 things: frontal lobe damage, abuse, and genetic predisposition. One must have all 3 to be psycho and Bundy had all three as well (his mother emotionally abused him).
    I’ll be happy to answer what I can..

    1. Dear psychology Sister, all has been patriarchy for a long time now,”Feminists have pointed out that it is by no accident that freudian theory emerged as the first wave of feminism was cresting. This was part of the counterrevolution, the male backlash. Psychiatry and psychology have their own creeds, priesthood, spiritual counseling, rules, anathemas, and jargon. Their power of psychological intimidation is enormous.”- Mary Daly; ‘Beyond God the Father’,p.4. Also please study ‘The Myth of Mental Illness’- by Thomas Szasz. And celebrate the end of patriarchy, it has already happened in subjective time!

    2. This might be three years too late for a response but, anyway, I see where you’re getting at. I have a degree in Psychology as well and I totally see your point. Although I do suspect Bundy is more genetically predisposed to psychopathy than he is to it environmentally. I wouldn’t dismiss the Nurture side, but I am more of leaning towards the Nature side. Him, Manson, Bronson, Gacy, I think are all psychopaths. Dahmer and Gein, I wouldn’t label as one.

      Might I also point out that if we are to discuss this in the psychological term, I’d rather we use Antisocial Personality Disorder, which I think he had a severe case of. Psychopathy as well as Sociopathy are mainly legal terms, along with the term ‘insanity’. Anyway, just wanted to clear that out lol

      Also, I’d also like to add that, along with the course of my study and the future of it, I have come to accept that a lot of people would entirely dismiss psychology and claim it as pseudoscience, bullshit, fugazi or whatever. They have every right to do so mainly because psychology is by far younger compared to a lot of sciences, mostly theoretical and can sometimes lean on the philosophical side (all sciences are mostly theoretical but one cannot argue about quantum mechanics! :D) and it is constantly evolving. But, one cannot simply dismiss the contributions of psychology in the army, workplace, education, and pretty much in a person’s everyday life. So, I say, let people think what they must think about it, whether they agree or not. Besides, criticism, especially in this area, is greatly needed as it paves the way for the improvement of the field.

  9. I remember seeing the autopsy photo of Ted Bundy in the Weekly World News many, many years ago. I remember standing in the check-out line and seeing the picture right next to the Tic-Tacs, Hubba Bubba Blueberry and Women’s Day magazine. Those were the days…

  10. Canada’s Law is shit.What the fuck is that ?How the fuck can you assess a situation that demands immediate retaliation or preventive action in a matter of seconds.Seems to me the Law is scribed by fucking idiots and beurocrats.

  11. my favorite serial killer quote

    “When I see a pretty girl, one part of me want’s to take her out to a nice dinner and a movie, the other part wonders what her head would look like on a stick”

  12. I saw a man trying to come to terms with what he did even though he coudn’t truly understand it himself. Seems as though he was struggling with the cause during this very interview. Violent porn may have been a relative factor but it was only a piece of the pie and the simple and easiest explanation to give. I think that’s what he was trying to convey to the interviewer but the interviewer was leading, in the extreme. The real causes are so obvious in their existence but they are tricky and fleeting in description. I believe, to Bundy, this last interview was his way of attempting to help society identify the real issues. Needless to say, Bundy needed to be terminated.

    1. Either way this was very interesting to see that Bundy was so “normal”. Never really heard this guy talk before and could only draw conclusions as to who he was from what I read and snippets of media visuals (which all indicated this guy was an obvious creeper monster when in fact he was the nice guy next door type). That’s the REAL scary part; his “normal ness”.

      1. What makes me call BS on everything he says is how he describes it as troubling to recall those early first murders. Serial killers absolutely love to fantacize about what they did. Its why most keep soverniers.
        I don’t think he “feels” bad about anything. I don’t think he can.
        What probably scared him about death is that he was so aware of what it is. He would revisit bodies and have sex with them. I am sure he knows what decomposition is.

  13. Nice 1 Best Gore. Its amazing when interviews of a serial killer and footage of their work is made available. The more perverse a serial killer is – combined with a high rate of kill – makes their work even more interesting. 2 me Dahmer remains 1 of the most er, intriguing.

  14. Good grief, the lengths Americans will go to tie the Nazis to serial killers. “This kind of stuff happened all the time by the Nazis.” Really? Are you 100% sure that Americans didn’t do similar in Vietnam? Or nearly any country that has been at war?

  15. What a Fucking Scum-Bag….Blaming outside Forces as the reason for his Homicidal Urges…He would use anybody & anything to Live & Breathe one more day without one ounce of Remorse for the Victims He Tortured to Death for his Sick Sexual Pleasure…

  16. Man am I about to not be popular… Fuck it. Let me start with this. That guy Dr. James Dobson is an embarrassment to psychology. The mere fact that he is an evangelical christian means he should immediately be banned from practicing psychology. Not only is he completely disregarding objectivity he has no understanding what so ever about psychopathy. He is ridiculous.

    Now as for your personal views of psychology it is irresponsible to label the entire field as dumb. What exactly is it that you feel psychologist should know about psychopathy? Forensic and criminal psychology discusses this in great length. I am sure there are a lot of people who have no clue that there are 3 types of psychopathy. Ted Bundy is a primary psychopath, meaning he was born that way. It wasn’t learned or environmental. So his addiction to violent porn is his manipulative way to gain sympathy. The fact he even discussed God is manipulative. Lying about his childhood, guilt over killing and all of his other claims are tactics. There is a reason he only wanted to talk to a christian. Because a real psychologist would have seen right through his bullshit. and for those who do not know here’s some behaviors to help you sus out a psychopath. Manipulative, charismatic and charming, lack of empathy and shit like that. It is also all about himself and the need to have things his way which makes him feel he is in control.

    Now let’s talk about diving into the prediction and the etiology (don’t know that word then look it up). In childhood a primary psychopath who may be violent will usually be diagnosed with Conduct Disorder. But labeling children has serious drawbacks and many in the field are not comfortable with it. Especially since a child may have the ability to redirect violent behaviors. However, here’s how you know that a kid is fucked. They love setting fires to shit, mutilating animals, lack any real attachments and will often attempt to mimic emotions since they want to appear as normal as possible. This helps to not get caught. For the person who mentioned Dahmer and a few others as a comparison to Bundy and reasons why you could see some killers bizarre behavior but not Bundy’s is pretty easy to explain. Those other people are not psychopaths. Dahmer had antisocial personality disorder and he was an alcoholic. So who else is like Bundy you may ask. Ice man is a perfect example. Watch his interview and he says the same crap Bundy does.

    Another annoyance is that it is assumed that all psychologist will come to the conclusion that Bundy was made into a killer. I do not know one person in the field who believes that for a second. In fact in most criminals it is empirically sound to asses all facets of an individual. Not to say a monster is made. That isn’t even a good hypothesis.

    You also say that we cant identify the next Bundy because profiling points us in the direction of the wrong people. Let me be clear, profiling is not what forensic psychology is about. Forensic Psychologist are very well versed in law which is so important. There are multiple studies that prove the point that the best predictor of future crime is past crimes. We also know that not all psychopaths are serial killers. Many psychopaths lead a no violence life. statistics show they are usually high level corporate executives (makes sense if you think about it). U cannot assume that they are all Bundy’s waiting to happen. I don’t assume you are an idiot who can’t differentiate between organizational psychology and cognitive psychology. Just because I hate divorce attorneys does not mean I assume all attorneys are scumbags. Human right attorneys do wonderful work.

    Psychology does a lot of good for a lot of people. Some help substance abusers, victims assistance, research, false confessions by incompetent police, human development, Veterans with PTSD, rape victims, abused and traumatized children, Foster children with reactive attachment disorder (look it up if you don’t know it), help parents, help children with intellectual disabilities., work for social and legal justice, they help victims of trafficking, empower people, and a whole host of other things. These are the people who advocate for those who cannot. such as reviewing interrogation tactics which are coercive and hostile. This happens to innocent people all day, everyday. If you are ever interrogated in such a manner and you are innocent you can know that somewhere a criminal, clinical or forensic psychologist will be watching the police tactics very closely to help you. Or maybe, since we are all dumb, you can sit there in a tiny box of room for days with police screaming at you, insisting that you are guilty ; there will be no psychologist ensuring your rights as a human being are being preserved

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