The Flames of War – Full Movie Released by the Islamic State

The Flames of War Movie by the Islamic State Banner

The Islamic State announced a few days ago the upcoming release of a movie titled The Flames of War with a teaser trailer, and now the whole film is out.

The Flames of War starts with ideological justifications of their wars and glorifies their fight for Minnigh air base. The movie then goes to suggest that it’s their beliefs that caused other forces to unite against them.

When footage of the Islamic State defeating the Iraqi Peshmerga (Kurdish) forces is shown, statements are made in the video that the PKK/YPG only fight for land, whereas the Islamic State does not. Hmmm…

The movie then continues with the IS attacking the Iraqi army, from ambushes of outposts to engagements with Abrams tanks.

Throughout the video, religious quotes are presented to create an impression of religious devotion, despite the fact that the IS kills other Sunnis just as indiscriminately as Shi’ites or Christians. They only never attack Israel, just as Israel does not prep for defense against the Islamic State.

The Flames of War also features the speech by Abu Bakr al-Bagdhadi, who explains why the existence of the caliphate is righteous, and how the heavy burden to lead the caliphate has fallen to his shoulders. For obvious reasons, he never talks about his Mossad roots, but his proclamation that he’s no better than his believers, and requests to be corrected if he makes a mistake sound like they come straight out of his Hasbara manual.

The Flames of War also contain the best of footage recorded during the Islamic State’s attack on 17th division base near ar-Raqqa. It shows the mujaheddin killing the survivors and collecting their weapons, before praying and glorifying Allah.

The footage of celebrations following the overtake of Base 17 is made to look like it was attended by a ton of civilians. That is followed by footage of Syrian soldiers digging their own mass grave before being executed. One captured soldier is shown disparaging Syrian president Bashar al-Assad for his impeding death, and urges people to not join the army, and mothers to take their sons out.

The video finishes with a challenge to America and predicts a direct confrontation in the future. The video even contains footage of George Bush saying “either you’re with us or against us” clip.

The most hypocritical part is them explaining the “suffering of Muslims” under Bashar al-Assad, when they used to live in relative peace, threatened only by the Terrorist Organization of Israel. The Islamic State has made killing Muslims their primary objective and has killed more Muslims than anyone else – including Sunni Muslims.

If you want, you can download the super high definition version of the video from HERE. Password for rar is H3&0F*f3([email protected]+7×2!KLjn3$5t7c21

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        1. I would of took my time if i had to dig my grave …. Jokes aside i am glad i am muslim… The bit where the prisoners were freed from the army brought a tear to my eyes because you could hear the pain in the voice of the prisoner and those asad regime soldiers showed no mercy beating them up daily to an inch of there life then starting again fresh the next day i have seen videos so those prisoners spoke with pain the videos are all over youtube they don’t usually survive a month so they are lucky

  1. This is my review of the movie,

    It has a basic, substandard plot of good guys vs bad guys and set in a war environment.

    The standard of acting is very bad and the main characters completely and utterly lack charisma which just makes you feel nothing towards them, I couldn’t bring myself to like either the “good” side or the bad side.

    The directors were obviously trying too hard to be creative because for some laughable reason they cast the President of the United States as a Muslim, Kenyan born man called Barrack Obama, I mean, come on, there is only so far you can push the boundaries of reality before you lose the audience completely.

    This President also wins the Nobel Peace Prize for talking about peace whilst he actually keeps going to war, again, I emphasise the complete lack of logic in the plot, it just doesn’t make any sense.

    At one point in the movie the western side supports and finances the freedom fighting rebels against the evil Assad regime and then half way through decides to back the freedom fighting Assad regime against the evil rebels.

    This kind of side switching is common in this movie and freedom fighters become terrorists and terrorists become freedom fighters, I get the impression that the directors wanted to maximise plot twists to full effect but all it actually does is make the audience call bullshit.

    The Arab side is strange too, there is a lot of anti-western, anti-Israel talk in the movie and they make a lot of threats but at no point do they actually wage war against the west or Israel, they merely kill their own people and partake in dance, sing-along and merriment.

    My conclusion, I get the impression that this is going to be the first of many movies in this series and therefore I can’t comment on the ending yet but based upon part one I can’t say that I would want to see this movie in the cinema, I might pick it up on DVD when it gets cheap enough though, it would depend on how bored I was.

    1. Anyone notice that these jihadists seem to know too well how to use the tanks, cannons, mortars and advanced weaponry? How is possible to operate if they are ordinary jihadists? Or are they? Someone brainwashed them and trained them really well. They are paid mercenaries. And nobody does anything to stop these babboons? These hairy apes must be stopped because they are a danger to the entire world.

    1. Flaming homos of war for sure! And to ihate111x good observation but it gets much more deeper, for instance the narrator can anybody shed some light on who the person speaking through the film is? That voice I am 95% sure I’ve heard it a number of times on various youtube videos! What is he doing on this “film” very very interested to find out how this came to be, can anybody find out.

          1. Don’t blame you…haven’t been too many worth paying to see…I prefer a good book myself and they need to go back and make more movies based on books and not stupid comics…lol..

  2. If only our government applied the same rules to the travelling extremists as they do to football hooligans, just jig it around a little. Instead of not letting them travel, just don’t allow them back once they have gone. If they had the balls to do that, I would be happy to see the back of the lot of them, the more the merrier.
    Have a little scuffle at a match…. passport revoked. Travel and join IS, lop heads off and murder innocents….. welcome back.
    How utterly moronic those common purpose schooled, leftists are.

  3. first, at the end, the man talking shit against Assad etc, his probably not a soldier… :

    i watch it and re watch, and notice that between plan @54:19 and 54:28 one man (in the midlle) is suddently without pants
    and @54:26, look at the man who was talking before, look where he is falling, his feet etc… almost on the same position of the man next to him (the first) and compare @ 54:28 again… he is not there, but there is 6 man, with smoke effect to hide the scene…

    and i play @0,03 speed when the man with the watch is supposed shoot at him, and i don’t see a shot fired. and add to that, they blur the footage at this moment whith white smoke effect… and we don’t have the real sound of the scene, mayve the guy with the watch start to count 3,2,1 and 0 to make his shot with his fall more real.

    please do the same and tell me if you see like this or not

  4. Just left that shit hole and will be leaving again, in the summer, to go back. The sane ones are friendly, but the radicals are so hellbent on keeping the ways of old. It’s annoying when you know these assholes will start a fight over the smallest shit and even more annoying when they believe beheadings are justifiable. This movie is pure propaganda to make people feel bad for them.

  5. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but I really didn’t see too much resistance from the other side. I mean, I saw a lot of people walking around, and dropping a few grenades in bunkers and tanks, but really no resistance from the other side.

    …and how everyone looked so clean shaven!!

    Especially the poor bastards at the end of the video…

    Digging their own grave!!

    Christ, it’s hotter than hell over there, and I never saw one bead of sweat, heavy breathing or one strand of hair out of place.

    In addition, several scenes showed several combat personal, freezing for a split second, until the cameras were correctly placed and focused. Then…


    Christ, I couldn’t even “militarily masturbate” to it…

    What a waste of time!! πŸ™

    1. Nope you’re not πŸ˜€

      I couldn’t watch it because it doesn’t load, but all of isis videos has this theme : no resistance from the other side. That’s why I totally believe it’s staged.

      Nobody brings an HD cam & records so freely in a battlefield, unless the enemy’s army is blind. Journalists are the first to die in battles.

      But the western media gave isis lots of credit and turned them into the incredible hulk, so people were brainwashed to believe it’s really possible for them to fight huge battles and record it in HD at the same time.

      1. and they recorded in different angles too. something that is hard to do. When hundreds of bullets per minute are flying around you. an army of a few dozen took out a base of 800 men. impossible? no. but A base is always on alert. hard to believe that they other soldiers with the same caliber weapons and bigger artillery would run away and and feel over powered. In their own compound.

        Over all just a really bad war movie. like Arnold Schwarzenegger taking on the whole army by him self.

  6. I couldn’t watch it ; but being a “sunni” I would explain some stuff about isis ( it’ll be good to read before/after watching the video).

    First, the main ideology of isis is called “salafeia jehadia”, though it’s a more extremist branch of the already extremist root, it has no name, but the carriers of that ideology are identified in islamic history with the name “Kharijites” ; literally means “those who went out”.

    Their origin can be found here (type en.wikipedia first) Khawarij#Origin .

    Anyways, these guys are known for one thing : they think they are more angelic & holly than god himself, in other words they are ready to torture, kill, burn & even behead anybody who opposes them. Their best known feature is that they rarely fight non-muslims ; they mainly target Muslims. Their beef is with Muslims more than anybody else.

    Their hatred to Muslims like me comes from the thought that we’re fake ; we don’t worship god “probably”. So the Khawarij literally believe that they should fix us with the sword. That’s their only cause.

    So it’s not something new, these guys existed for centuries and caused nightmares to every islamic nation, in the modern world, Wahabism & salafeia jehadia are the magical mixture which produce these guys ; and these two ideologies are concentrated in Saudi Arabia & it’s surrounding nations.

    The Saudi king abdul-aziz used them -with british support xD – to conquer the land and name it after his family, they wanted an islamic state like isis but he killed them all right after they helped him.

    These guys are so easy to control because they’re fanatics & simple minded, that’s why I believe isis is a CIA & Mossad product. Something is fishy about their movements. And we already know that Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud controlled them before.

    The heads of the gang are CIA, yet the pawns on the ground are Khawarij thinking that they fight for a real cause, which is literally taking revenge from “fake muslims”. Through out islamic history, they never won the whole war. Either betrayed at the end by whoever controls them, or annihilated by the citizens.

    1. I couldn’t agree more…the Zionist neo cons goal has been to fragment the whole region with the two major factions weaken each other..did you notice this wannabe Baghdadi wearing a Rolex watch….the whole one banner with one leader that the CIA cut a deal with and trained before he was released from prison…the bullshit meter really goes off when I keep hearing upon his release …I will see you in New York….they don’t even mention Israel on stolen Arab land or killing their brothers….no doubt Baghdadi is working with CIA and Mossad to take out Assad….

      1. @ mike11111

        lol he’ll say that the Rolex was “legitimate loot” taken from a dead American soldier, just like bin laden and his russian coat & aks-74u ..

        isis didn’t congratulate hamas over their victory in the last war, they didn’t even support them against israel, you have a point.

      2. @mike11111

        ***I keep hearing upon his release ?I will see you in New York?.they don?t even mention Israel on stolen Arab land or killing their brothers?.no doubt Baghdadi is working with CIA and Mossad to take out Assad?.

        Boy, ain’t that a fact…

        You wouldn’t want to bite the hand that bleeds ya!! πŸ™

    2. @Arabic- your input is interesting. I have Muslim friends and they are nothing like these radicals (I am American). Perhaps you can tell me why it seems as though the soldiers who end up captured by IS all seem to be “fleeing” when caught. A friend of mine’s husband was an american soldier who had the task of training Iraqi security forces after Saddam’s regime fell. He told us that when opium poppy season began, all of the trainees would leave their security training to go harvest poppies …because it offered better pay. I fully understand we cannot change the mentality of a country that seems disinterested in defending itself. What is going on with that and why will these people not fight for themselves? For what they want?

      1. @pterodactyl

        First, thanks a lot for giving your fellow humans a chance, despite their different faith & nationality : )
        The current Arab regimes (the whole 23 countries) don’t actually have a cause to fight ; the leaders are corrupted to the core, all of them are not elected though reached power by brute force & western/Russian support (one reason why many Arabs hate the west & Russia ; Saudi Arabia is a very good example of a regime that took rule because of British then American support without any elections or anything).

        For that, you have armies which don’t actually have “patriots”, rather you have hired guns who would abandon you for a higher paycheck or when their lives are facing true danger. Take Saddam Hussain for example ; his generals betrayed him & he lost his country and his life in that betrayal.

        You will never see patriot Arabs because all of them are rotting in prisons right now, or hiding behind a screen like me, because the regimes here ask for our heads. We won’t join their armies because they force us to kill & torture civilians who demand change. Sadly, the west & Russia cover their back & even arm them.

        Fanatics are different. They got offended by these regimes & believed that the only way to change is to kill the regime & the citizens & anything westerners or regular arab muslims enjoy (including music, love, romance,sex,anything, even if islam allowed it) and rain death & misery on everybody ; in other words : you look at people whom oppression drove them insane, literally, and they are ready to kill & torture, just like they have been killed & tortured. All under a fake religious cover ; they are more evil than the devil himself because they turned Islam into a blanket of their filth.

        How would Arab armies stand against them ? why would a hired gun sacrifice his life for the bad guys (arab leaders), why would an arab soldier stand in the face of the beasts he created by torture & oppression ? They would indeed run, abandon posts. Indeed.

        isis are the ghosts who came out of arab prisons, who went through hell inside until their minds got twisted forever. They must be killed, one by one, but the regimes must fall with them, because as long as the current arab regimes stand, soldiers would run, fanatics would rule. That I know for certain.

        1. @arabic
          Wow. Thank you so much for your response. It’s appreciated and it confirms what I have believed – that these people are the oppressed and not truly focused on jihad. It appears we (not the radicals) have far more in common than not as we westerners don’t appreciate our corrupt leaders either. We are lied to as well. Please know there are many Americans who do not endorse this. Unfortunately, the IS “threatens” us, probably to lure us in and therefore get the validation they seek (that we are evil) and those in charge engage. I will always give my fellow humans a chance. I like the fact that we are not all the same and respect the rights of others to live and believe as they please. Life is a gift and those who follow any benevolent God would do more good than harm. At least I want to believe this. Peace to you and yours and I hope this slaughter ends sooner rather than later, my friend.

          1. I want to add that you remind me of my Muslim friends. You seem educated and open-minded, so please do not take my opinion personally.

            My point is that we too had to fight to be free of British rule.

            If your patriots are too fearful to stand and fight those who would do harm to your loved ones, than should the Iraqi people hate us for trying to do this for you?

            Despite the motives of our leaders, I can tell you there are MANY here in U.S. who hoped Iraq could enjoy freedom from tyranny.

            No. We are not perfect. We don’t like to see others kicked about either.

  7. The true war criminals are the fascists in America’s defense contractor-owned military junta which engenders war tech orders at taxpayer expense for wars-for-profit upon enemies they they create themselves. every patriot should just STOP PAYING TAXES and we can starve this parasite snakehead which preys upon us and makes Americans the most despised people on the planet. Push the District off the FISCAL CLIFF and the Republic can rise once again

  8. Nice movie-wasted money though.
    Should have bought some fence, camel and monkey and according to their last sentence ‘wait’. Fence ‘me in, give them camel and monkey to fuck and wait 60 years. Either they killed themselves, or died wondering why no new jihadist were born, even if they fucked monkey and camel all day long.
    Morons killing idiots-best that can happen to the rest of the world. Sad, but true.

  9. The IS is the real deal. They are the truest of all Muslims. Islam is Jihad and Jihad is the way of Allah. Don’t give the Jews too much credit by making them the puppet masters of them. The Jews time will come, after the IS are finished with the moderates and hypocrites within their mists. Allahuh Snackbar!

  10. I’ve seen the morning calm before the evening storm
    And seen the terror in young men’s eyes on the battle field
    Mere boys turned to men through the horrors of war
    Where their last pleasant memories were their senior prom
    Fighting a war in a far off distant foreign land
    Defending a cause that no one really understands
    Smell of smoke and blood permeating the hot humid air
    I’ve held men in my arms as they gave their life’s last grasp
    The sorrow I felt just did not compare
    To the sorrow of loved ones they left behind
    So many tears that a river of tears began to form
    I cried out to God asking the question why
    But our purpose was to do or die
    Not to ask the question why
    So I looked death straight into its ugly eye
    And fought valiantly for whatever the cause
    Through it all I somehow survived this carnage of war
    But when I die I know I’ll go to the heavens above
    For I’ve served my time in this earthly hell called war
    John Hybridge

  11. I don’t know maybe it’s just me but I am very confused about their whole philosophy on this war. from what I seen so far from all the videos here and on YouTube it seems to me like they kill anything in their path.
    it makes me think that the only thing they really care about is money and power.
    I don’t know I am so confused and this video didn’t help clarify anything for me.

    1. @Dawn6969

      ***I don?t know maybe it?s just me but I am very confused about their whole philosophy on this war.

      There’s no philosophy in war my dear. Philosophy on the other hand, stems from those who critically think.

      War is conceived on fear and greed, whose offspring is totalitarian power.

      ***it makes me think that the only thing they really care about is money and power.

      Watch it!!

      …you may be on our government’s “hit list” soon. (just kidding)

      You actually THINK!!

      ***I don?t know I am so confused and this video didn?t help clarify anything for me.

      It may be, the other way around…

      For one who critically thinks to begin with, this video is specifically made to confuse…

      Don’t worry…

      As long as you don’t sell your soul to corporate fascism, you’ll do just fine!! πŸ™‚

      1. It seems to me like they are not happy unless they are fighting and it doesn’t matter how they do it, who they do it to or where they do it.
        This isn’t going to change no matter how many times we send troops over there. The way I see it is they have been fighting for hundreds/thousands of years. It’s what they do and we can’t change it.

        1. @Dawn6969

          My dear ; they are your troops. In other words ; isis is a terror cell produced by your cia.

          Want a proof ? why do us, arabs, who live in the region since birth, know for certain that these guys “did come from the outside” ; they are different than the typical “Khawarij” I wrote about, they only come with america and leave with it !

          They didn’t exist in Iraq before 2003 (I grew up in the region ! ) after the invasion, they came in hordes, nobody stopped them (including your fancy drones).

          In the countries where american influence is strong they exist, but they never hurt the real allies of the states (like saudi arabia & israel). Yes, the warriors & the low ranked fellas are arabs born in the region ; insane fanatic Khawarij, but the leadership is american, they point them to whichever direction they want and set them loose.

          Another proof is how they cover their faces, and their leaders are always shrouded in mystery. In the Middle East, we Arabs have very strong family connections, especially in places like Iraq, unlike american & European families we don’t hate each other & promote individualism, instead one is known by tens of people, so where are Baghdady’s family ? where are his relatives ? just where ?

          Please stop believing the media. and start reading history.

          Google “operation Cyclone”. You’ll know who created isis.

          1. You are CIA creation.
            Period. 9/11 IS INSIDE JOB was CIA meme. Thing about it… the Americans were attacked by OUTSIDE FORCE. This is not a good image for them, after all they want to look ALMIGHTY and GODLY nation. So, the idea that America can get attacked (successfully) from ONLY americans was a good psychological moral boosting campaign.

            Nothing you say makes any sense. I am speaking as sunni muslim (i will pretend that Shias are “muslims”… yeah right)

          2. I don’t believe the media. I have my own mind and make my own judgements. I do read history. Sounds like you need to read about your own history. Are you seriously going to blame USA for all your problems? This was going on long before 2003.
            Weird that you think it hasn’t.

          3. @Bloodbringer… I can’t understand anything you typed. Your meaning was lost due to all the misspelled words. Might want to proof read before hitting post comment

    2. @Dawn6969

      Ah, believe me I did read the world’s history a lot, especially Islamic one.

      I’m one of the rare Muslims who would stand proudly and say : Muslim Sultans & kings made lots of people drench in blood & slavery, even invaded Europe (spain) and practiced organized racism against Christians ; which led many countries to hate Islam.

      Though, back to the topic, I didn’t accuse you of anything but being influenced by the general image that the media have been vomiting for years.

      I don’t blame America for all my problems, but they indeed caused the Middle East to swim in deep shit -sorry for the word- because of their constant support for Israel & unleashing proxy wars on our soil based on lies. WMD was a lie & because of it millions died !

      Even before that, America triggered the Iraq/Iran war which caused 1 million deaths over the two sides, followed by “desert storm” which led to more deaths. Arabs have bad people, I know, but the cia also plays dirty games in the region for a long long time, and I trust that you’re a good person who will find out with a little bit of search.

      But believe me, al-qaeda, isis and all these “black flags” are just outside of this world, somebody is arming them, training them & giving them media emphasizing. Until now, all fingers point to america.

      about @Bloodbringer, he’s accusing me of being a fake muslim who glorifies the USA. Poor him.

      1. I appreciate your input and I do not down you for your beliefs or opinions. You seem like you are an educated person and your comments make a lot of sense.
        I no longer watch the news because I am tired of the same lies over and over. They would rather report on a rapist or a fire etc than the actual news that people should be seeing and should be knowing about.
        I found this site because I have been doing research on everything. I am trying to make sense of it all.

          1. I really never cared about any of this before. I’m 34 years old and I have only voted 2 times. But now that my eyes are opened I will not let the media fool me.

  12. makes me wanna listen to warhead by the uk fucking subs “Soldiers of Islem are loading their guns
    They’re getting ready…

    While the heads of state are having their fun
    Are they ready?
    We’re looking at the world through the barrel of a gun
    Are we ready?
    And you stand there beating on your little war drum
    Are you ready?
    And it won’t be long before your time has come
    Are you ready?”

  13. At the end of this movie you can see Jihaddi John Superstar, he also played years before in Stephen Spielbergs Schindler’s List, also a Fantasy-movie.

    Long live Bashar Al Assad!
    May the SAA soldiers kill as much of these fanatic idiots and US-secret agent idiots there as they can.

  14. Fuck, a new shit video from the new religous-fascism-muslimfront. After these arseholes have killed many innocent people, they come back in there homelands; like here in germany. A 15 year young stupid arsehole wants to come back, after his “murdering holliday” in Irak. Yes it`s true. This fucker ( and his 21 year old friend) want to come back to mom and dad with new “hero” stories from the isis war. B?h, it`s disgusting. ( Sorry for my bad english ).

  15. The guys with zapped eyes and dirty pajamas singing their rants make me think of all the perpetually temper tantrum’ing crazy ass homeless (nothing wrong with homeless) glue sniffers here in California. Damn they’re a cooky batch of mis-fucked souls.

  16. I think he’s going to Iraq
    I think it’s today
    the ISIS wants him bad
    to help with Jihad

    he’s got a ticket to Iraq
    He’s got a ticket to Iraq
    He’s got a ticket to Iraq
    And I don’t care

    These people living with him
    they’re bringing him down
    they want peace in the world
    when he is around

    he’s got a ticket to Iraq
    He’s got a ticket to Iraq
    He’s got a ticket to Iraq
    And I don’t care

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