Three Alleged Rapists Executed Then Hoisted with Crane in Yemen

Three Alleged Rapists Executed Then Hoisted with Crane in Yemen

Three Alleged Rapists Executed Then Hoisted with Crane in Yemen

At Tahrir Square in Sana’a, Yemen, three men were publicly executed and their bodies hoisted with a crane. The men were accused of rape.

The execution was carried out by shooting the convicts in the heart region from the back with a rifle, while each handcuffed man was laying face down on a carpet of sorts.

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        1. How is it that we so commonly associate “rape” with “murder” in the west?

          I believe most “rapes” are just physical expression of uncontrollable urge for the sex, which is a natural human instinct more obvious in men. This act is usually done out of mixed feelings including an extreme affection / attraction to the “victim”. And the pussy is let to live after the act, to be available another day (again, attraction).

          Murder on the other hand is either from extreme hate of the victim and desire to terminate their existence, Or done as a plot to achieve something else (e.g: material rewards).

          Only in relatively few cases have rape and murder happened together… And among those cases, most have had murder being the initial intent of the aggressor (not rape). In the remaining cases the raped has been murdered for fear of retribution.

          Rape is Rape, Murder is Murder and I think the later is worse. But feminists have brainwashed us to see them together as one and the same. This is logically wrong

    1. All I wanna say Is that this country is a complete shithole. I read about it and can you imagine living in a country where suicide is illegal? these fuckers will put you in prison if you attempt suicide rather than try to help you, how lovely. They are still living in medieval times

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    1. The Yemenis are really a low quality outfit. I don’t understand why they don’t take punishment training from their sponsors in Iran.

      In the videos I’ve seen, the Iranians use a honking large crane with platform and the bad guys are fully outfitted and prepared. The executioner lifts the punk and early on taps the controls for a subtle jerk of the rope. I think this breaks the neck and maybe knocks out the bad guy, but I’m not sure and certainly don’t care – it looks really cool. Then the crane resumes lifting in such a way as to make the rope swing – very impressive.

      The play by play announcing utilizes a better sound system, the attendees have a designated standing area, and they don’t use potato cams.

      I would sign up for the pay for view if I only could. Damn.

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  1. At least they don’t fuck around with 10 years of appeals, wasting millions on lawyers and incarceration, and it was pretty humane compared with lethal injection, our justice system would do well to take some notes.

    1. the islamic world is at war, the saudis are bombing yemen, something to do with tribal stuff. It’s like a footy tournament. I’m looking forward to the iran versus saudi arabia match. That’s the big one.

  2. Looks like a fun day out. No different from what we used to do just few years ago. The priest comes, reads him the last rites, the doc comes, pronounces him dead.
    I remember many years ago when i was doing my borstal there was this iranian kid in the next block to me. He knew that after his borstal was finished he was being deported back to iran to be hanged for rape.
    Such is life ..and death.

    1. muslims hate alla they’re just too scared to say so, the ones round my way go drinking , they say “allah can’t see us here” fuck knows what they’d do if islam really took over

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