Three Groups of Men Executed by ISIS Mujaheddin, Child Soldiers and Elders

Three Groups of Men Executed by ISIS Mujaheddin, Child Soldiers and Elders

ISIS has released a video footage from Wilayat ar-Raqqa, Syria, titled “The Nations Will Gather Against You“. The video shows the ongoing damage and deaths suffered by civilian Syrians from coalition airstrikes.

During the course of the video, three groups men are executed. First by ISIS mujaheddin, second by child soldiers, and third by elders. At least some of the condemned are Kurdish YPG soldiers.

The child executioners are children of foreign Islamic State militants, and are identified by ISIS as British, Egyptian, Kurdish, Tunisian, and Uzbek citizens.

I couldn’t help but notice that all condemned had their heads and beards shaved. Perhaps on orders from ISIS headquarters in Tel Aviv to boost the gore aspect of the video?

Props to Best Gore member @refuse2renig for the video:

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91 thoughts on “Three Groups of Men Executed by ISIS Mujaheddin, Child Soldiers and Elders”

      1. I think I’d be more insulted being killed by a child or an old fogey. These men know they are going to be killed but yet I don’t understand why they do not make an attempt to run, what do they have to lose.

          1. I think, we have no clue, what it means to be captured and held in some hole for some days, knowing to get killed you won’t be able to sleep. I just know it from documentry, that without sleep you get halucinations and you are just so tired already, that you don’t care too much what happens around, you just want to rest/sleep. Unfortunately in this case, you won’t wake up…. but positive: you won’t realize it anymore.

        1. “If you fight or run, I will make you suffer a slow agonizing death.”
          I think that is pretty much the incentive for the captives to obey. Also, they may be drugged. I have often wondered why not fight or struggle. I think it’s the fear of things being much worse than they already are. Other than that, I have always found it odd how obedient they are.

          1. Very true!
            It could always be burning alive, or death by acid.
            The poor chaps have probably been driven insane and to complete exhaustion and just want to get it over with

    1. Nope. Questions about the ISIS use of Toyota vehicles have circulated for years. In 2014, a report by the radio broadcaster Public Radio International noted that the U.S. State Department delivered 43 Toyota trucks to Syrian rebels.

  1. I’m sorry but imma make them earn their fucking hummus and what ever else those friggin dune coons eat!!! I’m sorry but I do not feel sorry for the victims they have camera trusted in your face, your handcuffed and their are heavy armed men standing behind you!!!! At what point do you start using your head whilst you still have it!!! RUN DUMMYS!!! Make them work for it. If imma die and I know it’s coming you may call most of the shots(pun intended) but the last one is mine I’m run fall, shake, shit, fart, fall Down and not nessasarily in that order!!! Sheesh

    1. I always thought the same thing but then I realized those sand monkeys probably tell those poor people, if you run, fight ect. we won’t kill you, we’ll torture the living fuck out of you and make you wish you were dead.
      Honestly I think running would make it harder on yourself in the long run unfortunately, not harder on those spineless animals.

    2. No, they are idiots for allowing themselves to be captured alive by ISIS. Even in the days of the Wild West, soldiers would save the last bullet for themselves rather than being captured alive by the Indians. Just common sense. But these idiots allowing themselves to be captured alive by ISIS are just plain stupid.

  2. Hmmm getting kids to execute these men this supposed to scare us or something? Kids are very easy to brainwash and manipulate. this just shows me that they are weak and need soldiers so badly that the take kiddies. This is isn’t new. The Africans have been taking kids to be in the military for years. Yawn @Zlan said… same old shit.

    1. Scared? Probably not. The real threat of a child soldier is that their target may hesitate when they see that their enemy is a child. That is the fatal mistake. Taken by surprise not by ambush but by the thought of killing a child. They hesitate on the trigger and they get killed. Making the children perform the executions is probably just to desensitize them for when they actually go into battle. Also possibly to show that if the kids are heartless now, just think how savage they will be when they grow up. An armed child or a female can be a real threat simply for the hesitation they may cause.

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  5. “kurdish citizen” makes no sense as kurds have no country and majority are form turkey and they are related to persians and other iranian ethnic groups. also kurds are currently fighting isis and are generally non-religious or communist kind of strange how one would join isis. but then again i live in canada and there were some middle class french canadian kids that played hocked looked like normal kids and grew up christian and went and joined isis and died in syria.

    1. isis is pretty much just a violent gang. instead of joining ms13, becoming an outlaw biker, or joining the crips or bloods some idiots like to join these guys. actually isis is a disgrace compared to most other gangsters at least most gangster kill over money not about some imaginary religion and biker gangs are cool.

  6. yep dumb asses in time there will be on a video were they meet death there bros saying we were peaceful holy men. it blows my mind id kick punch pull hair bite but i would not allow them to kill me sitting on my knees waiting trip the dude and head but him till we both die or i get shot. why stay as a gentle lamb? be a violent dog, its scarry gov even thinks to bring these animals

    1. You talk tough. I thought the same way. The threat of torture and agony goes a long way to making a captive obey. “Be good and it’ll be quick, be bad and I will take my sweet time with you.” I would have a very different attitude if I was captive. I bet you and anyone else would too. At that point, compliance is your best friend.

  7. The guy in the first clip,speaking,he’s a regular on here.Even with a scarf you can still recognise him.About time special forces captured him and dumped him in a Brazilian jail.Was it me or did the last oap miss?And the last but one on the child soldiers,or the last one jumps when the guns go off,come on ,what was he expecting.
    If we are ever in this position can we all agree to die with hard ons,if you cant just piss and shit your self before your shot and also stare as wide as you can ,so when the video is released we know your from BG.

  8. I lol @ the first guy to take his shot, holding his gun sideways gangsta’ style. Maybe figures by upping his style he’ll get an offer from a big studio to do real movies. And agree @atle – nice, pristine jumpsuits & camo all around (though not my tax $, I’m Canadian). Shame to get blood all over those nice tac gloves when beheading. Should have worn black ones – then they could have reused them. But of course, they wouldn’t be so well color coordinated. Seems the ISIS boys are getting a little vain.
    It’s possible the guys about to be executed have been mildly sedated, thus
    no attempt to fight back. Either that or ISIS has promised to wreak
    unspeakable horror on their family members if they put up any kind of
    resistance (they’ll probably do it anyways to celebrate the executions). I
    keep waiting for one of the guys placidly on his knees to blow a kiss at the
    camera. What are they gonna do? Kill him twice?

    1. I don’t think they are worried about getting blood on any part of their equipment, all they need to do is get another pair of gloves/new gun/boots ect.. from the endless supply US/Israel/UK/Saudi sends them.

    2. @synlover
      You are right about mild sedation of the victims who are brought in for execution as I always tend to find their eyes looking all droopy and their vety looks sedated . But since each individual remains so horror struck nobody is ever gonna dare resist the executioners let alone blow a flying kiss.
      But even if that is tried out once ;these Bastards won’t stop at censoring it cause that would mean sheer mockery of their caliphate if that clip sees light of the day .
      And although he will only die once but he will have his family haunted by these wolves who will be too pleased to liquidate each one .

      1. I don’t think they drug them, they want them to feel everything that’s about to happen to them.
        As for the look they have I think it’s 100% acceptance.. Deaths coming and they can’t do shit about it.

        1. You could be right man but then again to me their world looks opiated .
          Its natural even for a steel willed to freeze with fear even when he knows next minute is not gonna be his whether drugged or undrugged .
          You see them all ashen faced ,maybe they come to accept their fate but that’s because they are slaughtered like lambs with nothing to revolt with . .

  9. You can,t believe that peaple do these hediouse things to a fellow human ,but to get kids brain washed in to doing it , it,s crazzy and if there is a god he,s not paying attention to these poor bastards.thats for sure.

  10. Little fuckin nightmares! just imagine these little cunts as grown men, it beggars belief, what twisted mind fucked men they will grow up to be. its high time we pull are thumbs outta are arses and go hammer and tongs on these isis shitbags once and for all.

  11. I wonder how many times these kids had to rehearse the executions before making this video. I can just imagine them standing behind a sack of potatoes with a gun, while uncle Ahmed makes sure they have picture perfect posture. Gotta look good when its your time to shine 😉

  12. LOL dude they SUCK at aiming. I saw the first kid with his speech impediment MISS, then I see the old man on the right miss. They are fools with US equipment and no where to run. Boarder hopping and what have you.. no real agenda. They do make a hell of a snuff video – only if they didn’t get paid for making them.

  13. Even though he was a shitskin, I felt bad for that last young looking guy at -4:02 that got shot in the back of the head by those fucking kids. He looked really pissed off, I would be too. People nowadays are so protective of children. Bullshit, I knew what was right and wrong when I was 12. I’d like to massacre all those little gayboys, I don’t give a fuck they ain’t 18.

  14. Nice life the young Brit must be living out there!!, after his idiotic, selfish slapper of a mother dragged him out there.
    Her husband is long dead and with a bit of luck, both her and her little shite offspring will be soon to follow.

  15. I am from Australia, and admittedly a little ignorant with some of my views of how things work in the United States, but, I thought that America ( and other countries) have vast stockpiles of Nuclear weapons all underground ( just in case etc) My thought is this…
    WHY isn’t shit like this ( the total scourge of desert maggots and ISIS) be REASON enough to fire some of that shit across and fucking NUKE the WHOLE place. All the innocent people and kids are being killed one by one until they are all gone anyway, and who are left are the ones indoctrinated and brainwashed into Islam religion ( which is fucking retarded anyway) and nobody in a civilized world wants any part of it… surely ISIS hot spots could have some serious shit dropped on them – I am fucking amazed why it hasn’t happened yet.. it’s the ONLY way.

  16. This race of savages is invading Europe along with 70 IQ Africans. If you oppose this invasion, you’re a “race-ist”. This is the Jew jedi mind trick on you stupid White morons. The killings have already started in Europe and yet you still won’t open your eyes, you believe the Jewish narrative of “White supremacy” as the greatest of all evils. Its all a GD ruse you morons. Racism is a made up Jewish construct to destroy White nations. Yes, race matters, as Johny Cochran once said, “race isn’t everything, its the only thing”.

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