Three Men Executed by ISIS in Afghanistan, Two by Child Soldiers

Three Men Executed by ISIS in Afghanistan, Two by Child Soldiers

New ISIS video titled “Khorasan: The Graveyard of Murtadeen 2” was filmed in Wilayat Khorasan – an ISIS controlled province that includes areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

ISIS first popped up in the region in January 2015. Since then, they have been at war with the ANA, the Taliban, and al-Qaeda.

The original video featured a lot of propaganda and talking in Arabic, with a bit of uneventful combat footage involving blind over-discharge of Israel/USA supplied ammo, so I cut out two segments that feature executions, and will only present those. The rest of the video would be too boring to watch, even if you spoke Arabic.

The first segment shows the executions of two Afghan National Army (ANA) members, one of whom is executed by an ISIS child soldier:

The second segment shows the execution of one ANA member by an ISIS child soldier. Props to Best Gore member @refuse2renig for the video:

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87 thoughts on “Three Men Executed by ISIS in Afghanistan, Two by Child Soldiers”

  1. Last kid was savage. Maybe some americans need to shut the fuck and quit complaining? Cant wate untill i get to kill one of those isis fuckers with my own hands then post it on bg. Maybe im just as bad as them?

        1. no he not wasted he just massacred face on his enemy you stupid retard…if i shoot some shot enemy i shoot all megazine into his face in order to crush his head to pieces and his fuckin mother can’t see last time his fuckin face in coffin…killing enemies are not enough they should be massacred

        1. Strong hold ,, LOL they don’t have MENY more to kill !!! So now they are move as Refugees to Europe and around !!! DON’T forget 1 second think a locust stops eating when it runs out of Food ,,, what does it do , it goes to Greener pasture’s ,,,, a.k.a EUROPE ,,, LOT’S OF GULLIBLE PEOPLE THERE TO MANIPULATE AND AND AND ,,THEN ??? IT HAPPENS ALL OVER AGAIN !!!

        1. humans are cancer of earth kill other species and destroy environment then genocide are best thing even exist and only mentally ill retards cant see this and isis do nothing wrong just reduce that fuckin two leged cancer

      1. LoL ,,, OVER 80% of them have moved to Europe all ready ,,most are staying in the U.K ,,, what BETTER way to OVER throw any government ,, in the firm of Blind sighting the entire Country by say “””They are Refugees ,, then getting in and taking all the females and using them as shields to the purpose of taking OVER the entire Country and at the same time making it a Muslim orientated state !!! This is ALL READY happening !!! All OVER Europe !!! Soon we all be “FUCKED” ‘LOL or DEAD ,,, that’s if you DON’T jump the “Q” and JOIN Those Isis maggot’s FIRST !!!

    1. No,, you are Quite right but ,, We must be civil about it ,, catch them and have them Fed to a Great White shark ,,, LMAO now that would be fun to watch !!! Or a pond FULL of Leaches to Suck the life out if them ,,, while we ALL Grin at them and sit and enjoy a beer or dozen ,, while we LAUGH OUR ,ASSES OFF ,,, AT them !!!

    1. Ummm yes then… moving forward….. I never watch these videos anymore, not the ones about Isis, there’s no point to them,, I can’t sit and watch innocent men being murdered, stupid people dying stupidly by their own hands sure why not that’s the bestgore way… I can’t sit and watch innocence being murdered

  2. I just can’t stand the same old shitty chant on their lips which feels nothing less than some molten lead pouring in to my ears. Though the shit heads have a way with the making of all these sorta footages with a mind to wreck onlookers minds but on the contrary folks here on Bestgore give a Goddamn shit to all these Propaganda videos and care to give fuckin’ damn .
    Most of the times I prefer muting the sound to save me from severe headaches and probably that’s what everyone hereon must be doing .
    And finally a word for them dressed up mock little incestuous child soldiers
    is to go and impregnate their nine inches fannied mothers ,sisters and daughters and blow the heads of their fathers and the other menfolk from the province they all came from .
    Somebody I need a nuke to wipe the pests out from the face of this earth

  3. What’s with the slow footage, briefly sped up and then brought back to normal speed again? It’s pointless and gets on my nerves.

    That last little idiot could barely keep a hold of his hostage. Too bad the guy didn’t give him a nice parting headbutt before the allahu akbar.

      1. Hitler used male children at the end of the war when they ran out of adults under 50…they died as well. You don’t use children if your army is in good shape….temps in the desert of Syria will reach 40 degrees plus….then can cook their camel food on the hoods of their Toyota Trucks.

  4. Well we all have to be great full to Acneska, I mean could you imagine having to sit through and watch a ½ hour of fucking bull shit, and then blam.! blam.!, there goes the first ½, then more Fucking Bull Shit worse than the first, all cause we want to see the last 30 seconds or less of action.., stupid fux.

  5. This is the tune isis uses to pick up 72 virgins while riding their camels. They can at the very least remix it a little, you know change it up a bit like add a drum solo and sample Sting’s desert rose. Could start a cult following…no wait……

    1. That’s the part that makes it hilariously funny, there is but only one God that’s established, and no god I know of is into giving away 72 virgins to anybody for any reason… God is pretty greedy with his virgins… just saying

  6. the adults that put the young out to kill should suffer in the worst of ways. they claim to fight a holy war yet is it holy to behead a man tied as a dog? is it holy to arm boys not old enough to be out of grade school? what faith justifies an abundance of death by killing? islam or muslim use death to push the faith? in my book there all equally guilty of terrorisom and murder. we dont fit in or believe such rubish nor would we wish to.

    1. They won’t be … look into their eyes! Look on their faces… they believe that shit… they are fully, fully brainwashed and they think they are right… I’m seeing an awful lot of brand new red jumpsuits, find the money, eliminate the money and there’s a lot of it somewhere, and this whole Isis shit will dry up too

  7. I always mute the fucking music and talk. Sounds to me as if they are puking as they are talking. If they want to send a message, they should talk in English so we can understand what the message is instead of gibberish. Fucking cowards.

  8. This is exploitation of the highest order. When these kids grow beyond adolescence, the realisation that they stood, cold and aloof before their victims, will be manifested in their slumber, as endless and repeated nightmares, which will take hold in a relentless cycle of utter despair.
    Their best and only hope is to receive a carpet bombing.

  9. I wonder if this is normal for the kids, like do they just go back to school the next day, and talk to their friends about the murders they just committed? It must be hard being that fucking savage at a young age!

    1. …..these kids are probably on the head of their
      Promotion……like mini rock stars……they must bust nuts…..All over the lil jihadist$ asses…………
      .better suck the Mullah’s dick… has its advantages …..
      The Christians are onto that shit as well…….
      Absurd religions…….I’m god……Im free……I go from one reality to another……I never ” die”…..I’m beautiful…..I am
      And so is everyone…..

  10. Forced sterilization & genocide are the only answers to the muslim problem. Rip their balls off & pour some acid in their whore holes. Hog tie them & leave them in the desert to die slowly. The end.

    How do you know when a little mooslum bastard becomes a man? (And I’m using that word loosely.)

    When they take the diaper off their asses & start wearing it on their heads.

  11. The President of Siria Assad is on the USA’s shitlist and has been for many years including a lot of other countries. Why don’t they do the same as they did with Israel and carve out an Islamic state….Half of Eastern Syria would be perfect. If they get their own state, maybe they will stop the Worldwide murder spee they are on? Your thoughts?

  12. I have a friend who watches drone footage at night to detect insurgents planting IED’s. He said that he see’s some IED’s being planted and they take the appropriate action but the majority of the time he just see’s Afghan men shagging goats and that is 100% true, I kid you not.

  13. You guys do know that they say Allah Akbar which translates god is great. the only reason iknow this is because my best friend is Muslim. he tells me he is sick of all this isis bullshit cause th koran tells them that christians are people of the book and should be treated as brothers. all of this isis is a bunch of spineless assholes who deserve to get their fucking faces blown off.

  14. wow. first video that actually wasnt deleted. instead of referring to prochan as a legitimate website. you should call them by their names individually. sounds like some fat, butthurt nerds in their basement deleted all your videos? wierd. also. its cool scrolling all the way to the bottom to reply.

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