Three Men Gunned Down by La Familia Michoacana in Estado de Mexico

Three Men Gunned Down by La Familia Michoacana in Estado de Mexico

Last weekend, four people fell victim to the drug cartel violence in Estado de México, of whom three were killed by La Familia Michoacana. There was no narcomensaje with the fourth so it is not certain who was behind his execution.

The three victims were gunned down in the intersection of Corrido del Norte and Marieta in the colony of Benito Juárez, Nezahualcóyotl. Narcomensaje left with their corpses bore the following text:

Entiendan, la plaza es sólo nuestra, no sean necios. Att. La Familia F.M.

According to Jewgle translate, the meaning of the text is:

Understand, the square is only ours, are not fools. Att. The Family F.M.

City officials learned from eye witnesses that an unidentified vehicle approached the intersection, three men were pulled out and quickly executed before the gunmen got back in and fled.

The victims were identified as 45 year old Leobardo Ortiz and brothers Juan and Antonio García Vera, 33 and 28 years old respectively.

The following day, another man was executed with Goat Horns while walking along the streets in the La Perla Reforma colony in Nezahualcoyotl. The unidentified victim was a male approximately 35 years old.

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  1. Mexico, if it weren’t for your beer, which is my favorite…yummy tecate, your food, and your women who tend to look 22 at age 15 but get ugly as fuck at age 30, I’d say get the fuck off my planet. I just realized I’m starring at dead bodies and thinking about Tecate, Fajitas, and porn.

  2. Goat horns? Trying to visualize that one is tough. They couldn’t find a knife, or a brick, something? I’d think it would be easier to find common household items, than to find goat horns. But what do I know, maybe it was some strange ritual, had to be done with the horns or else! And now somewhere there is a hornless goat meandering about, all pissed some idiot took his horns. Another case of animal abuse… 😉

      1. Ahhhh, lol, I’m a fucking idiot… Sounded strange, goat horns, like wtf, but I’ve heard of stranger things, so hey, why not goat horns! Thanks you guys, now at least I know for next time, nothing like the newbies ignorance! My bad! 😉

  3. There are a a bunch of Mexican-ish folk around the ghetto parts of the cry I live in, and they all weAr leather and chaps[haha], and “La Familia” is splashed across the back. These guys vandalize, honest, working people’s houses, damage their cars and basically torment their animals. They are sick fucks! Apparently not as sick as the ones in the post! I don’t think they’ve killed anyone, however I wouldn’t be surprised! They are all scumbag drug dealers that would rather get kids hooked on dope, than put forth any effort to get a real job! I never had to sell drugs and I am very well off. It’s possible! Why is it that they only chop “less attractive”, people’s heads off? Does being “hot”, give you a higher standing in society? Like it does in the US? Lol! No or can deny, that being attractive, often makes you a “better” person in many people’s eyes! NOT mine, :).
    @Fapple I totally agree with you about the beer! Mexico has some nice beaches, but isn’t the water supposed to give people the shits????
    @NoSoup I orally agree with the goat horn thing! Have you watched the new show “Hannibal”? I ask, only because the killer in that show uses deer antlers, and it’s actually very beautiful and artistic, the way he kills his victims, and hooks them on the antlers! Crazy!, but cool!..I’d hope that they removed the horns, before using them as a weapon! Lol! It’d be hard to swing an entire goat around!! 😉

    P.s. Since I am new too, can someone be kind and explain what “Jewgle” means? I thought maybe it was because Jews ran google? But they don’t….so I am confused

    What about bing?? Lol! Fill me in people! I’ve been trying to get answers here and no one answers me. I’m a extremely nice guy, so I appreciate and comments or answers! Also, I would like to make a donation to this site! What is the best way to go about doing so? What is a good amount to donate? IDK how it works here yet! ALSO, wanted to say that I have been going through a lot of major BS, and reading all your guys’ comments, are the only thing that makes me smile :). Even if they weren’t for me, just the fact that they exist, cheers me up!


    1. @jdamien, nice visualization on an entire goat swinging round! Imagine the angry mexican, storming off down the street toward his victim, goat under his arm, ready for battle, all the while the goat is baaaaaah baaaahhh-ing loudly, and struggling to be put down, angering the mexican further, who now wishes he would have brought a different weapon. I can hear him now, (in espanol) “fucking stupid goat! Stay still! Shut UP! Ahhhh! I kill you too! As soon as I finish I kill you too! Fucker!” 🙂

      1. Ah! Makes sense! I promise I am not a moron! Lol just new! 😉 so I appreciate you taking the time to explain to me thugs I am ignorant to! And tx for the compliment! 😉 I am actually Russian/Colombian….but I identify as Caucasian! 😀

      2. I would tetur the compliment!, but i havent any idea what you look like! and I’m guessing thats not you in your avatar? do you lol! There is nothing wrong with it if it is you! I just can’t tell, I use my phone to check this site and your avatar appears a little blurry! 😉

  4. “Entiendan, la plaza es s?lo nuestra, no sean necios. Att. La Familia F.M”

    It means: ” Understand that the area is ours. Don’t be stubborn” Sincerely, La Familia Michoacana

    “necio” is like saying stubborn to the point of being ridiculous…like if your boss insists that you stay at work until HE goes home….even if you are done.

  5. killing to control the community? hmmm…you know, the Italian Mob usually protects and looks out for its community. t
    well…there is a pizza place/bar near my house that the mob blew up twice back in the seventies. TWICE for lack of payments, or so I hear. but they didn’t do it when there were people inside, just well after hours.

  6. Mexico is big country, safe and friendly to tourists.
    These are gang crimes.
    If you are not a drug dealer or murderer. Do not fear anything.
    I was born in Mexico.
    lol Gaot horns: Asault Rifle, normal reference AK-47, 74 , and 100series.


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