Three Truck Drivers Stopped and Executed by Jihadists Near Syria-Iraq Border

Three Truck Drivers Stopped and Executed by Jihadists Near Syria-Iraq Border

FSA Jihadists pulled over three truck drivers on a highway near Syria-Iraq border, ordered them out of their vehicles and on their knees in the dirt, and executed them all in cold blood on the spot.

It’s very sad seeing how the FSA target anyone at will, using weapons paid for with our tax money. Why not use this money for humanitarian aid instead of weapons? America itself could send humanitarian aid to the entire world, including its own citizens and it would still cost but a fraction of what Americans now spend on wars and war preparations (51.4% of the new federal budget). That type of approach would also quickly shift the global view of the US as a bully, which wrongfully also transfers onto, and affects the American citizens who face hatred on the internet for things they did not do, as it’s their unelected leaders who do it in their name, into the most beloved nation on earth.

The so called Syrian Civil War started in March 2011. Following the release of secret diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks, even the mainstream media now admit that the US has been funding the jihadists in Syria with the goal to start the civil war since 2006, and arming them since 2007. Yet according to the September 27, 2003 article by The Guardian titled “Macmillan backed Syria assassination plot” the US and Britain planned a false flag attack on Syrian civilians to be blamed on the Syrian government as an excuse for regime change 50 years ago:

Newly discovered documents show how in 1957 Harold Macmillan and President Dwight Eisenhower approved a CIA-MI6 plan to stage fake border incidents as an excuse for an invasion by Syria’s pro-western neighbors, and then to “eliminate” the most influential triumvirate in Damascus.

Glen Greenwald, while still working for provided documentation in a 2011 article titled “Wes Clark and the neocon dream” that the US has been planning regime change in Syria for 20 years straight:

General Wesley Clark said the aim of this plot to “destroy the governments in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran” was this:

“They wanted us to destabilize the Middle East, turn it upside down, make it under our control.”

He then recounted a conversation he had had back in 1991 with Paul Wolfowitz, in which the then-number-3-Pentagon-official, after criticizing Bush 41 for not toppling Saddam, told Clark:

“But one thing we did learn from the Persian Gulf War is that we can use our military in the region, in the Middle East, and the Soviets won’t stop us. And we’ve got about 5 or 10 years to clean up those old Soviet regimes – Syria, Iran, Iraq – before the next great superpower comes on to challenge us.”

Clark said he was shocked by Wolfowitz’s desires because, as Clark put it:

“the purpose of the military is to start wars and change governments? It’s not to deter conflicts?”

Mainstream media, such as the New York Times in its April 27, 2013 article titled “Islamist Rebels Create Dilemma on Syria Policy” readily confirm that virtually all of the rebels fighting in Syria are Al Qaeda terrorists. It therefore just puzzles one’s mind that in the wake of Edward Snowden’s leaks, the NSA would continue using the Al Qaeda terrorists to justify mass surveillance on not only innocent Americans, but people from many other countries.

With all that in mind, and with the knowledge that all this information is out there, including in the mainstream media, the only conclusion I can come to is that one really needs to try hard to still be a pro Israel sheep today. These dots connect themselves:

US Congress backs terrorists in Syria, then says we need NSA spying because there are terrorists in Syria…

It’s a display of extraordinary desperation and personal motivation to remain indoctrinated when one still spews the “Israel is our only ally in the Middle East” shit. Hello, dumbass… neither the US, nor any other western country had any enemies in the Middle East prior to the creation of Israel! Gawd!

Good thing is – the sleeping giant of America is awaking. The people of America have it in their blood to be brave and free. They’ve been made fat with poisoned food, they’ve been made complacent with anti-depressants, they’ve been dumbed down with idiot TV, they’ve been made to look like bullies by the actions of their unelected government, but that blood is boiling.

The rest of the world is waking up to the fact that it’s not America’s fault. The Americans are not behind endless wars, they’re victims as much as those they’ve been tricked to attack. And just as the rest of the world realizes this, so do the Americans and when they boil over… let’s just say – Fuck yeah!


Best Gore member husy provided further information about the video:

This happened in Iraq. The trucks were coming from Syria which is close by. The terrorists are members of ISIS.

They stop them and at first just ask for ID. Then when they’re out, ISIS ask them if they are Sunni or Shia. All three men, knowing how this might quickly spiral out of control, keep repeating the fact that they are Syrian, that they are Sunni and that they are just doing honest work so they can feed their family.

The terrorists then get them to recite the Islamic call to prayer (there is a slight difference between Shia and Sunni calls) and the men manage to recite the Sunni version albeit with some hesitation. The terrorist are getting frustrated and “the test” gets harder.

The truckers are asked how many prostrations are in each of the daily prayers. Unfortunately not being very religious, they get the answers horrifically wrong, giving the rag heads the excuse they need to snackbar and kill them.

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      I’m having a spritzer and a pipe…… I’ll pack one for you.

      1. Hey Spidey, I’m in Perth so we are 3 hours behind you, I’m gonna head out to the backyard to smoke a bad-boy of bushy and water the lawn, when it hits 12 ill crack a nice cold beer, (peroni)it’s going to be 38degrees here today, the Poms are going to melt at the wacca.

        1. I heard 40+.

          Take a coupla eggs and cook em on the concrete table ( if you have one )……… I did that in Dalby once 😆

          BTW, I also make a nice home brew beer at 5%………. Tooheys 😀

          Oi……… How’d you know I was 3 hours ahead of you :lol:…….. You fucking spying on me shit rivet :mrgreen:

          1. 4 beers down, enjoying the heat, humidity and England’s humiliation. I pity the non-cricket enjoying regions of the world. They simply have no idea what they are missing.

    2. Second time I’ve watched this and it didn’t get better. I’m sick of mindless savages murdering people because they’ve been told by some knobjockey who quotes a book, that they should be. How that makes someones day better is anyone’s guess..

      1. Because the ones pulling the strings behind the scenes are appointed not elected. Cabinet members and such are appointed by the ones we elect. Valerie Jarrett is one of the main unelected puppeteers that come to mind. Elections have consequences. Honestly, with folks like the ones that elected BO for a 2nd term, who needs foreign enemies. Our own will make sure we collapse.

      1. My thoughts exactly. Why didn’t the idiots just keep going, their trucks were big enough to give them at least some protection, and the guys with the guns were on foot. Sorry no sympathy for the 3 that got shot, they were idiots.

      2. I think they stopped because they believe these jawa fucks can hit a man sized target on the move, in a traveling vehicle. Too bad they just don’t know, they have to stand you still 10 feet away to barely miss. But then again, they are in a arab country, intelligence isn’t exactly a common occurrence among sub humans. They are almost as bad as jews, and jews think that the world doesn’t know what they are up too. Silly semites. By the way this is a old video from the beginning of the war but I still enjoy watching it.

          1. When I was in Iraq in ’05 I asked our interpreter why the jihadists don’t aim down their sights. He said they believe that Allah will guide their bullets. Well I can tell you that Allah never learned about proper sight alignment sight picture, slow steady squeeze, and follow through. Not to mention conservation of ammo. Allah was really fucking his guys over with his malfunctioning holy guidance systems.

        1. I know eh? all I could think is maybe this is a regular occurrence so they thought nothing about stopping and getting out….except this time they were shot….either that or they are about as smart as a fudgsicle…

    1. These were probably hard working men, just trying to earn a wage and feed their families. I’m sure it was a natural response to pull over for an authority figure and they, at first, didn’t imagine they’d be killed. Maybe if this video or word of what happened gets out, other people in vehicles won’t risk stopping.
      The Syrian Army is probably on the look out for those trucks, you could fit a devastating amount of explosives on them.

      1. Don’t you mean FSA @it was me. I know both side probably do their fair share of civilian executions but these jawas are suited in random camo patterns and rags. I think The Syrian Arab Army tends to be more uniform with real ACU’s or BDU’s, whatever you want to call them…

        1. Patriot_Ordinance_416, I meant I know the FSA (Fake Syrian Army) killed those men, I was guessing they now have the trucks. So the (real) Syrian Army should be on the look out for them, incase the FSA tries to use them as weapons.

  1. @Ate. i am an american citizen. but only as american as i have to be in that i pay taxes. i love the IDEA of america. i love what america once was and i hope that one day america will return to the people. i would rather not see a civil war. i would rather do it insidiously. by getting the right people into the right positions but this will take decades.
    however, i am prepared to go the other way if given no other choice. who of you is ready if there is a true societal collapse? what would you do? would you cower and pray for death without your technology and sheepish illusions? or would you stand up, and live?

    1. What would I do ?

      Societal collapse is already happening everywhere in one form or another but most retards have blinkers on or refuse to believe it’s happening.

      I live a simple happy life ( relatively ), and with that knowledge also try not to allow other fucktards fuck up my peace of mind.

      1. WW2 caused a shift in the winds. vietnam, the cold war, desert storm, all turned and turned and turned the winds even faster into 9-11, the war on terror, and now Israel massacres in Palestine and Syria… a hurricane is on the horizon.
        everything the americans fought for, believed in, was a lie.

    2. If there is a “societal collapse”, we the military industrial complex will take over and then things get rough. Civilians would be herded and the idea of a free society would be a thing of the past, baby Obli.

      “Standing up” during martial law would only lead to a certain death.

      Maybe you’d get your wish?

      1. I don’t know what fucking branch you serve bro, but everyone I know in the Army that is NCO and under would gladly overthrow this current shithole leadership for what you are speaking of. Attempting marital law is a death wish considering all the grunts run the heavy artillery. Top thinks we are just going to kill our friends and family in the name of something WE DONT BELIEVE IN. I am not going any further into this because I feel like you are Top, and “sir” you are in for a surprise when you and FEMA try what you have been planning. Who did you swear your oath to man? This isn’t a personal attack…. please don’t hate me Bestgore Administrators…..

        1. Rome was a republic at one time. But crisis after crisis led the population to embrace dictatorship. I’m not trying to simplify a complex piece of history, simply communicate a point.

          If you want to bring about centralised power into an elitist core, you make the populace want it first.

          People want to be safe. If they think martial law will deliver them safety in a time of crisis, the population will accept it.

          So the worms who want that control, who believe they are the ones who should be deciding what you can and can’t do, aren’t going to just seize power.

          They are going to take their time, continue doing what they are doing, seeding fear into the population, building a loyal following on the quiet amongst key industries and the military.

          A crisis will eventually happen, be it via a carefully planned and executed event, or something big they they can capitalise off.

          And they are going to con people like you @Ordinance into thinking whatever you are asked to do is in the national interest. And it will be up to you to see what is really going on. I hope you and your buddies with the guns and the ammo make the right choice if it ever comes to it.

          1. It will be a financial crisis. Scores of people will be thrown onto the streets, then let the race war begin. American military need to purge all Jewish leadership as well as any Masons who refuse to denounce Masonry.

          2. My comments aren’t appearing, so hopefully this doesn’t end up being a triple post… I’m guessing the site won’t publish comments with a link in them? Anyways, google ‘Naomi Wolf: ten steps to close down an open society’. She demonstrates a pattern throughout history of exactly what you’re referring to, and how it’s being repeated in the US since 911.

        2. With respect, the word ‘grunts’ refers to Infantrymen (riflemen, machine gunners, mortarmen, assault men etc). Having said that, I was a Marine riflemen for 4 years and I agree with what you are saying about NCO and under. They are the true backbone of the military and at times, I felt that we just a hair trigger away from saying “fuck this” and having a god damn mutiny. The officers, especially the higher up you go, have a totally different way of thinking about things – it’s not just that they’re college grads and Naval academy pussies – they are shady and manipulative and I never trusted one as far as I could throw them. Besides most of the officers were the biggest pussies in firefights; hiding underneath their helmets with a radio strapped to their head, calling in support that was not needed (artie, air strikes). Several times we said, “Relax, sir. We got this.” Shit hole leadership indeed.

    3. @Obli:
      The United States is history. The libtards have fatally undermined the essence of the country. We are left with a gutted, chickenshit nation. When upheaval finally occurs I think the best idea is to assume you will not survive to see improvement and you should try to eliminate as many enemies of the constitution as possible. I wonder how many of those video game pussies will think they are Rambo because they live in somebody’s basement and play first person shooter games constantly.

    4. the only collapse facing unites states is fucking rectal collapse, thanks to your nazi chief commanding officer Colonel Sanders and his $$$ army of greasy fuckin overpriced chicken.
      suck that fucking wishbone ronald “rambo” macDonald

          1. @Patriot_ordinance
            actually Scholar loves americans!
            friendliest bunch folks and THE BEST people to do car business with at their SEMA show!!!
            * baby boy …tell me who’s got a more deadlier bird than the colonel, i want scrape me teeth against it, Sir!! 😉

          2. @demonsbedriven
            just looked up popeye’s and there’s none in nova scotia 🙁
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          3. @ScHoLaR Aw that sucks. It is really good, always super crispy and never soggy like kfc. I used to like kfc’s chicken when they had the extra crispy stuff but sadly it is no more.. Now I only get the popcorn chicken, just don’t bite into it and look at what’s inside! 🙂

          1. Awesome clip @Fiend, have it saved on my youtube faves but hadn’t seen it in a while. The Muppets were fucking awesome, Buddy Rich kicked ass too.

          2. @amnyc…
            I have watched that clip so many times I have long lost count, but it always manages to get my lady bits going 🙂
            I loved The Muppet Show too!

        1. @Division,Your assumptions about Obli are so far off base your not even close to the ballpark.Anyone that’s been around for any extended length of time and got to know the close-knit nucleus that is Best Gore would know how dead wrong you are.So go crawl back under your rock and be quiet!!!

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          1. Lolz..thanks Z…that means alot coming from you..i appreciate the fact that alot of y’all older sobs get me and my back when dumbfucks like Cesar here TRY to insult or troll on me…lolz…you guys are awesome!!!…. <3

      1. @Ladywicked your comments fucking crack me up. I rather enjoy watching these sub humans get wasted myself. They brought it upon themselves when they stopped. They actually believed those jawas fucks could hit man sized target on the move. Those sandniggers couldn’t hit you with a shotgun from 2 feet away. Their specialty is the suicide bomb. Fuck allah, I use his followers as fertilizer under my Christmas tree.

          1. Oh bad I’m really stoned right now and thought i did it…haha..i take NOTHING personal it was me….this camel fuckers lame attempt at speaking correct English to me doesn’t faze me…..I’m glad I’m not in trouble..i thought i fucked up….sorry..

      1.’re such a sweetheart ex but its cool..its allowed its opinion too….I’m actually enjoying the fact that I’ve finally pissed off another person…….you ladies are correct..everyones entitled to their own opinions..and mine are really fucked up at times..but its cool..freedom of speech you turban fuckhead…haha..Cesar these chestnuts bitch..lolz..I’m too stoned right now..and cannot breathe from laughing..oh wow.. <3

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  3. no one deserve to die like this trust me i hate this fucking criminals if i could i will drop couple nukes in that country but this is just regular people working to provide to their familys. who give the right to this fucking towelheads to do this? the goverment what happen with oh we are going to pushing syria for poisoning kids and regular people? nothing nothing thats why this people get to do whatever cause the goverment dont do shit

          1. Awesomeness! Mostly hunting rifles in my country but there are some restricted semi autos allowed like reduced mag SKS n shit lol. I was suprised how light the recoil is on those!

          2. I want to get my restricted class but rules are tight and I’m a bit wary to end up on a govt neighbor has the 20,shot clip for SKS but shhh don’t tell anyone lol

      1. Not random at all. This one is a visual metaphor for an emotional tool used to detach feelings from isolated perspectives known as “observing ego”. Jk, I just like the remoteness of the island and think the rock statues are cool. 🙂

  4. Living in countries where a day’s work goes by uneventfully and the only challenge to routine life is negotiating crowded public transport and jam-packed roads filled with beggars, such atrocities are unimaginable. How those drivers must have started their morning in usual fashion, and how their day ended up!

    Towards the end of the video, it’s ironic that the seeming leader who is carries an AK and shoots around so “boldly” doesn’t have the balls to even expose his face. What a pussy!

  5. Common sense should tell truck drivers in that region that once they leave for their destination they’re on their own. All that needs to be done is the job at hand. Nothing more, nothing less. Everything else is a risk, because you can never tell a friend from an enemy. You can never tell if authority is actually official. The place is too chaotic. For their own safety, these three should have just kept on truckin’.

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  6. This happens in the U.S. all the time. Those drivers just blew right by a weigh station and didn’t have up to date manifests. That’s a “no-no”, including while driving empty. Even lawless Islamic fundamentalists know that.

  7. What a waste of human life. POOR guys man. Like @it was me said, keep driving and step on it & run those cockroaches over if you have to. But man-o-man, do NOT fuckin stop for those dirty fuckers 🙁

  8. @ Thedre… I agree. If Im in the middle of nowhere in a country that’s not stable and I observe bearded flip-flop guys carrying AK47’s waving me stop. Im not fucking stopping. I’ll take my chances and floor it. There’s 3 trucks, so I got a 66% chance I’ll make it alive to live another day.

  9. never STOP for woman or child. EVER
    your fucking ass will be had if its a setup.
    i’ve gunned past a folks waving me down on the highway..
    i keep going but i’ll call cops for you. thats all you ll fucking get from me

  10. Piece of fucking shit SSB’s (Sunni Savage Barbarians) doign what they do best: killing Shiites and anyone who isn’t a terrorist scumbag like themselves.

    In this video they stopped those guys and asked them if the drivers if they were Sunni’s (a.k.a savage barbarians), the poor drivers lied and said yea. So the SSB’s asked them about what time they’re supposed to pray and such based on SSB ways of practicing Islam, the guys all gave different and wrong answers. They then plead for their lives but the SSB’s don’t give a shit, if you’re not a Sunni piece of shit, you die.

    Oh and how could I forget, these piece of shit SSB’s are being funded by Saudi (the biggest SSB global financier), UAE, Qatar, and of course yours truly the United States, home of the brave

  11. America is not the most beloved nation in the world. Everyone fucking hates them. I don’t know how anyone could even type that with a straight face. Who supplies all these assholes with weapons? America. Full stop.

    Canada? Someone asked me if Canadians were actually Americans. I replied, yeah…we are what American’s would be if they were smart. Sorry, but you’re delusional if you think the world creams its pants at the sound of the American anthem. None of us want, what your government is selling.

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