Tied Up, Drowned Body Washed Up on a Lake Shore

Tied Up, Drowned Body Washed Up on a Lake Shore

It’s a cruel way of executing someone when you tie their hands behind their back and throw them in the lake to helplessly try not to drown. It’s a losing battle – you’ll twitch like a carp in a net until water fills up your lungs and then it’s all about slowly going down to the bottom where you end up spending the first moments of your death. Later your body bloats up and you will go back up to scare the shit out of kids who discover your stinky floating body. The alarmed people will fish you out of the lake to learn that you pissed someone off good to have them tie your hands behind your back and let you drown in a lake like that. Brutal!

Probably Brazil, though no actual info as to the location has been disclosed. Correct me if my guess is wrong.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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17 thoughts on “Tied Up, Drowned Body Washed Up on a Lake Shore”

  1. Who would DOUBT that this local attraction is in Brazil?
    Saw the news today that at a big wedding in Brazil, the groom yells SURPRISE, then kills the bride, the best man and himself.

    I think the entire crap-hole nation is demon possessed.

    But then, this could be from Mexico, by looking at the uniforms of police. In that case, the same deduction from above STILL APPLIES.

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