Tortured, Clubbed, Stoned, Shot and Burned to Death in Brazil

Tortured, Clubbed, Stoned, Shot and Burned to Death in Brazil

A day would not go by in Brazil without shit like this taking place. On the morning of Friday March 9, 2012 a body was found in the vicinity of ColΓ΄nia de Pescadores (Colony of Fishermen), near the slum of Monsignor William in Brazil. The corpse was badly burned but still gagged with both feet and hands tied up. Upon further investigation, the police learned that prior to being burnt, the victim was beaten, clubbed, stoned and shot.

It was also determined that the victim had been killed at another location, his corpse dragged to the place where he was found and set on fire there. The victim’s identity is subject to investigation as prior to being killed, the man was stripped off all his Ids.

Is Brazil trying to catch up with Mexico in terms of brutality? The attackers went almost all in, except from castration and beheading, which is what Mexicans would likely not pass up on.

Gallery of photos of a man tortured, clubbed, stoned, shot and burned to death in Brazil is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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101 thoughts on “Tortured, Clubbed, Stoned, Shot and Burned to Death in Brazil”

    1. I AM THE SECOND MOTHERFUCKERS! Yeah this guy is in a bad situation. I went to Brazil and the good parts are safe but we paid for a hotel that had armed security during carnival and the place really is pretty effing crazy. We toured the slums and it was crazy. Brazil is crazy and dangerous but plenty of hot chicks.

        1. The good parts in any place equate the tourist places which equals money. They pay to keep it safe. Basic worldwide equation is money equals safety. Other than that it pays to be aware, be street smart, know how to fight and run.

      1. Brazil its dangerous like everywhere else man, but the world just see Rio De Janeiro, SΓ£o Paulo, Favela here… I really hate this. Where I live doesnt have any trouble or death or shit like this g.g
        and I know many Da Silva that are good people LoL

        1. Yeah dude I know, I agree, and I lived w/ a Brazilian chick and it was dope. Obviously people simplify things and stereotype on this site, and there are exceptions to statements. Don’t worry about it though. Just stay alive and bang hot chicks and eat good food and drink water and exercise.

  1. “Tortured, Clubbed, Stoned, Shot and Burned to Death”

    God damn. This guy got the deluxe murder package, didn’t he? Most people only get one, or two, of those. He got it all! That’ll teach ’em not to…whatever the fuck he did… Cheat at Dungeons & Dragons? I don’t know. I don’t care. Just another dead Brazilian.

  2. don’t think mr. crispy was a victim. someone went to a lot of trouble to off him. think like a detective you bg idiots. he was obviously involved with the criminal element in some way. usually the criminal types kill their own or witnesess. as you live so shall you die. Jesus said that. maybe he was a stoolie and needed to be silenced. either way he is free at last of earthly concerns so we should salute him and send him on his way.

          1. well i did get much pussy in those days being a musician and all but i was captured and sent to Dr. rudy wells’ lab and enhanced on the orders of oscar goldman. the enhancements are pretty good. i’ve got a bionic prick now and can fuck all night till the bitches beg me to stop.

    1. Brazil is awesome, go there. Just don’t go hang out with this dude’s posse. If you go to Carnival go to Salvadore, that’s way better than Rio. Visit Rio though and go to Centaurus, it’s a high end disco whorehouse… one of a kind experience.

    1. EWWWWWW, not to mention ‘other STUFF’, you sick fucking bitch, now how the fuck am I supposed to get that shit outta my head for the rest of the day………. FUCK YOU

      Maybe he was a rapist ?
      Not only was he stoned and shot etc.. but he also choked on a pair of nickers held in with tigers panty-hose, did’nt think of that did ya mothafuckers.

      BTW……… nice solid ‘box’ for that dude, it’s a step up from cardboard eh !

        1. EWWWWWW, now it’s periods on the menu OH NOOOOOOO………….. oh wait, you might be right, Spidey could be bleeding………. wait on………. no, not happening πŸ˜‰

          I should be in a cunty mood because some predator/s ate all my Spiderlings the other day (true story)…….. The other night I went out to find a gazillion baby spiders running around on my car, in the morning, all gone, what the fuck !

          * YAWN *

          1. It might have been a rabid praying mantis on the prowl. They are known to practice sibling cannibalism so arachnid cannibalism is not a stretch.

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          1. OMG….you guys are such a riot!! I love coming here and looking @ Gore but I also like reading all these fuk’n posts you guys leave. I love laughing until my side aches πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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        1. Ahhhhh……. now I see.

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          Listen up fellow gorelings as the following criitter is SUPPOSEDLY EXTINCT.

          Grab a coffee sump plugs and don’t you dare fall asleep during the following description of the Tasmanian Tiger.

          The thylacine looked like a large, long dog, with stripes, a heavy stiff tail and a big head. Its scientific name, Thylacinus cynocephalus, means pouched dog with a wolf’s head. Fully grown, it measured about 180 cm (6 ft) from nose to tail tip, stood about 58 cm (2 ft) high at the shoulder and weighed up to 30 kg. The short, soft fur was brown except for 13 – 20 dark brown-black stripes that extended from the base of the tail to almost the shoulders. The stiff tail became thicker towards the base and appeared to merge with the body.

          Thylacines were usually mute, but when anxious or excited made a series of husky, coughing barks. When hunting, they gave a distinctive terrier-like, double yap, repeated every few seconds. Unfortunately there are no recordings.

          The thylacine was shy and secretive and always avoided contact with humans. Despite its common name, ‘tiger’ it had a quiet, nervous temperament compared to its little cousin, the Tasmanian devil. Captured animals generally gave up without a struggle, and many died suddenly, apparently from shock. When hunting, the thylacine relied on a good sense of smell, and stamina. It was said to pursue its prey relentlessly, until the prey was exhausted. The thylacine was rarely seen to move fast, but when it did, it appeared awkward. It trotted stiffly, and when pursued, broke into a kind of shambling canter.

          I can’t help thinking that our gore Tiger is some sort of mutant descendant and seriously FUGLY so BEWARE πŸ˜‰

          1. @Spidey you just ASTOUNDED me with your knowledge, can I just add ‘the last thylacine died in captivity ‘Benjamin’ 1936, there is no scientific proof of another being alive anywhere since, huge TRAGEDY to lose such an unusual animal, I mean, pouched like a kangaroo is what shocks most people! As a self described ‘Tasmanian tiger’ expert (I have many books,memorabilia plus 3 large tattoo’s ALL of this animal!) I am sad to say I’m NOT one who thinks they are still ‘out there’ people give these large MARSUPIALS an intelligence they simply did not possess. There is NO proof, no hair, no scat (poo), no foot-prints! No expedition has come up with anything! AND there is a $1.5 million bounty for proof.

  3. Ha Ha I’m the 19th! Okay not the top 18 so not that impressive, but it’s the taking part that counts and speaking of taking part, it’s almost like they turned killing this poor guy into a sport, nasty way to go but at least his violent death gave us some visual and reading material. WTG dead dude!

  4. Just another normal day in the land of Brazil. I wonder what delights the next day will bring us?

    Poor bastard. They should of dismembered him just to be extra sure. I mean being clubbed, stoned, shot and burned isn’t really enough. He just needs a painkiller right now.

      1. DEAD…………. noooooo, your shitting me right.

        Where have you been bitch ?…… Peeps have been asking about you.

        Your excuses better be tantamount to a 10 klm wide asteroid hitting earth or else.

  5. All right. I’ll be fully forthcoming right now and tell you all out there that at this moment, I am quite drunk from a half liter of vodka. But, I’m still quite lucid and I am really enjoying this forum. But, what I am totally wishing right now is that I could financially contribute to this forum, to give it’s host some faster & speedier bandwidth. Sure, this site hosts some stomach turning, questionable stuff. But it also seems to also attract authentic suffering vids from throughout the world. These vids, if not propagated, would leave the sufferer without any any semblance of justice. Want to stop “witch” burning in Ghana, etc? and yada yada? Then give these folk the camcorders they crave and the internet hosting they need. I can forcast that the freaky savages will upload more gore and that the more peaceful will film and upload scenes of compasion. We simply need a scalple to cut the barbars from the rest.

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