Turkey Backed Terrorists Execute Syrian Man as Part of Operation Euphrates Shield

Turkey Backed Terrorists Execute Syrian Man as Part of Operation Euphrates Shield

Operation Euphrates Shield was an illegal act of undeclared war committed by Turkey on the people of Syria. As part of Operation Euphrates Shield, Turkey invaded Syria with tanks, airplanes and military fags, and provided support to terrorist organizations like the Fake, I mean Free Syrian Army (FSA).

Even though officially Turkey now states that they’ve ended Operation Euphrates Shield, unofficially it’s still very much happening, and their terrorists continue to execute Syrian civilians at the behest of Israel like they did right from the beginning of the Syrian war.

In the video below, Turkey backed FSA rebels execute a captured Syrian man. According to the info I got, the victim’s name was Ali Hamid Al-Aalash and he was from Raqqa, Syria.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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149 thoughts on “Turkey Backed Terrorists Execute Syrian Man as Part of Operation Euphrates Shield”

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        1. The shooter says…
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      1. Pretty sure there’s been a couple videos like this here before, like One from 2014 i think of mossad terrorists executing a Syrian soldier and they told him to say their shitty caliphate will last forever and he said the opposite with a shit eating grin.

      1. Gotta agree. The more people I meet, the deeper my hatred grows.

        it’s not much, but it’s all I got.

        Agent smith had it right..humanity is a disease.

        Good fucking thing My finger isn’t on the button…

  1. Lol he was laughing and smiling before death he didn’t give a fuck.

    Oh and in relation to the topic: You wanna know how to take down a country as a government? Fund a bunch of random militants and have them completely destroy a country. Hey, at least it’s better than spending much more sending your own troops in.

  2. Aw so sweet, the others are telling him jokes before he goes.
    Cause, well, there’s no reason to smile like that, dude, you’re dead.
    Or, well, I’ll never understand their mentality, I guess…

    1. It’s called the last act of defiance French Cat. He knew that his executioners were nothing more than fecal smegma. I hope there’s another video with his executioners in it, when they suddenly realized they emptied all their ammo out in this guy. Look of fear to cowards such as these, is like stink on shit. They’ll get theirs!!

      R.I.P Dude!!

      …you have my respect

        1. that’s awful lol but interesting to think that at some point surely,ifonly once, a cartel member or other miscreant has viewed their handiwork on BG
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  3. Turkey has always been a aggressive shite-hole nation, never caring about any of its neighbors. thats why its still stuck in a stone-age mentality and can never be part of europe or any other civilised group of nations. Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Cyprus, Kurds, Greeks, Syrians that neighbor it, all would agree.

      1. sorry I forgot to sugar coat thinks for you little turkish sheep-kebab. if you cant take the truth, may I suggest CNN, NBC, ABC, Washington post, USA Today? Noone likes Turkey and that is a F-A-C-T. Tell me one nation that supports you? I doubt you can find even ONE. the only reason the US has ANY colaboration with you is because of ease of access into the Black Sea and Mediteranean. You are like 900 years in the past compared to other countries and that wont change any time soon. even your infostructure is outdated, with every earthquake your buildings fall as if they are made from sand lol (which they probably are!).

        1. listen to me you fuckin non hand washer after toilet ugly guy.

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          also the countries that supporting us exists. such as azerbaijan-pakistan-japan-ukraine-qatar- and some of those ”weak” arab countries. (even we dont care they do.)

          dont even need evidence for that.

          1. listen you filthy kebab-roach, this is the exact reason you are unwanted everywhere on the planet. you think you are doing juctice by supporting terrorists? makes alot of sense! you are not very bright, did you finish grade-school yet? these countries you mention are NOT your neighbors moron. The only reason you are not aggressive to azerbaijan, pakistan, ukraine, qatar is because they dislike and are aggressive to kurds and armenians primarily which you have killed by the thousands (Armenian genocide). we all know why you are okay with Ukraine, you both hate Russians. as far as Japan, im still laughing you even attempt to bring that up! LOL first time I heard a turkish goat shagger call the USA a third world country ! do you understand how stupid you sound? for now, get back in your smelly hut.

  4. That thousand watt smile he gave to his executioners was worthless
    Them Turkey backed FSA rebels find it hard to resist emptying magazines with such a euphoria ………..its gonna go on and on .
    Bam Bam Bam

  5. Poppin’ my BG comment cherry, lurking for ages. This smiling Seinfeld look-a-like reminded me of this:
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    1. Well, depends from what country you are.
      They should invading and multiplie like rats in GermAny, United Snakes, United Krowds, IsraHell, France,…and others who play with destines of millions..
      Do not moan if yours is in the list. You invade them, they invading you.

      1. The problem is that most of the invaders are just pretending to be Syrians in order to claim refuge when in fact most of them are from countries that have not been invaded. Economic migrants then.

        The other problem is that white people tend to turn extremely far right when threatened which often results in death camps and world wars. We as a race also possess far more ingenuity and raw hatred than they do so it would be like bringing the pigeons to the cats.

        It’s their lives I suppose.

  6. it’s hard for me to pick up on their accent. This is the best I could do

    Smiling guy: I got nothing to do with this please brother please.

    Guy with the AK: This is the out come for a Kurd, he kills Muslims.

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        1. @ Sally Camen
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    1. ROFLMAO! @yasoing, You’re fuckin dumbass who believe in FAKE MEDIA, It’s ain’t YPG or Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Raqqa area.

      CONFIRM: Mustafa Bali of SDF Media Official: “We don’t know who killers in video are. We don’t know if they are YPG or SDF. We’re trying to determine that.”

      Mustafa Bali of SDF Media Official – The Execution Video: “What happened is a crime. No justification.”

      Mustafa Bali of SDF Media Official: “All these details will be determined in investigation. If video is real, culprits will be found and punished.”

      “Also worth noting that Kurdish fighters will always speak Kurdish to each other. However discussion in this video is in Arabic.”

      1. dont you think sdf is mixed organization ? canadians , americans , and arabs inside the organization , arabs also living in sdf controlled areas. in southern syria fsa is arab but northen side is mostly turkmen , arab mixed. there is no way they got supported by turkey tho.
        Jenan Moussa ✔ @jenanmoussa
        Replying to @jenanmoussa @akhbar
        7/ Mustafa Bali of SDF: all these details will be determined in investigation. If video is real, culprits will be found and punisher

        also that tweet. sorry i cant use another kurdish woman as ”trustable source ” .

        1. fuck i failed to edit my post.

          edit : dont you know sdf is mixed organization ? also it includes syrian, Iraqis and mostly arab. i mean its a terrorist organization middle of the arab countries what can you expect lol

        2. fuck i failed to edit my post.

          edit : dont you know sdf is mixed organization ? also it includes syrian, Iraqis and mostly arab. i mean its a terrorist organization middle of the arab countries what can you expect lol

  7. They’re muslims (no capital letters for a gross group of child rapists which is NOT a religion… it’s a hate group cult. Nothing more!)
    So this is really “Operation little boys and 4 year old girls PANTY Shields. Fucking pigs!

  8. Apparently, when he was told that he was going to get fucked, he thought, you know, he was going to get fucked!

    Suddenly you see those bedroom eyes displayed, that coquettish smile that had worked so well in the past, the come hither look, that “hey soldier, got a minute, stare.

    Looks to me like he got fucked.

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