Two Kurdish Female Fighters Executed by Turkish Special Forces

Two Kurdish Female Fighters Executed by Turkish Special Forces

A 23 seconds long video has surfaced on the internet allegedly showing Turkish Special Forces executing two captured females. The women, the Turks claim, were fighters of the People’s Defence Forces (HPG), the armed wing of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

One woman is shown being thrown off a cliff, while the other is shot at close range with high power rifles.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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186 thoughts on “Two Kurdish Female Fighters Executed by Turkish Special Forces”

    1. They need to be like south park and get in the kitchen and make you some dam pie

      Just joking I feel these strong women did the ultimate sacrifice! They got caught so their buddies could most likely get away. Brave women!!

          1. Fuck you Ottoman pig. Kurds are your brothers and you both slaughtered Christians then and even now. As for @satansconcubine , bitch i would love to meet you in a dark alley. I would love to stake you and even though you inherited your raped and forcefully -converted greatgrandmom’s gorgeous Christian looks , I am not referring to your pussy or asshole.

            Begone, Cancer on Europe and Asia ,you have duped dumbfucks in Europe and the US for too long. Some of us study History and Geopolitics. Time to be punished you brutes!
            Everyone hates you; Bulgars ,Greeks,Romanians,Germans,Aussies,fellow Moslems of the Arab World,Russians,Persians,Armenians,Assyrians etc

            Who likes you apart from yourselves?

    1. Come on Bobby. You been here for some time. How can you call this cruel when everything else we see here is more cruel than this? A quick death. Indeed, I don’t see what happened before that, but at least they had their clothes on.

    2. Cruel, are you sure? How can you say cruel to something you dont know? Pkk is a terroirst group in turkey which kills soldiers and civilians every day. Belive me, this what they deserved. How can I say this whitout any doubt? Because My father was a officer in Turkish Armed Forces(TSK). His rank was ‘Major’ (Binbaşı) in turkish. He served more than 15 years in the eastern turkey. He saw actual combat lots of times, and he still remembers all of them. He says”I saw lots of civilians died, Just in one day, they were attacked by PKK. I saw burned villages, burned by terrorists. I dont know why pkk existed, they are trying to divide fatherland they born in. And we Are attacking them. Every fking day.” he was knowing that this stupid fight is pointless. But pointless or not, future of the country is more important than everyting.So he kept pulling his trigger, for 15 years. Nothing is cruel when it comes to punish the traitors.Traitors who kills innocents, and soldiers.

      1. He acknowledges that, but what kind of elite troops executes prisoners in such fashion? My guess is, they call themselves elite but that’s about it.

    1. The PKK or others such as HPg is terrorist organization your western media just silence on terror they commited to Turkey and Syria, they just need to be eliminate from earth , together with Israel , Isis and shiite shit militia.
      All of western SOB just so ignorant and racists, armed robberies in Phillipines casino DoTrumpetecherd claimed terrorist act , civilians killed everyday in the countries with USA interference exceeding a year casualties western media whining and claiming done by so Islamist terrorist. Fuck

      1. Female fighters are not fat. Kurdish ones are specially beautiful. Funny how they refuse to wear helmets. I guess its something to do with their hair style.

        1. I remember reading an article or maybe hearing it in a youtube video. But I hear they dont wear helmets because they purposely want their presence as females to be known to the enemy. As it is a great disgrace to Allah to be fell by a woman in battle. It instills fear in their male enemies. Not sure how accurate that is, I cant remember the source.

      2. female soldiers are a thing with their lovely boobs and faces and terrorist women are another. Would you prefer a blow job or a blow up? I feel like everyone would chose to get the head but let me tell you these women only give ripped bodies into pieces when given chances.

      1. Those are most likely older fat women with daddy issues mentioned earlier in the post know everything about everything…. except wearing combat helmets !!! poor wounded fighters of women freedom in that shithole at least they tried to fight instead of run

    1. He got my attention as well. I really wish he would limit himself to bashing the dead or dying girls on the videos. His behavior is beyond immature. I’m sure the ladies here will survive this troll.

    1. Aynn öyle. Babası doğuda 15 küsür sene görev yapmış biri olarak, babamın anlattıklarına dayanarak söylüyorum ki bu amklar bunun 100000 kat beterini hak edecek yaratıklar.tsknın eline sağlık

  1. For the first time i’m pissed off for some of your comments dudes.
    I wonder if anyone of you knows something about Kurds…. If anyone of you knows about their history… Turks will be glad to see comments like those.
    It’s a war crime to execute prisoners. And Turkey is a NATO member. Let’s start. Let US or British soldiers executing prisoners. Perhaps Italian or soldiers from Holland or Polland… They are all NATO members. You will be proud. I’m sure!

      1. What is wrong with Zionist there just giving back what was dealt to them … and to protect there own family and lands towards Mudlims who want to kill them and their family every freaking min of the day!!

        Zionist only means to protect Jewish beliefs and territories they do not go to other nations trying to kill or expand their beliefs to other peoples-only to protect

        The same Zionist can mean the same for all people but zion means Jewish

        So Mudlims have their own ####ist’s but they go to other lands forcing their shit beliefs upon everyone

        So Zionists just protect their shit like everyone should do, but zionists have fucking balls

        1. How many time do you see Jewish people going to other countries trying to spread their beliefs towards others … NONE

          They just protect their shit in a fucking hostle part of the world where every other country wants to kill them

          The BG site I feel does not like Jewish people for (other reasons) defending there shit like land, kids, businesses, houses, family etc, the contrast unlike Canada which is so weak there letting their country become the next Mudlim territory watch as it is becoming more Mudlim every day with the growing Mudlims and lack of Zionist Canadians protecting their beliefs, religions, lands and territories etc that’s why dude left!!!

          1. We have seen a ton of retards at Best Gore, but you trample them all. Yids force their beliefs on every single human on the planet. They are behind forced immigration into non Zionist countries, as admitted by Jewess Barbara Specter, they have executed more people than any other group (160 Million) in order to exterminate those whose beliefs are different, and to force their beliefs on the rest, as admitted by Jew Sever Plocker in the Jewish publication ynet, they have been behind every war for at least the past 600 years, they steal other people’s land at a rate no other group of people comes anywhere near, they assassinate or imprison everyone who exposes their wrongdoings, they use force to occupy every country there is and enslave its population in injustice, and countries that resit their occupation are smeared in the media they occupy and constantly targeted with new attacks, every single major terrorist attack in the past 2,000 years has been committed by Jews, going as far back as the Roman Empire where they created terrorism as sicarii, all the way to modern terrorism started with the bombing of Kind David Hotel, all the way through 9/11 to the recent attacks in Paris, Brussels, London or Manchester – all so they could force their sick beliefs on other people through fear and intimidation… Problems with Muslims are an aftereffect of problems manufactured by Yids. If you remove Muslims, the problems will persist. But if you remove Yids, the problems will go away. I mean, you’d have to be one serious dumbass to think otherwise. But you have done nothing but proven to be one, so no surprise.

          2. Well said! @happy

            Reality shows that either people are too oblivious to the Jewish problem and look at the symptom (Muslims) instead of the disease (Jews), or they are hasbarat shill. Take your pick lol.

          3. I guess they don’t support your views @n1ne. I don’t want to turn this into a battleground, but I’m with you.

          4. @NineInchNails If you truly believe that 911 was conducted by “boxcutter wielding muzzies”, then you’re sadly mistaken and are a perfect example of dumbed down, brainwashed goy, OR Hasbarat shill.

        2. That’s a good one NineInchNails, you said it so believably that someone who didn’t know the truth about the Jews would actually think you were serious lol! Anyway, we all know that Jews force their beliefs (kosher food, kosher tax, support for Israel etc.) on the goyim so that they can not only build up their greater Israel project, but to achieve their Jew world order of white genocide and the Kalergi plan. The list is too long to name every single atrocity the Jew has committed. The fact is, there is nothing more evil than the Jew. That’s why they’ve been kicked out of 109 countries throughout history. Jews and Zio-Kurd turds need to just die.

          1. So let me get this straight the Jews attacked us not group of Mudlims? That flew a plane into New York and osama bin laden was Jewish???

            And the Jews made that Manchester boy blow kids up?

            I’m sorry I must disagree sorry. That’s why we have each other here to share our differences

      1. Kurds don’t have a country they have a territory which is mainly northern Iraq which what made Sadam mad cuz their rich lands and crops made his older family poorer that’s why they are hated so much, most of the country is jealous

          1. Why they should have?Why? Look at the Turks. They made the strongest countries in the world. Such as? Hun Empire, Köktürk Empire, Ottoman Empire,Timurid Empire etc… But what kurds did? Nothing. They didnt have any well known country, and they wont until the end of the world. Because they are WEAK. Because they are a STUPID race in some parts of turkey and iraq.

          2. They are a STUPID/WEAK race… So you want to kill them?? I really dislike “any” Muhammad ball licker, Kurds or turks. And I care even less for you egoistic patriotic views. I just wish you guys could live in peace, but I guess is not gonna happen. Your country is a joke and so is you history and religion. I’m glad to see you out of Europe. @trkguy

          3. Yeah our country is a joke because we have the 2nd strongest military in europe. Our history is a joke too. Because we conquered balkans, north africa and arabian peninsula in the past. Our religion is, as you expected, a joke too.

          4. @trkguy
            You should be proud of noble actions, not of your military might. ‘You’ nearly started WW3 by shooting down a Russian plane. Executing people is not the way to go. I’m ashamed my country exterminated millions of Indians and black people not to mention we turn our neighbor Paraguay to ash. Your dreams of empire are fucked up. Muhammad was a phedo warmonger. How can you go past that??? Demonstrate to me that your cultural knowledge extend beyond your borders. Where am I from?? I wish you only good things.

          5. First of all, im proud with my country. Second, i dont think you know so many things about Why we shot down russian plane. We shot it down because it entered our aerial borders. Turkish Armed Forces warned the plane, but the pilot didnt listened to us. So we shot it down because he didnt listened us. It is Russia’s fault. Nobody and nothing can pass from our borders without permission. And if I were you, I would be ashamed of my country too. Because you live in Brazil which is the country of robbers, burglars, thieves and gangsters. Next, I dont have to demonstrate anything to a priceless person like you. Why I should demonstrate something to a person who disrespects my religion and my nation? Before writing about something you dont know, go and learn them first. When you had enough knowledge,start writing.

        1. No @ NineInchNails says:
          June 2, 2017 at 6:24 am

          When 9-11 happened, NO PLANES were involved, just hologrammes and exotic media coverage. Maybe Jews were part of the scheme, but I know SOMEONE has to carry LOTS of weight like a beast of burden; blaming someone for something they haven’t commit,… like easy as 1,2,3….
          and them folks like pretty easy walk away from rampages like that in NY and other such happenings, but I want to introduce you to a website which covers items like this;

          Maybe I give you a BIG HAND-OUT what is REALLY going on in the world!

      2. Kurds don’t have a country or land because they are nomads. Not once in history have they ever had a land. Nor do they ever deserve one. Israel wants to create them one because it’s part of the Greater Israel project to create a “Kurdish nation that supports Israel”. And that is why they do not deserve a land and will never have a land.

        1. That’s not true, they do have a homeland, the are not gypsies that travel from country to country. The have always lived-in eastern turkey, Western Iran, part of north Iraq. turkey and Iraq are both new countries. turkey is what is left of the ottoman empire. and Iraq and Syria were recently created countries (wwI) that include many ethnic/ religious groups in one country.

          if you know anything about history, turks are nomads that came from Central Asia, they are not native to what is now Turkey. Turkey was inhabited by greeks, Armenians and Kurds before the turks came. now “turks” are a mix of the central asian tribes with the native people that lived in that area.

          1. Wtf dude are yok ok? 1-Turkey isnt a NEW country, republic of Turkey is a New country,but older Turkish states, such as seljuks and ottomans existed many years in the lands of MODERN turkey, balkans, and countries like syria and Iraq. Which means Turks came here many years ago and lived their own culture.
            2-As I see from your name, you are a persian-iranian. Only %55 of Iran is Living with perisan culture. %45 of the are mostly Turks. Such as Turkmens and Azerbaijanis. So you cant teach me My nationality and My race to me, go and think about your country first.
            3- Dont you know that Seljuks ruled modern Day persia in older times? How can you say that we Turks are ‘mix’ of different races? You and your people are the real ‘mixed’ ones. You persians are a mix of tons of turkic tribes and some stupid filty kurds.
            4-If kurds have a homeland in turkey and iraq(there are more than 2 million Turkmens in iraq. İt can be even more im not sure) Turks have a homeland in whole central asia, parts of bulgaria, greece, macedonia, east and West turcomania, and %45 of Iran.

        1. Mirza, anyone can make up “statistics” on the internet. 45% of Iran is not turkic. Our biggest turkic group are Azeris and they make up around 20% of the population and they are iranic people that have adopted Turkish language (Assimilated by turks).

          Also if you think turks of turkey are not mixed go tell me if they look like your brothers in turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, khazaskhstan. Original turks were mongoloid people that still live int those countries and they look like Mongolians. most of modern turkey now doesn’t look like these Mongolian people although they do have some mongoloid looking people/ features. inhabitants of turkey were caucasian looking people before the turks came, which means the greeks, Armenians, kurds etc.

          you should go learn about the origin of the turks. you guys did NOT COME from Western Asia/anatolia/caucuse/iran, which was inhabited by caucasian races. You guys were Mongolian tribes. and yes I understand that Mongolian Turkish tribes invaded persia/ Western Asia/caucuses.

          1. also have nothing against turks, but original turks are not caucasians they are a mongoloid ethnic group and don’t speak a ind0-european language. West asians (and caucuses) are originally of caucasian stock, which includes greeks living there, Armenian,kurds, Persians, Georgians etc.

            If you are a caucasian looking turk you are not a turk that’s just a fact.

          2. I Said that %85-90 of turkey has a central asian origin. If you do some research, you will realize that there is no pure and unmixed race in the world. Atatürk ordered the famous proffessors from turkey and the West to make a ethnic-genetic map of turkey.
            And genetic research showed that %90 of the Turks has central asian genes.

          3. And turks Look different from each other. Main reason is we are oghuz(oğuz) turks. Turkmens, azeris, and modern turks are oghuzs. Other central asians has different turkic families. But crimean Tatars look similar to lots of turks. You should go and search about turkic families and Groups before talking so sure

        1. I admit sarcasm and stupidity can, sometimes, be very difficult to spot, so… Every time I say muhammad loved to eat Jew cum, I’m been literal.

          1. @yasoing
            I regret my words. Don’t wanted to be rude, I wish I could be more civil. The video is no joke. How to talk to someone how support that shit??

    1. you seem to be such a fucktard
      history of kurds a thing history of pkk another thing! when you side with terrorist in my book you become the terrorist so i hope someone brings death on you via the shit you like. “have it your way”.

      1. I agree with you Sarp. Goldberg’s fucking ideas are not even true and your facts are purely opinion which have no bearing on anything substantial.

        Your words are just whispers in your head, what are you the CIA I bet you could find your way out of your own ass

    2. you seem to be such a fucktard
      history of kurds a thing history of pkk another thing! when you side with terrorist in my book you become the terrorist so i hope someone brings death on you via the shit you like. “have it your way”.

    1. I cant understand how you justify a terrorist and injustfy a protector of order and a country this way. I hope you get a bomb attack in your home town and then realise the threath they create.

      Or better, I hope you lose someone in that blast.

    2. “Peshmerga are good people”. Lol, no they aren’t. Peshmerga are kikes themselves who have been armed by Israel to destroy the region and help Israel redraw the Middle East.

    3. Like SouthPark says

      Fuck Canada their the ones behind all things evil. It’s their direct fault for wars btw (wars planned on Fridays) and also their fault for the creation of something called terrorism ” which they have classes on Tuesday’s @4:25 pm room 325 in the capital”.
      Canadians invented the common “pussy pass”, as well as bombs, bullets, fire, and internet which they try to control.
      They even created the borders for other nations just to create even more tensions. They in turn get people to fight for religion and other beliefs. I also heard they tell the clouds where to rain and snow…
      – did you know When the terrorists do something bad they have to call Canada and check in to make sure it is evil enough.

      The Jewish peoples are really Canadians in disguises, also ISIS is there American version of Boy Scouts.

      If you feel this comment is condescending and totally false it is….. before I click (post comment) I have to check in with Canada first

      1. they are not “traitors” turkey doesn’t belong to real turks anyways. turks are nomads from Central Asia and look like chinks. before the asian turks arrived in what is now turkey, the native people there were greeks, Armenians, and kurds, not central asian turks. the Turkish language is related to Mongolian and they share nothing with the people of that region.

        1. ‘They are not traitors’
          Something happening to me, ohh My eyes, ohhh what a retard! You stupid filth. Just think when you are typing something you dont know about.
          2- Turkey belongs to Turks. Not kurds, armenians, or other stupid ethnicities.
          3-Ethnic researches in the Times of Atatürk and İnönü shows us that %90 of Turkey has a central asian origin. Armenians were living in Turkey sent to syria and iraq by ‘tehcir kanunu’. Greeks? We taught them how to swim after Ww1. What about kurds? They try to divide our country to many pieces and make a country named Kurdistan. And we keep killing them. This Why they are traitors. I wish you could say ‘they are not traitors’ to south azeri turks. But you cant, huh?
          4- Turkish language isnt related to mongolian. Go and learn. I can understand kazaks, uzbeks, turkmens, kyrgyzs, and azeris. But ı cant understand any words in mongolian. Turkish and mongolian can maybe be in same language Group, but not RELATED. İts completely different.
          5-You spoke a lot about my country and races in it. Let me Just say one thing about yours:%45 of your country has got the same blood with me. Maybe your great great grandfathers or grandmohers had a turkic origin. Dont talk if you dont know about all of these.

  2. PKK/YPG/PYD are terrorist organisation. PKK killed 1000+ baby, 1000+ people, 1000+ soldier in 40 year. And they contunie this. Europa,America and other countries, please dont support terrorists. Turkish people are helpful,enjoy,friendly. Come Turkey and see. We like christians,jews. And we hate ISIL. We fought 4 month ago against ISIS in Al-Bab. And we won. We dont support ISIL and other terrorist organisations. And ı dont like Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

    1. I don’t know, man. American journalist Serena Shim was murdered after she exposed the Turkish government’s assistance to ISIS. Wesley Clark himself admitted that ISIS serves the interests of Turkey. Aside from, of course, Israel, US, and Saudi Arabia. Turkey has been exposed as the main supplier of weapons for ISIS, which was confirmed by Russia’s UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin in a letter to the UN Security Council. After that, Vitaly Churkin was found dead allegedly from heart attack.

      And let’s not forget that Erdogan’s son Necmettin Bilal is dealing in illegal arms and oil with the Islamic State (which was confirmed by Amos Hochstein, the US special envoy and coordinator for the State Department’s Bureau of Energy Resources) and had dinner in an Istanbul restaurant with ISIS leaders, that Russian satellite images showed three main oil smuggling routes to and from Turkey, and that Turkey shot down the Russian jet because Russia was kicking ISIS ass and was therefore interfering with Turkey’s lucrative oil trade with ISIS.

      Five months ago, Wikileaks released 57,934 emails from Turkey’s Minister of Energy Berat Albayrak which prove that Turkey had business ties with ISIS.

      Turkish MP Eren Erdem admitted that Turkey was complicit in the smuggling of Sarin to ISIS in Syria, which was then used to frame the Assad government.

      1. I hate Necmettin Bilal but this claim is very funny.
        I hate Berat Albayrak but I read Wikileaks Documents. Wikileaks Documents was clear.
        And I like Eren Erdem because he is in my party (Republican People’s Party) but he sometimes lying.

        Also, Turkish Army is first regular army fight against ISIL.

        1. NikeViper all you say is bullshit.
          Every word of your comments is a lie. Easy to many of BG readers to understand wy.

          BTW Turkey supports ISIS and FSA dude. Please don’t turn the black to white.
          Do you forget what happened when Turkish police discovered guns on trucks heading to Syria? 25.000++ Syrian people are missing in Turkey. Most of them kids. Killed for organs…
          Turkey does not care about ISIS in Syria. The reason to invade into Syria is to prevent the connection of Kurdish kantones of Afrin – Kobani – Manbits. Do you think BG readers are so idiots to make such of comments???

          BTW What are Turkish people????? Lol dude. Last 1000 years you just made wars. Trying to conquer more lands. Turkish tribes came from Mongolia 1200 years before. You took Persia and attacked the East Roman Empire. You conquer all Balkans and tryed to occ Europe guys…. Please stop now….

          1. *Easy for many BG readersto understand why…
            *Do you think BG readers are so idiots to believe such of comments???
            fast typing…. sorry guys

          2. and who are you to interfere with a country’s policy when you shut up and sit your ass with your country’s policy? 9/11 bullshit created to wage wars against middle eastern countries. have you said anything about it? your country is a murderous bitch that is rude enough to have a president called trump. your bigges triump is a shithead that gives dang to his own country yet alone to the world and you are so arrogant to come here and say bullshit about another countries counter measures self defendin acts and self interests while your united shitholes of assholes does far worse to the whole world you come here and say The Republic is bad. What a fucktard you are.

          3. LOL I’m not from USA.

            I also believe what you say about US goverment.
            Republic? Are you from Turkey? Are you talking about the Turkish Republic?
            I don’t think that Turkey has Democratic Republic at the moment. Yes Erdogan was elected, but since then many things changed… Release the journalist first and then i can start talking about democracy … But i forgot. Muslims hate democracy…. Sariah law is over the top!

          4. You speak as if you know about Seriah law. Retarded please go learn what you are speaking of first. My country can arrest whoever she wants to protect her integrity full stop. It even includes me if I am a threath. AND FUCK DEMOCRACY. WHAT HAPPENED TO IRAQ AFGHANISTAN PAKISTAN and many others when usa brought it to there HA?! FUCKING STUPID DOUCHE!

    1. That’ll never happen. Kurds are kike filth. Pawns used to establish the greater Israel project. Why else do you think Israel wants a “Kurdish nation” in Syria and Iraq that is an “ally and subservient to Israel”?

      1. Everyone did you know the Jews created
        Shoahshana Goldberg-Shekelstein so it can post and comment all these facts about them!!! I’m so glad we have a Jew insider in the house. It really knows everything about everything Jewish

      2. kurds are not “kikes” and they are an Iranian people related to Persians, Ossetians etc. but I agree that Israel is trying to use them to their advantage. but kurds have been trying to separate from turkey for ages nothing to do with jews. turks are nomads from Central Asia that are occupying land that belongs to the kurds / Armenians. If you are supporting turks you have no clue about the history of this region. a lot of those countries in that region are puppet countries anyways both Syria and Iraq were created in ww1 after the Turkish ruled Ottoman Empire fell apart. the creation of a whole bunch of fake new countries caused the problem of different ethnic groups being stuck under the rule of different new nations. in turkey there are still towns with majority Armenian populations and most of eastern turkey is kurds, Armenians and Georgians.

        1. Kurds are not Iranian or Persian. That’s a load of shit. KURDS are nomads, they have NEVER had a land of their own. That’s why they want to take land from Syria and Iraq, that’s why Israel is also involved. Look up the Greater Israel Project, it wants to divide Iraq into 3 states with a “Kurdistan that is allied with and serves Israel” to further increase Zionist influence in the Middle East.

    1. dont worry we are not like americans or germans or you we just take what our country needs. in this case we took the video of erdication of two threats to the country. I guess everyone here needs a bomb to be set off in their hometown and lose some dear ones to understand what this whores are capeable of when they are alive.

      1. Well, at least we Serbs know what Turks did over here. Even inquisition torturers would envy your ancestors..
        Do not get personal over this; You’re just to soft on your own: Subjective view.

        1. You always say what Turks did as if your history is a crystal clean slate! I guess yours is darker for you to see when you look at the mirror brainless nonesense talking faggot.

        2. Stfu bastard. You should have respect to ottoman empire. The empire which didnt assimilated your ancestors, and didnt forced you to convert to another religion. Portugese , Dutch and English , they only dare to steal gold , silver and tin from us because our great Empire is too far .

  3. Well I guess these Turks were not in the mood to give out pussy passes that day.
    Still, I take my hats off to the women they took it like champs.
    If it was me, I would be charming and begging my way out using every ounce of pussy pass possible.

    1. Oh yeah like smiling while sucking your finger like it’s sexy lol
      Maybe then wink, it must not have worked those ~special forces ~ so to say might be like the warriors on Game of Thrones who had their dicks cut off to stay mission focused hahaha

  4. The two Kurdish women likely had more balls and were better warriors than the Turkish “Special Needs” Forces soldiers. Come on, Turkish SF? Can they be much better than any US kid halfway through bootcamp?

  5. PKK is a terrorist organization which will not hesitate to execute unarmed, off-duty police officers by shooting them on their backs. They won’t hesitate before ambushing and blowing up a bus full of newly recruited privates (forcibly taken by the government to make them serve compulsory military duty, dudes with kurdish ethnicity among them). As a matter of fact, they won’t hesitate to kill even kurdish villagers who resist being robbed by these bandits. So, yeah. I’d put some bullets through their knees and guts, watch them crawl in agonizing pain for a minute, then throw them off the cliff, sparing the lead that would go through their brain to end their misery. But these fine gentlemen ,instead, just shot em in the head. Sure, they put some more rounds into that bitch towards the end but hey, she was already dead. That doesn’t count.

  6. Pkk is terrorist organisation and male or female will not be unarmed. What are they doing with army gear up there? Pkk members should be killed on the spot if they got the Boole they should confront the army and take it from there . Aminizi gotunuzu sikeriz pkk picleri.

  7. The Kurds have a woman’s platoon in the fight against ISIS. No male wants to be killed by a woman in battle. So if Turkey special forces executed these two it only leaves me to imagine their in cohorts with ISIS.

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