Two Men Accused of Being Rats Found Executed in Michoacan, Mexico

Two Men Accused of Being Rats Found Executed in Michoacan, Mexico

Two individuals were found executed in two different locations in Michoacán, Mexico – both with a narcomensaje on which the killers accused them of having been rats.

Corpse of one man was found next to the highway between Ciudad Hidalgo and Agostitlán, near the El Rincón de Dolores colony. The victim was identified as 43 year old Ricardo Rodríguez Melchor nicknamed El Huesos (The Bones), natively of Distrito Federal but now residing at Nicolás Rivera street in the Monte Bello colony. Ricardo was executed with a bullet to the head, his hands were tied behind his back with a plastic webbing. Criminologists found no bullet casings on the scene so it is presumed he had been killed elsewhere. Narcomensaje left next to him read the following:

Esto les va a pasar a todos los ratas

Jewgle Translate tells me it means:

This is going to happen to all the rats

The other corpse was found next to the highway between Maravatío and Tlalpujahua, near the Los Pirules colony. The victim was identified as 28 year old Josué Francisco Mellado Cabrera natively of ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas. He was shot in the back of the neck, with the bullet leaving large exit orifice in the front. His relatives told the social representative that last time they saw him alive was a day earlier, when he left the house without saying where he was going.

Narcomensaje left next to him read:

Esto es lo que les va pasar a los ratas y extorsionadores

Jewgle Translation:

This is what they will move to the rats and extortionists

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9 thoughts on “Two Men Accused of Being Rats Found Executed in Michoacan, Mexico”

  1. It must have been a Mexican fortune teller that gave him the nickname the bones.

    I wonder what their process is for determining guilt, I expect that they do not just catch them in the act but rely on word of mouth statements to decide who’s guilty and if this is so then I expect that quite a few innocent people have met their end.

    1. Well, you can rat to the wrong person, a.k.a. “double agent” narco. If only you and a few other people know something, now a lot of people do, rat. Threat of blackmail. Eye witness to narcing. A failure to a test of loyalty. And like you said, word of mouth, and the inevitable “I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about”, “innocents”.

  2. Those Mexican’s best not be getting soft when it comes to killing rats. I know I want a rat to suffer before he’s sent underground. This guy wasn’t even tortured in the least it appears. Don’t get soft Beaners…

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