Two Men Beaten and Executed in Syria

Two Men Beaten and Executed in Syria

I don’t hear any Allahu Snackbar in the video so it’s possible that the two beaten and executed men were foreign mercenaries sent to Syria to commit genocide. Having seen what they do to people there, I wouldn’t be surprised if Syrian civilians and SAA army would want to give them some of their own medicine upon capture.

But then again, after two years of fucking up, the jihadists were clearly instructed to hold back on Snackbar while filming because their fake propaganda videos were too easy to debunk. And they’ve done it successfully before – dressing up in uniforms from captured Syrian soldiers and keeping their filthy mouth shut while filming. Who knows really…

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  1. The amount of people that are murdered over there on a daily basis has got to add up after awhile. Sooner or later they’re going to run out of people to kill, then what will they do??? Hopefully they’ll end up in Mexico!!!

    Now that sounds like a dream come true! We can only hope.

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  3. What reasons are behind assuming that the FSA is making all this propaganda against the Syrian Army?
    I have lived in this area for at least 12 years, and I strongly believe that these are army men. Especially when you talk about the Syrian army, they are of the most corrupted people in the world.
    Bashar as any other Arab president/king has been a dictator to his people and no one can assume or believe his innocence of killing his own people to stay as a president.
    These army men, and the militias (called Shabbiha) – who do not belong to any official department nor to the Syrian army, but are fed and supported by the army – known to have such hate to their own people.
    I have seen that they would hold you from crossing the borders or passing a security station just for a cigarette or a couple of dollars,
    I wouldn’t believe that these are normal people, who got against their corrupt regime and dictatorship to fake a videos by dressing like army men for the sake of the claimed propaganda.
    I don’t say FSA (F as Free) are innocent. But these videos are of Syrian official army men.

    1. LOL are you for real? Two years of foreign mercenaries in Syria producing fake videos with them sharing the behind the scenes footage on pro extremism forums and you’re still the sheep who believes the sheep version of the events?

      FSA are not Syrians. The Syrians support their government and stand behind their president. SAA soldiers lay their lives to protect the civilians from foreign mercenaries who have been killing Syrians indiscriminately. You have got to be joking that after all the evidence that exists you’re still a brainwashed sheep.

  4. thank God muslims have their religion to show them morals and self control

    if they didn’t they would be evil, cold blooded bastards that are the scum of the earth
    er wait

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