Two Men Executed by Hanging in Syria

Two Men Executed by Hanging in Syria

Two young men were executed in Syria by hanging and left there hanging on display. They must have been accused of homosexuality cause that’s about as good a reason for an Islamic country to execute two men at the same time as it gets. They are kind of left there hanging like rabbits you kill hunting. The wrapper probably contains a warning to other Syrian homosexuals so they know what to expect if they have a cock and still take a cock in the ass.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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22 thoughts on “Two Men Executed by Hanging in Syria”

    1. I saw a documentary that showed that some Afghanistan men love little boys for sex. They even have boys who dress up like girls who dance for the men and have sex with them.

  1. I don’t think these guys were hanged for being homosexual. Syria’s rule is not islamic, so you’d expect that happening in Iran or Saudi Arabia, but not Syria. These guys were most probably hanged for saying or doing something against the rule of their dictator Bashar Al-Assad. He would hang you if you said his hair looked stupid.

  2. I don’t know about that one. Syria’s main source of legislation is Islamic jurisprudence. Even the constitutions requires that the president must be a Muslim. But given Syria’s poor human rights record, they could have been executed for absolutely anything.

  3. Syria isnt that bad of a country and they don’t have islamic laws there, I’ve been to syria and I have close friends there, its a nice place. Nice pic though, interesting way to punish someone.

  4. It sucks when you’re a member of the homosexual community and you hear crap like this.

    As much as I love the dark and twisted shit this site provides, I can’t help but hope these two did something much more, and I can’t really find much interesting with this one.

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