Two Men Executed by Hanging in Kuwait

Two Men Executed by Hanging in Kuwait

Video from June 2013 depicts public execution of two men by hanging in Kuwait. According to the Kuwaiti government, one of the men was a child rapist, and the other a murderer originally from Egypt.

After the initial ceremonies, the men are taken to a steel frame specifically design to function as the gallows capable of accommodating three consecutive executions. Trap doors are released after a flag man gives signal, which is accompanied by frenzied clicking of camera shutters from a crowd of media representatives.

Despite a man length’s drop, only one condemned has his neck snap. The other survives the drop and keeps twitching on the rope.

Props to Best Gore member @benjaminluckytroublemaker for the video:

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        1. He isn’t clueless at all.

          “Aisha: that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death).”

          Was Muhammed in his 50s?
          This is the information given to people so how is what he said wrong?

  1. This is so cool…..a child rapist…….great.
    Now there should be a special treatment for a child rapist…
    Something like….. get him rubbed with honey
    And throw a bucket of red ants on his genitals……
    Then after a few hours …….hang

    1. You can as well flay him…….. and stripe him with some
      White chocolate.!!!!! And voila …..Da bomb.!!!!!
      The human chocolate covered strawberry…….
      Then trow two buckets of Amazonian red carnivorous ants
      On him and wait a while …..
      Than hang him.

  2. So there ya have nothing satirical but the real gallows humor as a fresh gore treat for the day .While one of them quickly bids his last paedophilish dicksyland good bye the other seems not too happy but puts up every bid to not let his neck snap and keeps cycling his legs back and forth to drive home a point that he is not a goner still!

    1. It did not break his cervicals………miscalculation ratio weight
      Hight …..ect……and that’s the problem with executioner aides
      But if you want some serious professionalism you just have
      To pay ” bakchich…….to the boss to kill you clean and fast
      If you don’t pay they may fuck you up better…….if
      They really don’t like you

  3. We need a medical specialist to help us out here. @am0ur could you kindly explain to me why one dude is wriggling around and one dude is not? I don’t know much bout this stuff and since u specialize in this Feild, it would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

    1. @gstarraw One, when your neck is snapped and spinal cord damaged at C1, your death is quicker due there being no signal to the body to breathe or do much else. Paralysis–therefore no struggle.

      The other guy must have tensed his neck muscles, so he’s essentially just asphyxiated, which is also very slow as his body takes over to try and fight to free himself before eventually going unconscious.

  4. They should make their platform a little higher, as that dude on the right suffered because the fall was not high enough to brake his neck. You could clearly see him struggle, and kick after dropping.

  5. Once again: What’s the problem? All those islamic countries worship a prophet who was a murderer, child rapist, liar and thief. And he wrote a holy book telling his followers that all that’s okay in the name of allan akbar or whatever.

    1. Agreed. Goes to show how warped these pedo’s are, they know if they’re caught this will happen to them, and yet they still do it.
      There are probably people who make excuses for them..
      “They have a disease, they can’t help it” and on and on…

      1. To right illegal
        Been watching alot of documentarys on pedos lately on youtube.
        Pete townshend from the Who was caught out for it back in 99.
        His lame excuse was that he came across a website with indecent child images and video, so he paid the sites subscription fee to join to find out how shocking it really was?wtf? Fucking laughable, cocksucker got away with it aswell.
        They will be people who defend him to the hilt, just because he’s famous, just like they did with the faggot in red leather pants- jacko.
        Its unacceptable”once a nonce always a nonce” death to em all

        1. I read Pete Townsends autoBiography a few years ago, and was almost shocked by his admission and his excuse. Even though I was a huge fan it really disgusted me. That is an unforgivable sin in my book. Some people think pedo’s look a certain way, but they can be anyone, and there is no cure, except for the above example. I always thought he may have been a victim himself as a child, some of his songs alluded to that, and he claimed that’s why he was looking stuff up on the

          1. I love the who, and i still do.
            But Peterphile should of been dealt with.
            There can be no tolerance given to em, talented or not.
            pedos are far more prolific than most pep realize and yes they can be anyone, most of them look, and are upstanding members of the community.
            I myself have had a friend go to jail for being a kiddy fiddler and he was only in his 30s, gf and kids at home and still prayed upon kids online. jesus it makes my blood boil.

          2. I seem to remember him saying he was sat with his son and looking at pedo sites to educate him, hmm he was abused as a child that much is obvious from the lyrics to some of his songs so maybe he was explaining that to his son , ‘who’ knows maybe ” Uncle Ernie”- fiddling about,fiddling about ……Maybe he was lying and was having a good old tug to some underage child porn.

  6. Sweet! They have even little execution platforms for the job, it makes them look like professionals. 😀 Gotta love Kuwait’s way of dealing with justice. No fucking way child rapists and murderers should spend a vacation in a confined place, only to be released later to repeat those deeds again… Better cutting that cancer from the root! Good job, Kuwait! 😛

    1. I went to University with a guy from Kuwait (he wasn’t my friend but one of my male friend’s friend). He said he would never get together with anyone who wasn’t muslim as it would disgrace his family and he would be disowned no matter how educated he became. (At that time the University gave some kind of grant to temporary resident aliens whose country was in chaos & guess who ended up footing the bill?) He also said he was only there to study & wouldn’t/couldn’t have any kind of contact with females (even friendships) so that he could take his diploma back to his country & find a good paying job. If I remember right he was in the field of engineering.
      Of course I wondered if that was completely true, as in how would his family know he had random relationships with females during his US stay? And their religion forbids masterbation, so… Who knows, can a guy really go so many years without some kind of release (just a theoretical question). Or was he “cheating” & having secret relations with males, females, or himself? 😆

      1. @illegalsmile55, that could be one of the reasons that Muslims seem to be naturally angry or aggressive people? Always cutting peoples heads off, committing crimes in their new host country or ready to beat someone to death if that someone has rubbished the quran or Mohommed etc. A lot of the time alcohol or drugs can be the reason for Westerners going off the rails or committing crimes, not Muslims, they are usually sober.
        Also to any Aussie readers, the crime king Tony Mokbel was born in Kuwait.

    1. Holy shit, that would be the most delightfully fucked-up catalogue EVER!

      “Thank you for calling Allah Snackbar Incorporated, how may we help you today?”

      “Hi, I’d like to put in an order for the steel gallows on page forty-seven of your latest catalogue.”

      “Absolutely, sir. Would you prefer the single, double, or triple-death-dealing option?”

      “Better make it the triple, we’ve got some really sick fuckers around here.”

      “Absolutely, sir. Could I interest you in our extended service plan for only $19.99?”

      “No thanks, but I was wondering if the DIY Waterboarding Kit you had on sale last month was still available.”

      “I’m sorry, sir, but that item is currently on back-order.”

      “Damn, that was a hell of a deal. Okay, just the gallows then.”

      “Very well, sir. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?”

      “Yeah, can I get rush delivery on that?”

  7. I hope the one that had a stupid grin on his face was both the child rapist and the one that didn’t die instantly. Although that jerking around could have been his one last effort to Jizz like David Carradine.

  8. Justice is fuckin served! I wish we had this here in the US. I can think of two child murderers who deserve it. One is a foster parent who stomped a 15 month old to death and the other is a pervert who kidnapped and killed an 11 year old navajo girl. They won’t get justice here. One just got a hung jury, and the other ones lawyer is claiming not guilty by reason of insanity.

    1. While I agree the US is certainly lacking in the justice of (especially children) murder victims, they’re probably not as bad as most countries where there is no death penalty and the maximum sentence is 20-40 years. Some even get off with half the sentence served for good behavior.

  9. If I’m ever executed by a bunch of douchebags in man-dresses, I am coming back to haunt them all.
    That being said…if those guys did what they were accused of, it was a job well done.

  10. Don’t be so quick to trust what the other country said these men did. I don’t believe a lot of these “stories” from these kinds of places. Also, guy on left had a hearty push down that snapped his neck and the other did not. At the nazi executions, some would get two guys jumping to bring them down to add weight if the neck didn’t snap; the extra weight did the trick quick. The really bad or loud at the end ones would not. Just let them dance.

  11. Wow that gallows is almost OHAS certified. The only problem is the mobile steps for the doctors.

    No blocks or brakes used!!!

    Someone could get hurt!!!

    Now go back and try again

  12. This looks like the beginning of a new reality/ game show or something lol. I see two contestants, the man with the flag, a long table with a bunch of “officials” and judges, and they look like they are judging the contestants at the end too, for their form and such. Has anyone ever seen MXC? That really funny re-edit of this 1980’s japanese game show called Takeshi’s Castle? Somebody needs to make this video into one of those.

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