Two Men Executed by Iraqi Soldiers with Volley of Gunfire

Two Men Executed by Iraqi Soldiers with Volley of Gunfire

Iraqi soldiers filmed themselves executing two men and claiming they were Daesh (ISIS) fighters. They look like someone’s fathers to me, but who knows? The first casualty of war is truth.

The men were executed in a volley of disorganized gunfire. One soldier started shooting before the other was ready, so the whole execution comes across very chaotic.

Props to Best Gore member @sagar_jungrana72 and @african-angel for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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47 thoughts on “Two Men Executed by Iraqi Soldiers with Volley of Gunfire”

    1. Theres a high probability that they are isis. Isis blend in with normal civilians and put platoon cells all over the map to counter attack the enemy. There’s also a chance that theyre innocent people living in a crazy war torn country but when you have paranoid soldiers that are getting killed by dozens daily you will have to remorse for anyone who isn’t on your team

    1. Let’s think outside the box for a second. The last thing they’re thinking about is old busted prison. This a scene purely based on paronoia and retaliation. Isis haven’t stopped killing army soldiers for a minute. It’s a life or death game for them

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    1. more people voted for Bush or his son or Obama or the one that did the Vietnam War…. it was be very fair to assess that coming full circle about the instruments of propoganda you mentioned.

      The US government have got a healthy majority of people to be patriotic in a way their common sense and rational get bought over by a sense of perceived loyalty, for want of a better word. The Army is glorified in every walk of life – to say anything against is unpatriotic and frowned up and indeed people have been arrested.

      We also see videos on youtube of interviews to ordinarty folk on the street getting asked piss easy questions such as Where is Iraq? How many vowels are there? etc and they havent a clue….you know they type of thing and us Europeans laugh heartily at the stupidity of American we are told by propoganda that we are far superior intellectually,….. that leads to the general sterotype that Americans are inward looking, flag waving, Trash TV, Consumerism etc etc, divided and conquered already from the inside.

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  2. Daesh fighters without long beards? B.S. If they were forced to shave before this then they could not have been ISIS fighters at the time of execution. Misplaced justice.

    Silly American trained Iraqi soldier (mr. vertical)

        1. Spot on.
          Unfortunately most people in the world (especially Americans) don’t understand the Syrian conflict is about Israel.
          Also, the nerve agent was apparently used by the rebels. NOT Assad

  3. The same disorganized army ran like cowards when Isis came to invade the Iraqi army base.There is no hope for them corruption ,greed no real leadership they can not even organize a firing squad

  4. They were like gay lovers on the phone, before hanging up:
    1-“You kill him..”
    2-“No YOU kill him,”
    1-“No No, youuu kill himm!”
    2-“NOOO, you killl hiiim”
    Then bam bam bam….

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