Two Men Hanging Upside Down from Tree Executed by Gunmen in Guerrero, Mexico

Two Men Hanging Upside Down from Tree Executed by Gunmen in Guerrero, Mexico

Two Men Hanging Upside Down from Tree Executed by Gunmen in Guerrero, Mexico

An armed group from the state of Guerrero, Mexico launched a threat campaign against the opponents by releasing a video in which they execute two men hanging upside down from a tree.

The victims are said to be two community police, which is probably a vigilante group of local fathers who tried to do the job of the police who wouldn’t do it because the cops only fight back against rivals who threaten their own drug trafficking operations. As is a common purpose of police in many countries.

Props to Best Gore member @ramiroromo for the video:

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147 thoughts on “Two Men Hanging Upside Down from Tree Executed by Gunmen in Guerrero, Mexico”

          1. We’re not the great unwashed, hill billy, red necks, portrayed in the movies @hopingfornemesis . I think you see more Southerners in the military because we’re more patriotic in the red states, than the blue states, and most red states are southern states.

          2. I never said any such thing @fred1212.
            I know very well the South gave America the Cultured Southerner and Belles. Not to mention,Cape Canaveral and Houston; still great research parks to this day.

            Yes,the Southerners are more” patriotic” but they are also there because they are more poor and less educated than Northerners. Also less discriminating because of it. I am talking about averages here. I also say uneducated poorer Latinos and foreigners are overrepresented in the Armed Forces for the same reasons.

            Rome also offerred its foreign auxilliaries citizenship and free land once they finished their military service as does the French Foreign Legion (citizenship)to this day.

            My notifications are not working well! I didn-t see this at all but saw your post by luck!

        1. @hoping
          I often enjoy your educated comments.

          Just random thinking here, but it’s funny how “patriotic” and “uneducated” so often go hand-in-hand.

          That is something I learned at a very young age in America.
          And people are so proud of their willful ignorance. They’ll kill you just to show the pride they have for their own stupidity.

          1. @raceblakhart
            Thank you for your kind comments. Yes,they do go together very often but of course many educated clever people are patriotic as well,as they should be.

            The problem is of course,that many uneducated and/or less intelligent people are easily lead into seemingly -patriotic moves ,’cause they know no better.

            As many others have said ,these then become the cannon-fodder for wars-whether external or not- started by the BigHaves ie elite of both US Big parties , neoliberal globalist corporates etc.
            Anyway,see you next time.

        2. @hoping
          Again, I bow to your mind.
          “SEEMINGLY patriotic” is damn true!
          This is what I say to my dad.
          And it makes me so frustrated because my father is a terribly intelligent guy. I was always in awe of his mind as a child. I always studied my friend’s fathers and quickly realized how lucky I was not to have a half-wit for a father.
          But when it comes to politics, he’s a complete sheep for his party. He doesn’t seem to question anything as long as it’s got their stamp on it.
          So many problems in America come because of people like my father. And it’s so sad that it won’t ever change until it completely implodes.

          1. Problem is that mores change over time. When I was twenty i was considered middle of the road but slightly to the left ie a Welfare Capitalist.

            Now though because the parties are polarised so much i have become more conservative but am still considered too conservative by current powerful leftists and too leftist for current powerful rightists. What i am saying is that the middle ground is being left behind and the extremists are calling the shots.So the Silent Majority is ignored ;only to be sold crap goods and services to.

            However ,both parties are into neoliberal globalist corporate bullshit which also leaves most party devotees out as well! Just like your Dad! So the poor guy ,like many others, is still devoted to his party but they have left him well behind and use him only at election time.

            It is the BiGSell-out of the Middle Class in the Western World.We are back to Roman Times where the people were only paid attention just before “elections”. They called it the “head count”. Get it? Like cattle or sheep!

            Your Dad remains a very clever guy,it is just that his party has been hijacked by much more horrid scoundrels than even he is used to!


        3. As usual, @Hoping, you’ve got me nodding my head like a hen at feeding time! I dunno what you do when not on BG, but I hope you’re using that brain of yours somewhere.
          I used to be sharp, but fucked by brain with years of drug abuse. I also dunno how to contribute to society as a disabled American who keeps being denied for disability. I will 100% end up homeless after my elderly mother passes away and I’ve nowhere to go. I gave everything I had to be a productive member as an adult, but if you become disabled because of a drunk asshole and a hit and run, it doesn’t get you anywhere in this country but fucked. Unless you have the money to otherwise be ok on your own.

          I’m frustrated and rambling.

          1. Friend, i know exactly how you feel. I have been rich and i have been poor and now i am in the middle. I have been a winning executive and i have been disabled and now i am half way in -between.
            In this neoliberal globalist vampire capitalist western world you are only as good as your LAST DAY at your employers.

            It wont matter you were eg top employee and budget- buster ten years running if on your last day you had a fight with your boss or were injured at work. You are now a liability to be quickly disposed of and forgotten by all. You can thank the Walton /Koch Bros,Wall St ,Deep State and your Two Major Political Parties for that! I am sorry to say ,it will only get worse till we have another revolution/civil war or we all degrade down to a have /have not state like Brazil etc!

            The Middle Class that English -speaking Nations and the Europeans are used to is being decimated. It will be gone within prob ten years at most. We have returned to the feudal system where you will be on subsistence-level wages and you will have a few absentee lords and barons. The sad thing was we gave up all the freedoms and rights we had and our grandpas fought for to get a few extra bucks in our pockets etc. Welcome to Homo Americanus Nothavus Nohopus ;the latest addition to hominids.


        4. @hoping, for fuck’s sake man, you should write a book.
          And as far as revolution or a 2nd civil war goes, that is the ONLY American war I would be willing to fight in. At least we would actually be soldiers who are fighting for our freedoms, for the first time in who knows how long.
          I honestly believe the current POTUS is enough to trigger some kind of uprising. But we still need a catalyst. And it needs to be a vigilante, a true leader of men that people are willing to listen to and trust in.

      1. Hahaha! Seriously. Some of these cartel videos are getting to be more comedy than gore. The music, the atmosphere, bunch of idiots high on drugs, Caspar the Friendly Ghost chillin’ out. Shooting up in the air at dead corpses, meanwhile one of their cartel buddies in the next county takes one of their bullets to the face. The boss isn’t gonna be happy about that. Oops.

    1. big time kingpins should be providing thier troops with decent phones to record high quality videos so rivals would see in absolute detail like Islamic organizations do.

        1. Any smart drug dealer uses burner phones .. you know the “pay as you go” cheap phones with no contract …… no information so can’t be tracked .. also any smart guy that lives double life and has more than 1 girlfriend to fuck, uses them to keep those bitches in check without them finding out about eachother

          1. Yep. I understand. Here in my country you ca n’t buy a burner phone.You need to give the phone company name and number ie id to use them ,even if you buy them for cash. Ie even with heaps of credit on it ,you need to “activate “it by a registering process.

            Of course,it does not stop people using fake names and addresses but i suppose it scares people because they do not want the gov asking “why have you been using a fake name and address”? Etc

            So you don’t have to register burner phones in the Us at all? Just buy ,have credit and you can make phone calls immediately?

          2. yeah .. you buy a phone .. cheap ones are like $10-20 .. then you buy an airtime activation card and phone is ready to burn .. a cheap card is usually $20 with around 3 months service and 90 or so minutes

    1. Shit, who could tell with that quality? I would have liked to have seen a good shot shoot off both their legs and see the corpses fall to the ground. Or a stick or dynamite thrown that exploded between them, body parts everywhere. Or they could have tied explosives to them both and detonated it. What a mess that could have made.

  1. lmao my us mexicans can’t get any more creative. This is great all we need is burning motherfukers on stakes like civilized self righteous god fearing whites burning blacks back in the “good” ole days. I was expecting enough shots to cut the bodies in half.

  2. “PUTA MADRE MIERDA!!” *voice cracking intensifies* 😆

    It’s nice of them to be so cheerful with such a festive song while killing a couple of gringos… I’d say that’s just like a normal party in there, and piñatas there just became something else less boring for them.

        1. Go drive your bus Mr Nigger bus driver, and pick up your £500 a week while putting up with daily abuse and having to listen to those over the top loud little nigglets, jumping about and screaming and fighting over their fried chicken.
          Ha ha ha ha!

  3. I’m no beaner but I speak Super Mexican fluently. The homo at the end was encouraging the viewers to “smash that like button” and check out thier new cartel merch and then began spouting something about Nemesis’ mother.

  4. Bastards! The brave guys killed bcos they want to defend their families from the Narcos cancer. It’s sad people have to resort to vigilante groups but seeing as a lot of Mexican (+Brazilian) police are corrupt they are forced to.

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