Two Men Hanged from a Bridge in Atizapan, Mexico

Two Men Hanged from a Bridge in Atizapan, Mexico

Two men were found hanged from a bridge at Kilometer 8 on Chamapa – Lechería highway in Atizapán, Estado de México at around 6:30am today. The victims were approximately 25 to 30 year old and were first shot to death then hanged by their necks from the bridge with thick plastic. Authorities recovered several undisclosed caliber casings from the scene.

Executions like that are usually carried out by organized crime groups (drug cartels) but they usually also leave a message (narcomensaje) to claim responsibility for the killings. In this case, no narco card was found.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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43 thoughts on “Two Men Hanged from a Bridge in Atizapan, Mexico”

    1. Welcome to BG :). I also wondered that but maybe they don’t just throw of the bridge but slowly lower them down. After all they want people to see them hanging, and I think its safe to say drug cartels really pay attention when it comes to presentation.

      1. I am going to guess the people who killed them, didnt give a fuck about maybe they got dirty during transport before or after their deaths?

        I think they must get lowered, I guess time of death would play a huge factor in it, and if rigor was a factor..

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