Two Men and a Woman Publically Hanged in Ahwaz, Iran

Two Men and a Woman Publically Hanged in Ahwaz, Iran

Video from the city of Ahwaz in the Khuzestan Province, Iran shows public execution of three people by hanging. Two condemned were men, one was a woman. The three had their hands tied behind their back and were suspended by their necks with a crane. The woman who was in the middle, flanked on both sides by men was struggling the most but after a minute, like her two companions, the wriggling stopped.

As is a tradition in Iran, the execution was carried out in a public place with huge crowd gathered to witness the spectacle.

Props to Best Gore member kac for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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81 thoughts on “Two Men and a Woman Publically Hanged in Ahwaz, Iran”

    1. I’ve found for you the whole story, I remember well cause it was one of the first gore videos I’ve seen:
      Iran publicly hanged two men and a woman convicted of murder in the northwestern city of Tabriz and the southern city of Shiraz, media reports said. The woman, identified as Hurieh, 29, was hanged along with Farhad, 23, and Reza, 24, for murdering her husband and three of her in-laws in Tabriz, East Azarbaijan province, in April, the website of Iran’s state television said. The report added that the convicts were also lashed for “illegitimate relationship and robbery” before being executed

    2. Killer bride had made a plan to kill her husband!!

      It was 4 month ago when 2 man and the bride killed 4 people in Maralan ara of Tabriz. Victims were her mother-in-law (Zahra Gol Mohammadi 60), father-in-law (Reza Najati 70), brother-in-law (Hasan Necati 20) and her husband (Mohammad Reza Nejati 32).

      Hurieh had secret relationship with a man (Mahdi), she decided to marry him. To solve the legal problem, she made a plan to get rid of her husband, then changed her mind and ordered to kill all family members of husband.

      Police investigation brought light to the case when they discovered the secret love. Several phone calls by Hurieh lead police to catch Mahdi, and then killers called Farhad and Reza.

      They sentenced to death but Mahdi just got 3 years in prison and 99 lashes. Judge ordered to hang the murderers in a public place in Tabriz, which is condemned by some human rights organisations.

    3. Whatever they did it was swift justice! That’s the problem with the U.S. over here a person gets death and sits on death row for 30 or more years most of the time dying of old age first. I feel that if a persons is found guilty beyond a doubt we should take the fuckers out! why wait? and yes it should be done in public. Start doing it in public and watch the crime rate drop. Too many people feel sorry for the scum that did the crime. What about the victims and their families. If you murder in cold blood you forfeit your right to life. Now if California wasn’t such pussy state they’d clean their death row out. We need more states like Texas!

  1. Well, don’t judge Iran so harshly. At least they admit what they are doing, I mean, executions are supposed to be brutal, after all, you are killing someone. They don’t try to make it look like a nice little “humane” procedure, like the americans.

        1. I noticed that right away. She wasn’t hung. she was strangled because of the position of her rope. If it had been placed right it should have broken her neck. Maybe Allah decided she deserved to wiggle a bit for her schemeing womaly ways.:)

          1. Actually, all 3 were strangled. The knot positioned behind the left ear only comes into effect from an elevated drop. The sudden snap and twist to the side is what breaks the neck. By simply lifting them by that crane the knot is basically useless.

    1. If you behave they supposedly give you tranquilizers before the execution (don’t know how true that is). We all know Islam’s view of women, so I guess they’re not allowed to take tranquilizers.

  2. ifI’m going to be hanged I want to be hanged by an old style hangman. Someone that weighs me and works out the length of the rope and gives me a drop so that my neck breaks instantaly and death comes quickly. Although, I have to say, for modestys sake the women was given trousers to wear.

    1. in that case i think you die not much faster as in this video, i think when the neck breaks, you are still alive, but you can be unconscious, or conscious but you cant even struggle, i dont know this, im only think that this should be.
      moreover all ways sucks:)

    1. I saw the same thing, her airway would have been open at the front. Would suck gasping desperately for air. Eventually the circulation to her brain would have been insufficient and she would have passed out..

  3. Holy Hell, that chubby chick struggled for a long time in the noose! Woulda been tough to be the morgue guy when it came time to take off her underwear. I’ll bet they were wrecked after a ropedance like that.

          1. Well, i have to lol at the black becausei personally don’t think i look like I’m mixed with black but had a feeling you were going to say that! I’m actually quite fair skinned.It’s just sunny around here, so i get tanned. I’ve been asked if I’m mixed with that a lot though. My Mom is white and Dad is half Mexicanand half Puerto Rican. Thanks for the compliment in there btw.

      1. @grammy- Thank you! <3 I cropped out a non-gore loving friend, lol and that was the best I could do! Lol! By the way- can you please send me a private message? I wanted to talk to you about something. If you don't have my addy- it's on the AFD prank posting. I will totally tell BB that you send a hello!! 馃檪

    1. It usually is if done properly. A quick snap of the neck.It looks like they just tie you too a crane and dangle you until you pass out and die.No drop,no proper placement of the knot,no snapped neck. just a rope a crane and a slow fucked up death.

  4. And these stupid fucking barbarians want nuclear weapons. They act like animals but expect the world to treat them with respect. Say what you want about Israel but I hope they bomb the holy fuck out of their reactor being built.

  5. The comment in arabic written in the beginning of the video says :” what are your thoughts on this persian country executing executing our arab brothers, they even execute women”

    There is always between sunnis and chiites, they consider each other as blasphemous and infidels though they both claim being muslims.

    And btw, the sunni guy who made that comment is hilarious.. he’s pointing fingers on iranian goverment as if sunnis is Saudi Arabia for example don’t execute women

  6. Botched execution, the knot was in front of her. The 2 men did not last long, but she suffered tremendously. She kicked and struggled through this whole film, very sadistic execution by these monsters. I am canceling my next trip to Iran.

    1. Are you kidding? I am taking my next vacation to Iran. Nothing like a public execution to start (or end, depending on who you are) your day.

      Is there a Government website that lists when and where the next execution will take place?

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