One Man and Three Women Clubbed with 2×4 and Beheaded by Los Zetas

One Man and Three Women Clubbed with 2x4 and Beheaded by Los Zetas

This video easily rivals all the most brutal videos I’ve ever seen. Los Zetas have been under a lot of pressure lately, especially since El Chapo Guzman’s Sinaloa Cartel teamed up with CDG (Cartel del Golfo, aka the Gulf Cartel) and the fastest growing drug cartel in Mexico as of late – CJNG (Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación aka The Jalisco New Generation Cartel) to eliminate Zetas once and for all, but Zetas have far from lost the war yet. El Lazca, the leader of Los Zetas is believed to have 10,000 sicarios under his command and many of top Zeta operatives are trained ex military so we’re still gonna hear a lot from them.

This video is of Zetas coming back at CGD (Cartel del Golfo). The Z’s kidnapped 4 members of the Gulf Cartel – two men and two women – and executed them on camera in an exceptionally brutal way. First, the sicarios sealed the faces of the victims with a duct tape, then had them bend over and clubbed them to death with a 2×4. Completely incapacitated from the 2×4 blows, the victims are then beheaded.

Traditionally, being from Mexico, picture quality of the video is complete shit. Not only do the sicarios appear to use obsolete, crap cameras, they also carry out their executions at night with hardly any light. This video appears to have been filmed by a beam from a handheld flash light. The utmost brutality is there, including unrivalled violence towards women, but the image with which to show it is pure shit. And aside a much needed camera upgrades, a little investment into knife sharpeners would also go a long way, me thinks.

The video starts with a caption which reads:

Matando a las golfas cartel de informants

Google Translate tells me that it means:

Killing of the informants for the Gulf Cartel

Each of 4 captives is briefly interviewed and each briefly states their name and what they did for the cartel. One by one, they get their faces sealed with a duct tape by sicarios who wear uniforms bearing the name of the cartel they are associated with. With their faces shut, the victims take powerful blows to the back of their heads with a 2×4.

Zetas have always been known for exceptional cruelty and this video clearly shows why the reputation is well deserved. Though one could argue that clubbing saved the victims from having to experience slow and agonizing death by beheading. The blows they took from the 2×4 were powerful enough to turn their lights off.

The strange thing is that during the interrogation at the beginning of the video, the two men and two women confessed to being relatives of El Comandante del Diablo, but they say it with so much uncertainty, it makes you wonder whether they are just civilians coerced into confessing in order to avoid getting tortured before the execution. Fake Syrian Army utilizes the same practises when executing innocent civilians. Are these victims real relatives of Comandante Diablo or are Los Zetas losing ground and desperate for new videos, they turn to killing civilians whom they force into admitting to being something they’re not?

Anyway, here’s the video. Just as every other gore made in Narco Mexico, it’s way up there so exercise caution if you’re squeamish. I’ve always wondered though – when sicarios kidnap women, do they fuck ’em before they kill ’em or what? Props to Best Gore member papi1 for the video:

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187 thoughts on “One Man and Three Women Clubbed with 2×4 and Beheaded by Los Zetas”

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    1. I don’t think this was part of his family because if they were they would of tortured them. If they had a cartels leaders family they would of should no mercy and made there last minutes of life the worst ever.

      1. I agree, The thing they do to there rivals are already brutal. If this was there rivals famillies, they would have torture the shit out of them, make them live as long as possible with the most extreme pain. So I highly doubt these people were his relatives.

        It’s fucking harsh what people are willing to do for money. Most of these people getting beheaded probably don’t make any more than us middle class workers.

    2. These people are cowards they try to put fear in the hearts of people by doing these things to people tied up real warriors will give them a knife and go one on one with there victims they are cowards trust me when I tell you COWARDS

    1. I didnt see any cutie. Looked like three heffers and a hog. Can someone please send a few decent video cameras and some hack saws down there. Even though Ive never done so I somehow imagine the process not to be so tedious.

  1. I wouldn’t doubt it if the women got fucked first. It’s free pussy with absolutely nothing to worry about. Well, as far as pregnancy goes… Diseases, on the other hand… Anyway, let’s be optimistic: At least they all got a good knock on the head first. That has to dull the effect of being beheaded in SOME way.

    So, yeah, I wish I could get pre-beheaded pussy. Wake up the next day crawling out of bed nakedly scratching my ass thinking, “Last nights sex was good, and the bitch can’t call me for anything. Anyway, time for coffee…” Who says the U.S. can be the only “land of the free”?

    1. Luckily, the contents within human pi?atas STICK to whoever they land on. So there won’t be any fighting over who gets the most candy, or prizes. “You want the brains on my cheek? Here. Pluck ’em off, prick.” 🙂

    1. Ginsu no Hecho en Meh-hee-coh, ‘tic. Besides, if you get the chance to behead someone, make it last! I don’t know about YOU, but I don’t want to want to cut through them as easily as a tomato. I want to enjoy killing my enemies!

  2. well Mark or owner of BestGore you know. Why don’t we try and get 30 iPhone’s 4s for these sick fucks so we can have videos in HD. I’d say they fucked the female captives. I mean the fat one hell no, But free pussy in Mexico is something that doesn’t go to waste. And i have to say i prefer a bullet to the head than to get beheaded any day and a blow to the head to become unconscious, but when that happen’s doesn’t your’e body go on a adrenaline rush or some shit? I think you’ll still feel the blade going up and down you’re neck.

    1. I get the feeling that it was less for mercy and more for some sense of Zeta cartel security. If the Zetas want to “fuck shit up,” they’ll do it pretty severely – this, however, seems “humane,” if you will, and with the wrapped faces and the pre-knocking out of the victims, I feel like it’s safer to assume that they were somewhere where they could be overheard, and most likely not in some random creepy shed gosh knows where. I do not think that mercy is a trait that they carry, but it’s a bizarre thought that other non-Cartel citizens were resting perhaps close by while this all carried out in some hushed predetermined act of brutality…a morbid blood bath next door.

    1. LoL I doubt these poor peasants were any kin to Comandante Diablo they couldn’t even pronounce his real goverment name probably because they couldn’t read Lol poor beaners sad way to go though and Mr. Z get some Arkansas sharpening stones already for crying out loud…LoL

    2. That’s why a lot of the smarter Narcos envolved in this shit send their familys up north into America where they’re somewhat more protected from the violence, a couple years back they gun down one of Chapos sons, nobody family safe down there

  3. Oh, for cryin’ out loud! Can’t those stupid Mexicans get off their asses and invest on some fine cutlery? That one hombre looks like he’s using an ice pick instead of a knife. No class!

  4. Wow Zeta’s showing a bit of mercy! Being knocked out before having your throat cut, is much preferable than a straight out decapitation! I could still hear that awful wet sucking sound of her trying to breath though (I’ve only watched up to the first woman having her throat cut), I wonder if it’s because these women could be the same age as their own mothers?

    1. I was wondering where the sound was when I watched the video, then I realized my speakers were off haha. I didn’t bother watching it again.
      These people definitely got let off easy since that blow to the head probably killed a couple of them first.

  5. brutal…i hope these cartel would vanish some day..hope innocents are not getting chopped like vegetables..cartels are such a pussy..capturing and killing is such cowardly job..makes them look so gay..

  6. As has been said before, the Zetas (and all these Mexican cartels) really do need to reinvest some of their drug profits and buy them some real cameras and some better blades. While they’re at it pay the electrico bill and get rid of that annoying banner at the bottom!

    If they’re gonna start using 2x4s, a corporate sponsorship by Lowes or Home Depot is in order…

  7. My boyfriends’ cousin lives in Mexico and birthed two Mexican babies with different guys. She absolutely loves living there, and has for many years. She teaches English, all she does is boast on how great it is there. I beg to differ…

    1. It actually can be a great place for some to live in not all tho, did you know their are even communities in central Mexico where nothing but retired mostly Canadian and some American live, Mexico can be a great place to live but it all depends on “location location location” large cities, and tourist spots usually aren’t the best places to visit in Mexico

    2. Depends on where you are in Mex and what you are doing. My Anglo friend moved to Mexico City a few years ago and teaches English, to the local rich. He loves it there. Mexico City is still relatively free of cartel violence, and is actually much safer than most large US cities. The food is tasty in El DF!

  8. Noooo.. What’s with Z’s these days ? Put their lights out before beheading ? Are you kidding ? Fuck, It was a rare chance to have some beer watching female beheadings !! We could have heard some epic scream if lucky. I’m immensely disappointed now with Z’s… Seems now it’s CJNG to look to the most for real mindfucking gore

  9. My aunt lived in Mexico for almost 10 years. She was kind of close to Nuevo and after all that shit started happening she finally decided to move.
    I guess her neighbor was unloading groceries and got shot right on the driveway, and the guy who owned one of her favorite restaurants was shot in the head and his son’s were kidnapped and killed.
    And then while she was driving to the border (alone??)
    she passed all the bodies dumped on the road.
    Totally gay.

    Anyway, if I was one of the sad fuckers being held hostage I would try to make a break for it so the asshole would shoot me and get it over with. Fuck 2×4’s

    1. I would think if you tried to run and they caught you it would be worse for you, due to the inconvenience and all,you might get shot in the leg or something, but i highly doubt it would be the “easy way out”.

  10. I’m new to this site and this is the first thing I’ve seen…I think this was kind of like a virgin getting rammed by a flagpole her first time. I’m really fascinated by stuff like this because it makes a lot the things I’ve studied about the area more real to me. Wow…I feel a little sick but mostly detached and analytical. Being a history student does that.

    It’s nice to meet all of you- I’ve read a lot of the varying comments on the site and you seem like an interesting lot. 🙂

    1. Where’s @Stench? I thought he was our official gate keeper?
      Anyway, ahoy there @Amish! You picked a brutal one to start off with. Don’t be skeerd, jump on in. The water’s fine! Oh, and it’s not water, it’s blood. Cheers!

    2. Welcome Amish, after you get over the initial shock and disgust your probably feeling right now the curiosity that brought you here will kick in to over drive and you’ll find your self checking post and reading the stories that go with them constantly, youll get use to the gore in no time the more you see and the worst you see the harder you become to being shocked and disturbed at what you see, a lot of us are into the whole learning from peoples death so as not to repeat it our selfs, kinda like history, we call ourselves S.O.Bs students of best gore as we all learn a lot on here from the gore and from each other, don’t be a strange and we look foward to your comments

    1. I’ve been fighting it my whole life. There’s no place in this world for those who disagree with the monetary system. My suggestion: write a nasty letter to your local representative. And by nasty letter, I mean jerk off into an envelope and over-night it so it’s still warm and squidgy when they get it. If you do it right you can send up to 40 letters a day. Doesn’t really accomplish anything but I think it’s funny.

        1. Haha hasn’t happened to me yet (knock on morning wood). That’s where latex gloves ‘come’ in ‘handy’ but high level production like that would require a milking machine to achieve the maximum quota

  11. I would personally love to kill some Zetas. The fact that the other cartels are running an extermination campaign on them makes me glad. Even Chapo himself has remorse for women and children but not the Zetas. Just sick fucks who enjoy killing.

  12. I dont think they fuck woman before killing them, well, at least not those fatties. You see, they have some special taste for young, good looking pussy. I have no idea why would all those sexy good looking woman would fuck with those stinky fat sicarios, is the economy that bad!?

  13. This type of beating are called “tablasos” which means “boarding or planking” tablas means boards, tablasos are a punishment that the Zetas and the Gulf cartel are famous for, tablasos are also reserved as a punishment for their own cartel members who screw up or fail at something, it also used to extract information from their captured enemies and to torture kidnapped victims and pressure the family into paying the ransom, tablasos can range from a couple of licks to being beaten to death, I’m pretty sure it was the Zetas who started the whole tablasos thing since it seems to be a very military type of punishment..perhaps passed down to the Zetas compliments of uncle Sam’s School of Americas, School of Americas is an American military training facility located in Fort Benning Georgia where special forces soldiers from all over Latin America go there to be trained in counter insurgency, psychological warfare, military intelligence, and interrogation techniques and is the place where the original Zetas were trained by the U.S., its basically a school where they teach Latin American soldiers how to be terrorists in order to defeat terrorism…I know right. Alot people are calling the S.O.A a school of assassins, since most of the schools graduates have gone on to wage wars all over Latin America and have used what they’ve learned against their own people, the S.O.A has been around since the 1940s and has had graduates in almost every central and south American war since then

    1. Holy shit! I didn’t realize this until the second time I saw it and listen to what they were saying, but these unlucky people appear to be the family of “El Comandante Diablo”, who is responsible for a lot of the videos we see here on BG, they identify themselves as the sister the cousin the mother and the brother of El Comandante Diablo, El Comandante Diablo the gulf cartels main enforcers who is in charge of the majority if not all the gulf cartels hitmen, if you were to go back into previous narco post you’ll see that his name comes up again and again, it seems they got a hold of his family who probably had nothing more to do with him other than being his relatives and killed them to get back at Comandate Diablo for all the killings he’s ordered, back before the violence things like this were very taboo but in the new age narco world it seems even your momma is fair game…S.O.Bs shit just got personal, prepare to see more narco gore videos which might even be a bit more brutal since Comandate Diablo is known for being a ruthless killer (his name is commander Devil for god sakes) he will most likely retaliate in the most brutal and barbaric of ways…I can’t wait to see what gore of a mess he makes with the Zetas who have just finished killing his kin folk and hid mother of all people. This is almost like watching a Spanish soap opera and BG is Telemundo, tune in next week!

    2. The baseball-bat-beating was allegedly an invention of no other than Al Capone, who allegedly clubbed two of his top hitmen (Anselmi and Scalise) in a dinner he organized for them, in front of most of his mafia associates for allegedly keeping some money that they shoulda had passed to the outfit’s coffers….good way to make an example.
      My best bet is that some guy at the School of the Americas recognized the soundness and brutality of the method, and later incorporated it to the “curriculae” . A couple of Tulio’s Banana Republic’s military high school instructors were trained there and/or by the french who carried out the dirty war in Algeria (these were even more brutal than their american counterparts by all accounts) . Anyway, Banana Republic police is credited with inventing the “picana” in the 30s, that’s the method of using a car battery and a wire to apply high voltage/low current extremely painful electric shocks.

  14. I’m so sad to find out if the (3) women were just innocents citizens and kidnapped/abducted/beheaded. Can any of the experts here decipher if these women were indeed involved with the rival cartels? Were they just “Halcones” for the plaza? What would these women do if they had indeed worked for these cartels? Selling drugs? Committing extortion?

    1. They were the family members of Comandate Diablo…the same Comandate Diablo who is responsible for most of the recent narco gore videos we’ve seen here on best gore…go back to some of the recent narco video list and you’ll see and hear his name mentioned

    2. in their interrogation, they “confess” being relatives to COMANDANTE DIABLO (one of El Chapo’s underbosses in that shitty sinaloa state), best remembered for videos like “El Chapo and Comandante Diablo Ravages Laredo” and “El Chapo and Comandante Diablo wiping out Los Zetas”.
      They talk in such a shitty spanish that is very difficult to sort out what they are saying, but one of the cholas said she was a sister, or half sister of Comandante Diablo, other said she was a cousin, and so on. They are telling the truth? only god knows……. 😀

      1. I’m sure they are that video was meant for el Comandate Diablo, why would the Zs capture the wrong people and make them say they are the related when they’re not, it would make them look stupid and incapable, besides the Zs are known for effectively finding and capturing their intended targets, but its hard to belive Comandate Diablo would just leave his folks to the wolves, maybe he thought by not comunicating with them and staying away no one would know or no one would care, but he has been causing a lot if problem for the Zs and he should’ve known better

      2. It certainly a good score from los zetas on Diablo, now the guy can be seen as even incapable and impotent to protect their close relatives. Most of Comandante Diablo’s videos featured apallingly loser-like junkies getting aced for allegedly being something in the Zetas organization (consumers?). And now Los Zetas go out and whack a quarter of his family, hahaha.
        He better come out with a serious retaliatiory effort if he wants to keep face…

    3. They asked what their full names and nicknames were. I could only make out the first one who said her nickname was “Furia” which translates to Fury. So I doubt they were totally innocent. The Rider is correct, there is a lot of shit coming down the pike. I hope we have enough server space.

  15. Last year, a brother of Los Zetas second in command was busted in Texas running a multi-million quarter-mile horse breeding ranch, presumedly as a money laundering scheme. It’s almost certain that these guys launder most of the millions they make in USA, they even buy more than 6.000 guns legally in Texas each year, hahaha…I’m starting to think that most of the money for anti-drug lobby comes from certain american investment banking institutions…….America Fuck Yeah!

    1. I remember hearing about that and if I’m not mistaken or mixing up this scandal with another some Texas local politicians and a sheriff were also involved, but it could be a diffrent scheme…Texas politicos and law enforcement are always being busted for being in bed with the Narcos especially here in south Texas

    2. It’s just too much money to let it pass. When the profit to be made is so huge, there’s no winning in the “war against drugs”, officials will become crooked, and the cash and the merchandise will flow like it always did following the supply-demand laws. Nobel Prize Vargas Llosa wrote a very cool article about that las week, celebrating the decision of the govt from Uruguay to legalize marihuana use.
      It’s sad and stupid that a country with almost no narco-related violence like Uruguay was the one to take the initiative, instead of these crime ravaged shitholes in northern mexico and southern texas.

  16. I think they do not sharpen the knives purposely as they want to inflict as much pain and suffering as possible (this video veers away from their usual offerings). I am wondering is fhat is because woman were invoved.

    Anyway along with the pain and suffering comes the blood. If they do it quickly with sharp knives there would be far less gore, and their message (whatever it is) would not be so effective.

  17. I have a deep irrational hatred of women and children; I must concede. Thereby, I greatly enjoy the cathartic release I receive when I see women, especially pregnant women, being tortured and mutilated. I would like to see some videos of some drug cartel members slowly torturing a young girl in a sort of ‘death by 1,000 paper cuts’ way.

  18. I would say the way they killed them intimates that they didn’t want them to suffer during the ordeal, so in many ways, despite the brutality, this is one of the more humane executions I have seen.

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