Two Middle Aged Men Executed by Al Qaeda Militants in Syria

Two Middle Aged Men Executed by Al Qaeda Militants in Syria

Al Qaeda Jihadists are still not done with their aggression toward civilians in Syria.

These two middle aged men were captured by the militants from the ISIL (Islamic State of Syria and the Levant) and executed with headshots at close range. Both look like ordinary men. It’s almost unfathomable to watch their lives end in such violent fashion. What’s even more unfathomable is that these Zionist proxy warriors have no problem shooting ordinary men in the head for money and the promise of power.

Worse yet, people like the Prime Minister of Canada and the Zionist sock-puppet extraordinaire Stephen Harper uses Canadian tax money to sponsor the production of these snuff movies, but has the man who exposes them prosecuted. It’s not the man who’s behind atrocities that gets punished, but the man who fights to end them by bringing them to the attention of the public. The letter gets silenced with force so the former can continue using the tax money to finance terror unhindered. What a wonderful world we live in.

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    1. The chaos and turmoil you witness taking place in the region, is being perpetrated
      not fore the obvious reasons.
      When *THEY* bring suffering and despair to the nation, the outcome would be for the larg number of people leaving.

      It is intentionally being dont
      to force mass migration.

      These so called refuges and asylum seekers have Europa
      in their sights.

      Multiculturalism is the result of it. And im sure many of you know how great that concept is.

          1. protesting in kiev, merica’ backs the opposition of the gov since last september.
            funny tho when the occupy movement hit here they rousted everyone out of the parks, yet we support this action there

  1. Try and take a stand, dying in the sand,
    Take it like a man -murdered, by rebel hand

    Governments are responsible…
    governments are rehensible….

    Trying to protect your way of life…
    Put down the ballot, pick up your knife….


  2. I hate seeing anybody, no matter their religions or beliefs, tied-up like an Animal, degraded, then shot! 🙁 These guys were some little girls or boys grand father for fucks sakes. I myself have met incredible people on all my trips & such and came up with the conclusion that there is many,many, great human beings of all race & religions out there just trying to make a life for themselves working hard to provide for their families. Truly sad to see these old (GOOD MEN) i am sure of it be slaughtered like pigs!

    1. @thedre – i’d like to give you “thumbs up” or whatever’s to pass for that when such things become available here.
      i’m currently unable to view this item, still i’ve seen too many already that show these type of bully idiots practically getting a pass on their behaviour by claiming religious compulsion or territorial rights

      1. I hear you my friend! I have always said that there is good in all races. But people always seem to show the worst of human behaviour, not the good. But again, what fun would that be for us at BESTGORE ?

    2. There are more good people than bad. Bestgore shows gore videos only so it’s easy to start thinking that there are more bad than good people out there. All the badness is concentrated onto this website. Videos make it easy to see bad things in an amount that you would never see them in your real life. Plus these are videos from all over the world. You can only be in one place at a time, videos are an unnatural view, you are everywhere at once.

      1. Yeah. That why I fuck off for a day or two. Sometimes just too much negativity . but I always come back. I never say that’s it I’m done, if I do it’s because of arguments or shit like that and we had some good ones buy even that isn’t enough. I just fuck off till I don’t feel mad anymore.

          1. Too right. Something I still have some difficulty with but as I age it gets a lot easier. I also pray when I feel like I might snap. Sounds cliche but it works to remind me that I control how I react to something .

      1. puns and racism abound here, not gonna change, bellyachers need not apply. sorry but this is a free site moderated by gnomes, followed by sheep in the shadows and gorians alike. dont like it, and its not aimed directly at you, kick fucking bricks. if its a personal attack you are referring to i apologize, those aren’t cool or appreciated by any. we should all be adults here. we are also a community BUILT on the ability to express our opinions freely here. I’m not racist but i hate idiots, idiots come in every color and religion they just happen to be disproportionately represented here. which could lead one to incorrectly believe we are a crowd of bigots. untrue

    3. hi @thedre, I am a long time lurker (also Canadian)and I just started to comment on here. Hi everyone. I love reading the comments.

      I felt the same way when I watched this video. He’s somebody’s father and grandfather. It is disgusting! They are way too blood thirsty in the middle east! No regard for human life 🙁

    1. @arjuna
      100% authentic FSA video.
      theyre in undisclosed area..going house
      to house.

      FSA walkie talkies radio’a aer on as they radio back to control the names of the house inhabitants.
      ****turns out the first man kneeling against the all is found out to be a former officer in syrian army…they bring back his ID cards and futrther ask him questions……….

      they wont kill these guys until they bleed info from them…..

      **ideally syria needs to allow FSA takeover of strongholds and communication roads before they can imulate and immitate the hezbollah strategy used to push isreal out od south of lebanon….
      **you cant kill the dog by nipping his hands and feet…you need to kill it in the heart.
      the real syrian offensive, like hezbollah achieved against isreal will no doubt playin the next several years

    2. .home now and watching it on pc and not phone..
      LOL… theres an ISIL soldier in a blue police traffic uniform and another one in an american army uniform (trophy whores)

      anyway you wont be seeing these two raggmuffin teams al quieda and ISIL workin together anymore as they officially parted ways as of 24 hours ago as has been reported in the arab underground forums

    1. I don’t speak a single word of arabic, but i see tons of iraqi badges on those uniforms and im pretty sure that the man in the end is waving a Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant flag.

      I think i did see a FSA hawk logo at some point in the video. Would be nice to have some arabic speakers confirm my assumption though.

  3. Those guys have full military uniforms on. Since when do terrorists dress like that? If you’re a civilian not participating in the fighting, and your country is at war, it’s a good idea to leave your country until the fighting is over.

  4. listen its easy to write on here poor people etc but chaod rules the universe . laws are only designed to create soem kind of normality to the madness. you got to keep your wits about you at all times. keep your eyes open and treat everyone as a potential murderer because thats what they are . we are in a universe which is dog eat dog and life can be snuffed out in a second and the world wont stop spinning so dont be too sympathetic just look after number one and a famous qoute .. remmeber to keep yourself alive ,there is nothing more important than that.

  5. So they are ISIL. Scholar of Smut has enlightened us that those executed were former Syrian Arab Army officers. However, where they executed for being so, or because they were affiliated with the FSA or other groups?? That is the question…

  6. definately iraq, when they enter the first house the writing says “free men of abu ghraib storming an infidels house”. don’t know if they’re former prisoners or they just called their gang that. the executed men seem to be former military. the first man was complaining that he was injured by a mine that the militants laid. i couldn’t understand much more because of that annoying singing in the background.

    1. not being rude but your wrong!
      ** @ATE post is 100%correct.

      when you hear or read ISIL and iraq please note this:
      ISIL’s an islamic hybrid militant group comprised *mostly* of mujahideen initially from abu graib and taj region

      also, and most importantly beacue the vid has editted out the locale, the prisoners gov’t card held up to the cam is a syrian document called “tazkarat al hawiya”
      only 3 countries have this exact style LEBANON, SYRIA and JORDAN

      this bid is hosted by fsa and al queda for a reason, dont you think sir.
      but not your business or mine or the fucking children of yutube to pinpoint where this happened.
      only assad/hezbollah and al queida/fsa business know where

      who have split from ISIL as oif 48 hours ago..i suspect the officer (ohnly one is confired the officer)

  7. I understand Arabic and have deployed to Iraq before.
    I recognize those patches there all mixed of Iraq Special forces, rangers and Federal police along with some old IQA uniforms. At the end the guys were like do you know who we are ? the 2 middle aged men replied, ”yes you are in the special ops ( rangers ) right ? the terrorist says, ” nope we are fake and we don’t work for the government we are with the Islamic state in Iraq and L. . . . .. EXECUTION !!

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