Two Women, One Man Executed at Central de Abasto, Acapulco

Two Women, One Man Executed at Central de Abasto, Acapulco

Central de Abasto is some kind of wholesale market for produce, fish and other bulk foods in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico. I imagine it’s a similar deal to what we know as the Farmer’s Market.

Early in the morning, as merchants were setting up their stalls to prepare for the day, Central de Abasto was stormed by a group of armed men who opened fire at defenceless vendors, killing two women and one man, wounding two others. Then they fled in an getaway car as quickly as they came.

The victims were identified as 23 year old Noelia Solís Abarca, 22 year old Gisela Solís Abarca and Ignacio Castillo Flores who was working as fees collector that day. The two wounded were 55 year old Ernesto Castillo Flores and 45 year old Juan Solís Téllez.

Gunmen left a narcomensaje which contained the following text:


Google translation came up with this nonsense:


Blowjob states?

More than 20 people have been executed in or around the Central de Abasto so far this year. Most of the victims were fruit traders, taxi drivers or random people shopping for produce.

I find this incredibly sickening and sad. Victimizing poor fruit merchants barely earning enough to get by? Acapulco is already one hell of a dangerous place, why shoot at people trying to earn an honest dollar by spending their whole days at a stinky, overcrowded market? The narcomensaje makes no sense to me, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the gunmen were some lowlife pieces of shit looking for an easy racket and defenceless market vendors seemed like easy targets that can’t afford to fight back.

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    1. Raw meat market? Get there really early… like before 7 in the morning, before the flies set it! We had to do that when living on the island of St. Kitts. Didn’t. matter if you were getting a pig tail or a t bone steak. Everything was $1.20 / pound!

      ~~~~~> Just disgusting how people have no regard for the lives of people who work legit jobs.

  1. Until the worlds countries united under a common cause to eradicate this filth, like they did with the pirates in the 1800’s, it will continue. There is vested interest to keep is going…$$$$$! Let loose a guy like Marcinko and give him full authority and he’ll stomp out those cockroaches.

  2. I do not understand these cartels. They hate each other but they can’t face each other and instead pull people off from somewhere as scare tactics. Can’t they just speak out their minds to each other’s faces and get it over with? Seriously, this is like high school.

  3. Do they even grow Acapulco Gold anymore? That was some of the best weed I ever had and that was back in 1977. It had a nice distinct flavor and aroma to it and was very potent. This was like the forefathers of really good 2 hit weed. Most pot back then would give a good high but Acapulco Gold took that high to a whole new level. Again, does Mexico still produce anymore?

  4. What the message really meant was:

    This happened to me four being mouthy and talking shit. Regards The Guerreros Unidos or The united Warrioros.
    I guess the Guerreros Unidos comes from the estado de Guerrero from where they are originary.


    Chuy Almaguer

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