Two Women Tortured and Murdered in Guerrero, Mexico

Two Women Tortured and Murdered in Guerrero, Mexico

What the fuck is wrong with this photographer? He’s got two dead women – one is clothed, the other one naked – and he takes close ups of the one with clothes on but not the one that’s naked. How the fuck do you justify that shit? And it’s not the first time this happened! Not one up snatch pic!

Two women were found executed with gunshots to their heads in a vacant lot north of the Zumpango del Río community in the municipality of Eduardo Neri, Guerrero, Mexico. Road connecting Mexico City with Acapulco goes by there.

The women were identified as 22 year old Lucina Zamudio Ramírez – she’s the one wearing the black and white dress. The naked woman was 36 year old llemaba Magnolia Alcocer Téllez. Both women bore signs of torture, although the letter got it worse in all aspects.

I’m sure Northern Mexican states are pretty brutal, but they have nothing on Guerrero.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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49 thoughts on “Two Women Tortured and Murdered in Guerrero, Mexico”

  1. That naked chick was getting fucked long after she died, that’s why those legs are in that pose. Them boys were some horny dogs to be hittin it long time! Must of been good pussy, I’d tap the one in the dress if it were me. Mexico is forever domed.

  2. How sad. I used to enjoy cruising through Mexico. 30 years ago, the people there were much more easy going. Today, they are no doubt losing their religion. .. Having witnessed via Bestgore human beings tortured to the extent that their legs are left spread, or are easily abandoned as though they were simply garbage, is testimonial to what our world may be coming to. .. Cunt shots need not apply.

  3. Is there come kind of law forbidding the US from build a huge ass wall between their Country and Mexico? Like, skyscraper sized (lol).

    This is important, as Canada is going to need to build the same thing to keep the Americans out with the way that Country is going.

    1. The majority of people are killed, men and women, because they brought it upon themselves down here. Many are kidnappers, extortionists, narcos… the same people who have done this shit to others. As for Guerrero, it is a warzone, anyone gets kidnapped… We had several members of my husband’s family picked up… One of his cousins was picked up recently with another man, as is everyone who steps into that town… anyways, they shot the other guy they picked up and looked at him and said we can use you, we’ll come back to get you later. They’ve had to pay out several thousands in ransom money. Just gotta love Mexico’s bs government… They ban guns for the common citizen leaving nothing but the bad people being able to obtain them. Eventually people will get the memo to stock pile weapons at any cost and fight back.

  4. I lived and taught English Language in Cueravaca (pronounced: Quart -a-Vodka) back in 79-80 (yep, I’m that old)… State of Morelos..

    Was very normal back then… Religious, god-fearing folks… I hitch-hiked the 300 or so miles down to Acapulco.. Stopped in Iguala…. God.. Long time ago…

    Anyway.. This murderous behavior has been seen in the past there…. Think back to the Aztecs – They used to line up people by the thousands and cut their hearts out production line style… 1600’s… This stuff is Old Hat for the Mexicans….

    As a race, we have learned nothing…. 12 million killed in the Camps during WWII…. 6 million just because they were Jews…. Pol Pot whacking 3 million because they could get their verbs and nouns to agree (the educated or wealthy) …. Fucking Taliban stoning woman to death just because someone saw her frigg’n ankles…The Jim Crow South…

    All this stuff occurred during the last 75 years – has been well studied and universally decried… And yet right across the Border in Old Meh-HE-Coh , we have vermin delighting in taking a chain saw and cutting peoples’ heads off… Whacking someone is one thing (bad)…. Delighting in days of torture is another entirely (words cannot address the depravity). That Mayor who was taken from her children and tortured for 3 days before they split her head open defies … defies EVERYTHING… These vids show these guys relishing their work…. Laughing while cutting someones nuts off then slitting his throat….

    Our future is bleak….

  5. I live in a border town and i have friends in mexico. One of my best friends has been missing for five months. You have more info. about the murders that happen in mex. Than any other place i have seen. Could i share a pic of my friend with you in case you found pics of dead girls that look like her?? It sucks not knowing what happened….and we have no hopes of finding her alive…. it would really help.

  6. Lol, maybe no close ups of the naked lady because she looks like a hippo fetus. I for one, as a proud non-breeding faggot, appreciate being spared what would have been the most devastating thing I could have ever witnessed here on best gore…Close up photos of that swollen sea cow. BLECH!!!!

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