Unexpectedly Swift Execution of Mexican Drug Cartel Rival

Unexpectedly Swift Execution of Mexican Drug Cartel Rival

This brief video with swift and unexpected ending is from Mexico. The person shown is a captured member of a rival drug cartel. I don’t speak Spanish, but I’m guessing he said something one of his captors didn’t like and the response was an instant bullet to the head. He was talking in traditionally mellow fashion when out of the blue a gun shot was fired and the interviewee went down. Video then ends as quickly as it started.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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37 thoughts on “Unexpectedly Swift Execution of Mexican Drug Cartel Rival”

  1. cameraman: who are you working for?
    mustacheman: for valdemar alvarado benitez, aka the rufo and the zetas (los zetas, the zeds)
    cameraman: what was your duty?
    mustacheman: “mumbles” giving shots to the pcp (?) and killing “the family” members (for more familia references, look around bestgore :P)
    cameraman: what was your goal?
    mustacheman: as rufo and 740 said, was to show to the family headmasters with the help of the pcp BOOM HEADSHOT…

    that’s a little translation, as usual drug killers never use good mic and camera equipment..so it was a little hard to understand…

  2. My english is not the best on the world, but i´m gonna try. There are parts that i can´t understand what the captured one is saying, and i don´t know what PCP or 7-40 means. But here we go
    Gunman: Who are you working for?
    Captured Guy: For Valdemar Alvarado Benitez, AKA “El Rufo” and Los Zetas
    G: What was your function?
    C: (I can´t undestand what he is saying) to the PCP members and killing to the La Familia ones.
    G: Who was the target? (or What was the objective?)
    C: Zenón Rufo del 7-40 (can´t undestand again) was to kill the La Familia´s Boss with help from the PCP
    BANG!! a bullet to the face! That´s the mexican way

    1. Here is what he really saids:

      -FOR Alvarado Benitez Valdemar, aka “el rufo” AND THE ZETAS
      -SHOOT THE PFP (pfp are policia federal preventiva or in english federal preventive police), AND KILL THE “FAMILIA” (the family are the rival gang)
      -ACCORDING “el rufo” AND Z-40 (z-40 it’s a drug lord from the cartel of zetas, his names is Miguel Angel Treviño aka z-40), WAS TO KILL THE LEADERS OF “la familia” WITH THE HELP OF THE PFP (police were possibly working for the Zetas)

  3. Yeah, squirming like that is going to save you, dude.

    He says his mission was to shoot cops, “ponerle tiros a los de la PFP,” PFP is the Mexican Federal Police. But then he also says his job was to kill members of La Familia (Cartel of Michoacan) with help from the PFP.

    BTW, he was shot in the eye from close range. Easy way out.

  4. The title for this post made me laugh, kinda think of it mr. Cartel man remind me of Taylor Swift at the VMAs one minute you’re talking then Boom you get interrupted but not by Kanye West but with a well placed shot to the Dome…. I mean head…..lmao….

  5. Unfucken believeable!! What a Blast to the Head!
    Unexpected, yes. Surely the captured one had to have thought he was going to be killed, but not that suddenly. He was lucky though to be killed like that, otherwise they could have hacked him into peices, beheaded him, skinned him alive, tortured him. All sorts of nasty ways he could have died.

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