Veracruz Murders – 35 People Massacred by Mata Zetas

Veracruz Murders - 35 People Massacred by Mata Zetas

Veracruz Massacre was a murder of 35 people – 23 males and 12 females – whose bodies were abandoned in front of the Plaza Americas, a commercial area in Boca del Rio, a suburb of Veracruz popular with tourists. It happened on September 20, 2011 at approximately 5pm when Manuel Avila Camacho boulevard was busy with rush hour traffic.

Two flatbed pick-up trucks loaded with dead bodies were escorted by several gunmen in their own pickups when before the eyes of hundreds of drivers and onlookers, they stopped at an underpass near the biggest shopping mall in Boca del Rio, dumped a few bodies in the street, put up a banner allegedly warning Los Zetas that this will happen to all of them and took off.

Reynaldo Escobar Perez, the Veracruz Attorney General initially announced that the victims were members of the Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion and Los Zetas were the killers were but this statement was later revised. Upon further investigation is was confirmed that the 35 victims of the Veracruz Massacre were members or supporters of Los Zetas and that the executioners were either from the Gulf Cartel or the newly formed anti Zetas group of patriotic Mexicans who call themselves Mata Zetas (Zetas Killers).

Most of the victims of the Veracruz Massacre that were already identified were well knows to the Mexican officials having had prior criminal records that included murder, kidnapping, drug trafficking, extortion and organized crime. I suppose having been convicted of murder, kidnapping and organized crime is not a severe enough crime to keep the convict behind bars in Mexico…

The victims of the Veracruz Massacre showed signs of torture and were gagged and bound. Some had bullet wounds in their heads, most were half naked. The massacre happened shortly after at least 32 inmates escaped from three prisons in Veracruz raising suspicion that the slain may have been them. The Mexican police was able to recapture 14 of them and the suspicion was proven false.

This is the introduction video made by Los Zetas Mata, the group that claimed responsibility for the Veracruz Massacre. They claim to be the armed wing of the people and pronounce themselves “warriors anonymous, faceless, but proudly Mexican“.

And a gallery of many photos of the Veracruz Massacre in which 35 alleged members of Los Zetas were murdered by Mata Zetas:

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  1. There is a reason why Mexican women have between 9 and 14 children (median range). With some luck, 3 or 4 make it to reproduction age and keep the family genes going.

    Last time I was in the DF I expected to see some gore, so I spent some time walking around the wrong places (packing heat, of course). But the worst I saw was a bunch of kids in a gang kicking some drunk loser half to death.

    1. damn dude i havnt seen shit and i live in DF haha im always expecting to see shit like that but nothing probly the most ive seen is a dog get fucked up ranned over and a cat getting blown up with a firecracker… hopefully i see some fucked up shit soon. But in Juarez there is sooooooo much shit everywhere last time i went there i saw 3 dead people all beaten and in a puddle of blood haha

  2. Oh Shit ,They are so strapped down . The guy on the ground to the right has a ww ll ,MG 43.Where the fuck did he get that? To his left on the ground is a .50 BMG snipper. I see 1 H&K , 2 AK-47’s , one other shit . 5 or 6 M-16 w/100 rnd drum and foreward mount grennade launchers and the rest, about 90% of ’em have M-16’s w/grennade launchers. And they look brand NEW !!! Something , some group , donated to thier cause I bet. Seriously Strapped . Lucky for us they have a video cammera Too !!!

  3. I always wondered how come there are so many women in mexican cartels ? Well i’m not saying women can’t be criminals but isn’t it rare in other countries gangs ? I’ve hardly seen female yakuza, triad, mafia or US gangs.

  4. You reap what you sew. Wake up and smell the coffee.
    This is street justice. Hope the Mata Zetas are not power hungry. Mexico needs to get rid of the cartels. They need to make it a good place to live. That way the American people can stop giving welfare to the illegal’s and help their own American born.

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