Victims of Mexican Chainsaw Massacre Deposited in a Street

Victims of Mexican Chainsaw Massacre Deposited in a Street

Chainsaw appears to have become the favorite execution tool of the Mexican drug cartels. While the infamous Chainsaw Beheading of Sinaloa Members remains one of the most notorious videos from Mexico, it is hardly the only one in which chainsaw played a main role. Most Mexican Chainsaw Massacres don’t make it out in a way of pictures or videos, we only get to see the aftermath.

Decapitating and cutting executed members of rival cartels as a way of intimidation and to send a message that they don’t fuck around has been utilized by Mexican drug cartels for years. Chainsaw, I suppose, makes the tiring job of dismembering dozens of executed bodies a little easier. Those bones and tendons are often sturdy enough to give the butcher hard time but with a chainsaw in his hand, the job becomes much easier to do.

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116 thoughts on “Victims of Mexican Chainsaw Massacre Deposited in a Street”

    1. do you guys think they were killed ALIVE by the chainsaws? or were they just shot and than cut into pieces with the chainsaw? I wonder, it would be cool if they posted a vid of them tied up and being slowly killed with the chainsaw that would be the best vid ever on BG
      but I guess even the Mexican cartels are not sick enough to do that are they?
      oh well, sometimes I think I should start my own cartel, I would post vid all the time of people getting killed with chainsaws etc… my rivals would tremble with fear.

        1. I just noticed you pointed out these corrections,(you are of no value to my existence/or on this site) well to clarify, in mexican stereotypes, (speedy gonzalez) would jump in the air and shout “ariba ariba” if i spelled it wrong my apologies, but you have proven to be a complete tard, a failure in life, and im sure you are just a little dumb sheit-eatter, or some 60 year old pedo. so your sad attempts at socializing have given me something to laugh at.

  1. I’ll tell you what..Them boys south of the border would make some good butchers…Think ill pass on the restaurants special..if you catch my drift. Or as my old grand pappy used to say..Sum bitch just farted in the wind and we all gonna smell it

  2. …..I’m still waiting to see the video, pictures, or even aftermath of a SAWZALL BUTCHERING OF BEANERS

    A metal blade would very cleanly, and somewhat quickly cut through all Virus-like materials as well as bone.
    A WOOD BLADE would rip, tear, jerk, eviscerate, and brutalize the entire cut zone with ABSOLUTE HORRIFIC FIERCENESS…

    Hope they don’t troll Best Gore for new and exciting ideas……
    Oh wait, nevermind.
    Bearners ALREADY know everything……at least the shit-rivets around herelike to act like it

        1. and horrifying.

          I really couldn’t imagine how bad that one would be.
          The ease of a chainsaw, but it just would SO NOT BE FAST like a buzzsaw.

          And yup, totaly agree with the drywall blade.

          Have you ever tried to cut sheet metal with theeth that were too big?
          It doesn’t cut the work, it grabss it, shakes the living shit out of it, rips it up and makes it all jaggedity and fucked up.



    1. fuck the sawzall , im thinking a ” pneumatic harpoon” powder driven hollow projectile that shoots oh a 50,000 burst of high velocity venturi directed air and they pop like life sized water balloons booom!!!!!!

        1. Sounds cool, but do YOU have one?
          Didn’t think so.

          Who here has a sawzall, cordless or corded? Please raise Your hand.

          (1,2,3,4,5,6,……123,124,125,126,…….567,568,569………yha, see my point?

          They are SO common, and SO inexspensive.

          My point isn’t about exotic brutality, but more about the practicality of some syco having one near by and using the thing on some poor, highly unlucky bastard

          1. no i dont have one it would be unique,was my point yes definately sawzalls are more prevalent is for sure ,,the fact that the cartels are sawing people up is exotic enough ,hell with all the dope money they make youd figure they would get “exotic”

          2. Point is that it doesn’t need to be a cartel to test my sawzall theroy of brutality.

            My point is that ANYBODY can do it, and I have been searching death flicks for over 15 years and have never seen it.

            Just because I say that under a cartel post, doesn’t mean they are the ONLY ones that would, or can do it.

            THAT’S MY point.
            However, they seem to be more apt to go midevil-brutal on one another, so the probility is rather high…that or a da Silva will weild the allmighty DeWalt at somebodys torso and neck

          3. hey either way its crazy down there , no place i want to be , north of the border is home ,and theres plenty nuts up here .and i agree a sawzall would be brutal as hell and anyone could do it ,my point was the cartels seem to be doing most of the homicidal activity .

  3. That’s why they say that Mexico is a nice place to visit, but you wouldn’t want to live there . I mean, they are so use to this sort of stuff in Mexico, probably because at Christmas, all the kids get at least one dismemberment doll, that come with instructions, and says – Some assembly required!

    From then on, a dead dismembered corpse is just considered an amigo taking a siesta after a fiesta !

      1. If its a muslim case you can relate this to Islam and swear to Mohammed , but if its related with Christians its nothing related with religion and prophet 🙂 I am not an Islam fan but I know all religions has their own criminals, no matter Islam, Christian, or Jews.

      2. What’s your point Bule? Are you trying to say we Christians are as bad as you Muslims?

        The difference between us is that:
        – These beaner Christians are killing in the name of drugs.
        – The Northern Irish are killing in the name of their Nations
        – The blacks are killing… Because they’re black.

        Only you muslims kill in the name of Allah.

          1. Bule…If you hadn’t noticed by now, if You pull your head out from your bowels, and look up, way way up at the world, and then look down at THE BIGGER PICTURE you may realize that The Fleshy Virus dosn’t do waht it does because Jesus, or Allah, or a coconut-god says to do these things, it’s simply because THIS is the root of hman nature.
            Good with the bad, however the bad is 1000x stronger than the good is.

            ALL Fleshy Virus hides behind the Great Wall Of Excuse called religion.

            Funny thing too.
            Religion is soposed to be the be-all-end-all of accountabilty for one’ actions.

            So if you truely as stupid as your comments ar showing you are, then plase just enjoy the gore, and leave the REST of the stupid comments to us, because al least we say stupid shit that makes SOME FUCKING SENSE.

  4. no video????,kind of like sand niggers getting their heads run over and splatted ,starting to be the same thing over and over ,once you seen a couple you have seen them all..NOT like titties though they always look good ….

  5. as a student of best gore in his fresman year, I have to say that Mexican Gore never ceases to amaze me for it’s sheer brutal professionalism. You will never see an Allah Acbar fuck beheading someone with the firm and steady grip that these mexican butchers have. When it comes to gore, you just cant’ beat ’em

  6. Hi, I would like to introduce myself. I’ve been a lurker on this site for a while and think it’s finally about time to reveal myself to the community. Firstly a question, does anyone know exactly how the numbered yellow thingamies work? Each torso seems to have one yet it doesn’t look as if all the heads do. The torso’s seem to have all been emasculated and I’m wondering where the dicks are. ’06’ looks like it might be one, and if so, warrants it’s own yellow thingamie. What do you think happens, does someone take the time to DNA test all the body parts or do you think they just make guestimates which piece goes with which before they hand them back thier relatives.

        1. wicked mama Welcome To Best Gore!
          Nice to have you out from under the shadows, however down here in the dark, it’s hard to hide for very long.

          You seem to have a keen eye and an inquizitive mind, so I think it’s safe to say that the words you talk with your finger-tip-voice we look forward to listning to with our eye-ball-ear-drums

  7. Love how they are all just standing around looking at the parts, like they’re ending a conversation that started with,” I no clean tha sheet! U clean?”
    censoring the corpse’s penis makes as much sense as … well…as anything thing else mexi’s do…lol

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