Video of Brave Mujahedeen Taking His Last Stand

Video of Brave Mujahedeen Taking His Last Stand

Lone surviving Mujahedeen is captured by the oppressors and forced to clean up the corpses to the amusement of his captors. But lo’ and behold, among the corpses he finds a rifle and without giving it much second thought, uses it to open fire at the oppressors.

What incredibly brave Mujahedeen. He was a dead man walking anyway, except that unlike his slain comrades, he would have been subjected to sexual abuse by cock itching faggots who captured him, so he made his last stand. Outnumbered, he was overwhelmed with incoming firepower, but he still tried to take as many of the closeted homos with him as he could. Geronimo would be proud. Way to fuck up the night for the oppressors who already drooled over new ass they were about to bone. Bad ass Mujahedeen is bad ass..

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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131 thoughts on “Video of Brave Mujahedeen Taking His Last Stand”

    1. lol awesome. Its about time these fuckers got some of their own medicine. In all the execution vids i have seen I have never once seen any of them try to make any attempt at escape or to fight back. this guy knew what needed to be done

    2. Praise the Mujahedeen. They are very brave warriors who fought Alexander army, the Soviet Army, and now the ZOG.US Army.
      Oh, wait we praised them and called them hero mujahedeen when they foguht the soviets… now we call them the Taliban… Different names always confuse the sheeps.

    3. I’m not so certain on that, all I saw in the vid was a guy moving bodies and picking up guns, didn’t see him fire at anyone, for all we know he may have been putting the safety on to prevent accidental discharge when he threw the gun up, to be fair it sounded like they were all trigger happy mofo’s anyway so it was just a matter of time before the bulletsponge got it.

    1. I heard it too. Before that I heard someone say “tell him to move his legs” and after the “cease fire, god damnit” I heard “let me get my A bag out of the truck.” Hill-ry, you got some ‘splainin to do!

        1. Not knowing the date this was filmed I might be wrong but going off the camo and the American voices I’d say the guys shooting were Northern Alliance/Afghan troops and the bulletsponge was a foreign insurgent/Talib. The NA were exactly the same as the Taliban in their treatment of prisoners at the start of the conflict (and probably still are if the truths known).

    2. why is it surprising folks that you hear American voices? We’re in a war in Afghanistan and Iraq, where we are fighting against the Mujahedeen and Taliban and whoever else. Of course, the puppet governments we are trying to put up will eventually turn on us, but sure there are Americans there. Right?

  1. Better to go out on your own terms and if you can take down some of your enemies while you’re at it, then even better. Wish there were more videos like these, but not many people probably get this opportunity like this guy did which is unfortunate.

    1. I eat cows, they taste nice.
      I pay money to farmers to keep those cows tasting nice.
      If those cows ever break out of their field ….or arm themselves with rpgs then i’ll make up some shitty story about mad cow disease and have them all grilled.
      Get over it. These guys need to evolve or die. Mujahedeen or Taliban…they need to be sat down and explained that their whole life, culture and religion is a fucking joke (kept alive by the pro(ph)fiters.
      We don’t befriend child rapists and murderers. You are just livestock waiting to be slaughtered for our gain. Now go fuckyour goat/mum

  2. dont understand this shit, allahuakburs were supposedly running the show but you still could hear a distinctly america fuck yea voice in the background trying to make the allahus cease fire , but yelling it in english?….. no wonder why they kept firing

  3. Oh yea… this is pretty fucking disturbing to hear english speaking voices. Before the shooting you clearly hear “Have him grab his legs, hey, have him grab his legs!” then right after and during the shooting you hear the same voice shouting “Cease fire! Cease fire God dammit!” then along with the screaming the same voice again says “John? Ah fuck!”

    This really bothers me, westerners on the front line of the terror. Who knows what country, but its deffinitely english language, and it sounds American by accent.

    1. It occurs to me that -if “someone” were to “somehow” shut off all the primary media outlets in the US and if all that people had left to see news of the world were websites/forums like This… ooh baby. It’s been weeks since I bothered w/television and This US Citizen is very disturbed at what’s really going on out there.

  4. I won’t go as far as calling him brave (these are same motherfuckers that blow themselves up in markets)..but definetly ballsy to know your seconds from drawing fire.. he came out a lil to non-chalantly for my taste (his body language screamed *whiny voice* “look what I just found”) if he’d ducked & covered he’d probably of been able to hit more..

  5. Forgive me for being ignorant, I’m new to even hearing about the Zionists, other than seeing them on Best Gore for the past weeks, but what the hell is up with the English speaking bastards? Did they hire America mercs?

    Gotta give this guy credit, he played it the viking way.

  6. The pussy guy at the end who is screaming sounds like an American! WTF? This looks like some Americans seriously fucked up. I am very angry that America is over in the Middle East! America has become the new Third Reich, trying to spread its ugly imperialism over the world. 🙁

  7. Hats off to that guy! Takes balls to do what he did, even though he was already going to die.. most people would have held onto that slim chance they may survive and take whatever abuse these sick fucks would have dished out to him instead he fought back until the end and went out with his pride and dignity held high! *props*

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