Video of Israeli Collaborators Executed in an Intersection in Gaza

Video of Israeli Collaborators Executed in an Intersection in Gaza

I posted a video of the six accused collaborators with Israel who betrayed their kin for money and supplied the Jews with intelligence from Palestine who got executed for treason by the Hamas in an intersection in Gaza before, but this new one shows the aftermath of the execution much better.

The collaborators were thrown out of a van and executed in the middle of the intersection with gunshots to their heads. One of them was then dragged through the streets of Gaza behind a motorcycle.

Got to love flip flops bathing in blood next to the heads of executed men.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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17 thoughts on “Video of Israeli Collaborators Executed in an Intersection in Gaza”

  1. The ol ‘delivery in the dunny’, are you OK :mrgreen:

    That video has it all……… hoardes of sticky beaks, flip flops, f’ked camera work, dead dudes with extra holes in heads and of course Hamas……….. yup, the usual.

    I have visions of a massive rocket landing right in the middle of that rabble :mrgreen:

  2. proximity and overpopulation. these middle east animals live too close to each other and there are far too many of them. arabs/jews will never get along. they need a lot of distance between them and they need to stop fuking and breeding like rats. since nobody is moving and they will not stop fuking there will never be a solution to the middle east madness. Admiral General Aladeen has written. TAKE HEED INFIDELS!

  3. In a few years that’ll be Western capitals with the banksters and the traitor ZOG politicians lying on the floor with their brains out.

    I’ll even get some flip flops to stomp through their blood….. oh yeah… now I’ve got a boner…

  4. man I wish there still more collaborator to show where the Hamas missiles. These Akbar shit wants Israel to fire on Palestine civilian instead of millitary target in a retaliation of missile so their propaganda will show Israel kills many innocent civilian on state TV then dump it after been use like a doll or trash.

  5. supplying jewish intelligence on the gaza strip, im shocked there was just a bunch of headshots.

    its mac-terrorisms all over again….laaaazzy.
    im intending to mix ganagam style with old school black metal and sample allahakbar’s for my own amusement till something good out of the east turns up again

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