Video of Mass Execution of 250 Syrian Soldiers by the Islamic State

Video of Mass Execution of 250 Syrian Soldiers by the Islamic State

We’ve seen them lead the large group of men barefoot and in just their underwear to the execution grounds, then we’ve seen the aftermath of the mass execution filmed by the locals, and here’s the video of the actual execution being carried out in the desert by the Islamic State.

The Islamic State continues to claim that they had executed more than 250 members of the Syrian armed forces captured in Tabqa. While it sure looks like the number of people killed may not be too far stretched, no evidence has been provided that these were soldiers.

One needs to keep in mind that before these jihadists became the Islamic State, they were the Free Syrian Army, and before that – whatever the hell they called themselves when they conducted massacres in Libya. In both countries, their campaigns of terror have been based on lies and propaganda, often involving executions of little children whose corpses they would then film on video with a rhetoric that the regime forces did it. They are still the same jihadists, funded and armed by the same people. Hardly a reason to trust anything they say.

Props to Best Gore member Baby14 for the video:

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          1. @dre, I wouldn’twant Pootin to nuke anybody. Shit, just keep the nukes out of play unless you have a deathwish because if even 1 nuke is launched, it’s gonna be followedby retaliation launches by other countries which could lead to all out nuclear war. I don’t wanna even think about what that’d be like….well I guess I wouldn’thave to…living in downtown LA, I’d be FUBAR…so please keep the word nukes out of your vocabulary

      1. no man these guys have no remorse. They have too much hatred for these soldiers or civilians. They claim these soldiers kill their children and blahblahah. Thats what they said in a documentary. Though scattering and running is a good idea but theres a lot of ISIS soldiers.

    1. Our very own top us Government leaders have empowered isis and the Taliban > Bengasi and fast and furious are two in the same and if we where to direct our efforts to terrorist we should start with the Arab’s in Saudi where the leaders all come from . Folks the real terrorist are the ones who fund and protect the actions like this and is simple to prove if you have a mind of your own but hey most of our media spoon feeds the fools and only allows their talking points… The leaders of the USA, Israel , UK , Saudi are the NEW NAZI’S

    2. Our very own top us Government leaders have empowered isis and the Taliban > Bengasi and fast and furious are two in the same and if we where to direct our efforts to terrorist we should start with the Arab?s in Saudi where the leaders all come from . Folks the real terrorist are the ones who fund and protect the actions like this and is simple to prove if you have a mind of your own but hey most of our media spoon feeds the fools and only allows their talking points? The leaders of the USA, Israel , UK , Saudi are the NEW NAZI?S

          1. India got the sceond largest muslim population after indonesia.

            about rape ,all you heard must be from the media… we have huge line of private media networks who are affiliated to each political party and who sensationalize each issue for vote bank politics

      1. Why should “his” people denounce any kind of bullshit…it’s like saying to Mericannnnssss….denounce what the fucking Kenyan is doing….
        Your eyes are also filled with sand…like those sand monkey’s killing each other…cause Zionists rule the world and we are all sheep…
        We see more when we close are eyes…

        1. I do have my own version of what I believe. my religion and morals kinda work together and I base my beliefs on that and go with my gut. I don’t believe the book word for word because it could be interpreted so many ways.

    1. Here in Brazil we have criminal factions working inside federal prisons, sometimes they rebel and kill a lot of prisoners and penitencial agents… Well, for me, ISIS are using MUSLIM to kill… Just like the prisoners here do… They dont give a fuk about religion… All they want is power, money, so they kill everyone in their path, christian or not… ISIS are faggots that need to be banished from this planet… Call the Autobots, Predators, Alien and Robocop to rape this fukers ASAP!

  1. They are certainly no day at the beach!

    If I’m near that much sand, I’m going to have to insist that there’s a clambake, an ocean, and its accompanying breezes instead of this!

    Priorities, people!

    1. @rayf.

      I’m a sceptical old bastard, I saw lots of dust and heard lots of gunfire. But I didn’t see anyone’s head pop, and no blood either. No bullet wounds in their backs.

      And why out of 250! did not one make a dash for it? if it was staged that would explain a lot.

      1. @Bobcat anything is possible. In todays world if you don’t see it yourself with your own eye’s you have no way of knowing I suppose. It wouldn’t be the first fake that’s been produced by all sides. I don’t have enough expertise to say one way or another, but thankfully we are on a website with some very talented individuals who might be able to. Anyhow bro hope your doing well. And NEVER lose that skeptical old bastardism that’s what separates you from the sheep. Cheers Bobcat ! ;-

      2. EXACTLY my thoughts even from early videos surfaced.
        In mass murders like this one ALWAYS you see bit & pieces broken heads AND of course bullet holes in the back, something that simply doesnt exists here.

    1. @DK I thought the Kikes were on first, the Muslims are on second, the Niggers are on third, now we just need to step up to the plate and hit this one out of the park !! 😉

        1. True bro, wonder if somebody pulled back the curtain on an IS man dress if we wouldn’t see some little Jew pulling levers and shit like in the Wizard of OZ or a gay porno.

          1. I know. They are trying to reduce the two legged monkey population in there so they can harvest the country’s gold, diamonds and oil for themselves without much problems, just like how UK, Spain, Portugal, France and Germany did back in the time.

  2. Religious Caliphate my frigging arse. These sick fucks are and always have been the puppets of unmentionable scum, for whom $$$$$ is god.

    Let’s hope the special forces who are supposedly on the ground there, pull their finger out and engage these shit rivets with some real action. Every last one of them deserves the proper Who Dares Wins treatment.

    1. It’s hard for the Special Forces to kill them seen as IS were trained by them in Iraq, when the US left Iraq , the Shia Government sacked all the Sunni Leaders/Generals/Soldiers and so they joined with other Sunni groups in Syria and passed on all their military expertise. So IS is pretty much a US trained professional army , not to mention the millions they get from the CIA and from kidnapping.

  3. There simply is no hope for this region of the earth. How on earth could there be after watching countless mass shootings of countless faces in the sand, most of whom likely have no dog in this fight, and who are being offed simply for their beliefs?

    And no country can help this region. No country should. There simply is no hope. There is no solution. If there is a solution, man was not meant to know it or pursue it.

    If one believes the Bible, it is suggested that one carbon-based lifeform will claim to hold the answer to world peace, only to be a sheep in wolves’ clothing.

    All the news organizations are asking the same basic question: “What can be done for this region?”, with the underlying implication of “What should America do for this region?” The answer is “nothing”, to both questions. To do nothing, America will be discredited for simply, not doing anything. If America does anything at all, it will be villified for what it does do. Damned if we do, damned if we don’t.

    The only real solution is to do nothing and hope the area solves its problems on its own, and even that notion is seemingly an impossible feat.

    1. Or simply collect the Israelis and the Muslims together, concentrate them into a nice comfy outdoor desert devoid of all other life and either let them kill eachother off or give them a nice sprinkle of airburst B83 nuclear bombs. Peace is a garden of mushroom clouds in this case. Let the fallout from our actions come forth; you can please the frothers and screamers by giving them something new vaporized claret to whine, bitch and moan about. 😀

      1. Very well said @Cincy. Agreed 100%, but the reason we’re confronting every possible “threat” is to make money. The people who run the show know damn well there is no “solution”, unless of course you consider @Vagabond Wraith’s “final solution”.. Which, by the way, would require the true Messiah. Divine energy to disintegrate these animals would be my method of choice..

    2. You must be very young or very ignorant. wars like this have been going on for as long as humanity has been around. But with the Internet showing you. You assume this kind of behavior started with Muslims. you’re so wrong.
      it has happened in europe, asia, america etc etc. torture, beheadings, religion, political and financial agendas. is nothing new.
      The us government has always put the blame on communism, socialism, fascism , and religion When it comes to its citizens. but behind closed doors. everyone is worthless to them. We’re the machine that keeps making them money and keeps them in control. and most us citizens believe their lies. they are so used to having material shit. that they think the war isn’t their problem. When the us has no business being anywhere but in their own country.

  4. I bet they wish they never surrendered to these religious lunatics…I do feel bad for the guys defending their country from foreign mercenaries…I just hope Syrian boy wasn’t one of these guys….it makes me sick that they turned Syria into a shit hole for the protection of Israel….who knows maybe Assad will go out in a glory by firing all his missiles on Israel as a pay back for destroying it’s country….

  5. Our brave brothers giving justice to the traitors who support Assad. Onward to Jerusalem to chase the Zionist Invaders out of Asia Minor and free the captives of the world’s largest concentration camp=Gaza.

    1. Assad is an angel compared to all the outsiders killing syrians…the USA CIA and Mossad sponsored the protesting in Syria just like they did in Libya, Egypt and Kiev ….the list of USA sponsored regime changes around the world is very long….that’s why Putin established BRICS and that’s why the pro Zionist media are trying to demonize him…btw we haven’t heard a word on the downing MH 17 since there was photos of the cock pit area with bullet holes….looks like the ukrainian military jet shot it out of the sky….hey Atleast vicky nuland got to hand out bread in Kiev…what a joke America has become…

  6. hands are not tied…they were marching to destination earlier vid…i mean really, you’re in your underwear no shoes except some were exceptional for reason…where do you think they’re going to bring you San Diego beach?…I would of bum rush either by myself or someone with me, you’re gonna die anyway…you might have a chance being alive !

  7. Your brave brothers? We have some ISIS infiltrators on bestgore. That’s cold blooded fucking murder, stripping them down to humiliate them before they are shot in the back. You just wait, you’ll get yours, you’ll understand humiliation you sunni pig.

  8. I’m not new to the site, however I did just create a username and I’ve never commented before. I’ve seen so many execution videos and wondered why the victims just sit there waiting for it. The only thing I can imagine is that the fate for running must be worse than death. Maybe it’s torture than death if they run. Or possibly they threaten to harm their family members if they resist. But even when an American is in their clutches they still sit there motionless waiting for it. Maybe they’re to scared to move. I often wondered if they were drugged first. Any thoughts???

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  10. Fuck isis an fuck obama and his goons same story difrent pen look at libiya now after they murderd gadafi he loved his people america is the root of all evil better yet the american goverment is the root of all evil most americans are cool an hate obama an his fuckbags too.

    1. It’s a wonderful excuse tho (the ‘British’ guy in the ‘execution’ [haha!!] video) to arbitrarily and with laughable ‘proof’ raise the terror level and control the people even more, as well as manipulate the masses with more pissant fearmongering.

  11. Something isn’t sitting right between this clip and the walk through clip from yesterday and I’m hoping that someone here can explain the discrepancy between the two. Yesterdays clip showed a long line of what looks like dead soldiers, sans blood. Could this be a before clip before the shooting? Todays clip shows IS blasting away from 20 feet with large caliber weaponry that should have turned the victims into a bloody, gooey mess. What am I missing here?

      1. But that would mean that all the IS executioners were highly skilled sharp shooters who managed to fire nothing but headshots from 20-30 feet away while firing fully autimatic. And with the high caliber rounds they were using, even 1 head shot each shoulda blown their brains out. So since that scenario is 100% impossible, I ask again, what the fuck am I missing here?!!? Somethings real fishy here and the only thing I can think of was they were told to lie still and don’t move while they filmed the line of soon to be dead motherfuckers.

    1. Which makes you wonder how they win after all : )

      That’s why I always believed they are a CIA covert ops to boost war economy, so USA get more $ .

      Because of ISIS, america sold weapons to:

      The more ISIS expand, the more $$$ in Obama’s pocket.

      It’s called Central Intelligence agency for a reason ^_*

  12. I would like to thank the following countries for arming, messing & fucking with the middle east until it reached this condition :

    Britain, USA, Russia. Thanks bros, you stood together once to bring down “the great Ottoman evil” who controlled these sheep.

    Britain supported Al-Saud who are the creators of the Wahabi extremist Islam, which is another copy of the jewish “Kahane Movement”. And now, the wahabi movement grew to insane levels & rained its shadow on all of Arabia, preventing any change near the oil fields of Saudi Israelia. Thanks Britain.

    USA wanted a share of that oil ; so it came with ‘Merican toys, selling the most advanced weapons to Wahabi sheep, creating ARAMCO oil company in saudi israelia. So now wahabies are their buddies. Remember Afghanistan ? ‘merica demanded aid from its wahabi ally to win the cold war there, and fuck communists in the ass ; wahabi style.

    Russia supported sick twisted regimes like Iran & Bashar serial killer Assad, armed them with scud launchers and fucking huge stocks of weapons.

    If the west didn’t intervene, Wahabism would’ve got defeated by the Ottomans -who were normal humans beings-, the normal Islam would’ve stayed the same -you know the Islam I believe in ; where people can live normally & socialize & all without beheading people in public squares-.

    Fuck criminal arabs who practice wahabism & mimic Kahane movements, but seriously without stupid western intervention we would’ve never reached this state..

    thanks, west, for fucking us in the ass.

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  14. It’s called the un-Islamic state !!!!!!!!!!! This has nothing to do with Islam ore muslims.. Ther are just using the name.. They work with jews.. IS and IDF are nothing but child killers and rapists..

  15. Honestly, I dont care if the beheading of Foley was a fake. As long as America gets to go put our foot up these dueches asses. What amazes me is they do all this and act tough but cover their faces still. Its like they cant even live with who they are.

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