Video of State Sanctioned Mass Execution in China

Video of State Sanctioned Mass Execution in China

Video of State Sanctioned Mass Execution in China

Video from China shows state sanctioned mass execution by a firing squad of about half a dozen alleged convicts. Whether a convict is also someone who’s guilty of a crime vastly depends on how kangaroo the courts are.

I don’t speak any Chinese, but allegedly the woman shown in the video prior to the execution says that China is ruled by only one person and there is no democracy there.

Props to Best Gore member @nikish for the video:

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149 thoughts on “Video of State Sanctioned Mass Execution in China”

    1. single child policy is not active anymore sinze 2000.

      i know a bunch of chinese families and they all have 2 or 3 childs.

      china is not the china of before, it changed alots… can bet this video is pretty old. even tho the execution still exist (and its a good thing, that should exist in every countries for criminal punishment).

      1. Of course it’s a good thing. Ocasionally innocent people would be framed and blamed for a crime they did not commit and would end up being executed but that’s ok, because execution as criminal punishment it’s a good thing. Imagine a world where killing someone it’s so normal, that kids see it and don’t even blink, like Syria and what not.

        1. Anything without 100% success and safety rate is evil and should be banned… very good logical reasoning.

          We should also ban car traffic… because you know, occasionally innocent people are being killed by cars. Imagine a world where a kids see a person killed on the road and don’t even blink, like Brazil and what not.

          Instead of feeding and pampering murderers, pedophiles, drug dealers and similar scum from our taxes, we should focus on attempting to minimalize and eventually remove judicial errors (as impossible a goal as it might be).

          1. They are probably anti government pro democracy demonstrators. Can someone please tell them what they have is far far better than democracy.

          2. Cars don’t kill people, people kill other people with cars. I don’t think i’m the one lacking “logical reasoning”. People that can’t live in society (murderers, pedos, etc) are removed from society, that’s what’s prisons are for. A prison it’s not a good place to live but it’s better than being dead (except prison like the ones in Brazil), some will have the oportunity to prove their innocence, start a new life or fucking read a book.
            The day a son of your is being executed for a crime he did not committed, give me a call, i would love to talk about your “logical reasoning”.

          3. Certainly, cars don’t kill people. Alright, let me reformulate that. We should ban drivers because if there are no drivers, no people can be killed on the road accidentally.

            Prison is a not a good place to live? Well, that depends on how cucked the country you live in is – in Norway, you get 5-star hotel treatment, if Breivik is anything to judge by. But punishment should reflect the crime. And for some of these crimes, even brazilian prison seems lackluster.

            Some will have the opportunity to start a new life? Do these people deserve a new life? Will their victims get a new life? I think not.

            Yes, some might be innocent, especially in China, politicial prisoners, dissenters and the like. I agree with you here. But this is the problem of the process, not the punishment. Autocratic regime will find a way to remove its dissent. As for judical error…rare thing, but when it happens, it is no more an argument against death penalty as is fatal car crash an argument against traffic.

            Yes, if my son got executed for a crime he did not commit… I would be very sad and pissed off. But unlike what you think, I would not be pissed off at the capital punishment that was delivered to my son. Because had he truly been guilty, he would have deserved that punishment. Instead, I would be pissed off that state and judiciary system failed my son and found him guilty. Because that is where the problem lies, not with the execution.

          4. But killing someone by execution it’s not an accident, it’s a choice. U can’t compare car accidents with executions.

            Norway prisons give u 5-star hotel treatment? I don’t know anything about that but they have a low crime rate. Maybe that’s why. You know how police catches people that would became serial killers before they kill? or before they kill more innocent people? Police studies this individuals, that are in prison (and not dead by an execution), so they know how they think, that way, preventing others from doing the same.
            In the video we don’t even now why those people die. For all we know, they could be “traitors” or something.

            Let’s all hope that your kids grow up the be good boys and girls, otherwise, they’re own dad might be the one pulling the trigger.

          5. Youre probably an anti democracy asshole did you read what the op said? This was probably a anti democracy execution tf are you talking about paedophiles for?

        2. i dont mean executing people randomly.
          i mean executing people that deserve it.
          the chance of success to certify someone gulty todays is very high due to DNA and lots of technics and shit that can be used to determine real situation.

          meanwhile, i prefer to know a terrorist or a serial killer dead, instead of seeing him going out later after he purge his prison time and “become clean” but make some recidive and kill again.

          china doesnt condamn to death randomly people for no reasons, you have to really fucked up to be executed.
          country like japan also have death sentence by hanging, same goes to america with injection… that doesnt mean theses countries kill tons of innocents. but that also mean theses countries drastically reduce the amount of killer that get another chance to kill again.

          look France… no death sentence nor life prison. 40 years max of prison , can be doubled but its extremly rare it happen like 2 or 3 time in the entire France story.
          a 16 yo kids kill 100 people, he get condamned to 40yo of prison… goes out at 56 or even before if he is “nice” in prison… at this age, he can start killing again. and at that point, people and police gonna be like “we knew him, he killed people before”… still, he got a chance to do it again.
          while dead, he wouldnt mind anybody life.

          Bataclan main terrorist leader is still in prison… he have warm place, food, drink and cleaning.. all of this free, and all of this are pay with the taxes that the victims family pay to the country.

          that shouldnt exist at all.

      2. It not old, me know 2, or 3 other peoples last year gone by same way. Police they come take my cousin for indignity to chairman so they sentance her to death.
        Nothing change.
        Hong Kong now will go through much of same there will be victims for having say for democracy.
        You will see, I tell you now.

        1. Bullshit. No one is gonna sentence you to death even if you show your finger to Mao’s corpse at his mausoleum.
          Why? because I saw a dude done it with my very eyes when visiting that place.
          Your story? Probably your fucking daydream

        2. You are talking bullshit. Those stupid tyranny ended decades ago. In China nowadays some brainless youngsters even make fun of the chairmen you mentioned like what Amuricans do to Trump and no one get fucked by the gov so far. The Chinese social media won’t delete or even hide the “improper” contents.
          You poor slandering cunt.

    2. The biggest thing that stands out to me is the word “POLICE” written brazenly on the backs of the uniforms. Wouldn’t the Chinese language equivalent of “POLICE” be printed on those uniforms in place of the English word?

      Makes me wonder if this is actually China where this video was filmed.

      1. It’s China. Lived there, seen it, done that. Never been shot in the head though in China. You got to let foreigners know the word “Police.” It’s an internationally recognized English word by now….especially after “BLM.” I just wonder which is more recognizable nowadays. Maybe the world should also embrace “C(hinese)LM.” “WLM” will never get such credit.

          1. Yeah, true. It’s just that China has, or once had “White worship” so they chose to use English. Suckers, sell-outs, call it like it is but that’s what China does.

    3. Good. This is the best thing for them. They should execute hundreds everyday 24/7 to reduce their numbers. That one child policy is no more due to many Chinese expatriates across the world taking over businesses. They are vile people they created the coronavirus. They have taste for anything that moves . Carry on shooting.

    4. 我是中国人。有人说中国专政独裁,但其实我们广大人民并未感觉到有什么不好,相反,我们过的很幸福。自由是相对的,这个世界上没有绝对的自由。欢迎你来中国旅游,你肯定会喜欢它的!

  1. Thinking about China makes my guts churn. They’re the biggest threat the world faces now. War is coming and those little bastards are going to be every bit as ruthless with us as they are with their own people. I know there are a lot of Corona virus skeptics here but I’m not one of them. What I DO think is those little yellow cunts released it on purpose.

    1. What about nuclear ???I presume that in case of a big war every contrie drops what it got on the others and just fuck the earth once and for all, after that there would be no china , russia usa or europe , just surviving blubs of mutants trying to fuck ,

    2. China is the other side of this kosher coin. World Jewry has been planning this for decades: the destruction of the West, as they move on to their next hosts. Our entire manufacturing industry, along with all of our military secrets, was handed to China on a platter by the traitorous Jews in our countries. This war was planned a long time ago. They will make it happen.

    3. @Phibes

      Apart from releasing Coronavirus, China is also attacking the West through telephone bank scammers, capitalising on the grief of the most affected city in the world, London.

      They pretend to be from Amazon, knowing full well that a lot of Amazon customers are having issues with customer services.

      Luckily they didn’t take any money from me. I got suspicious, googled them whilst on the phone, rang my bank on my mobile and told them to freeze my account, then went back to my landline to the scammers, pretended to go ahead with the transaction, and then BLASTED them for it not going ahead and stressing them out, whilst giving them false hope that it will clear (not their fault, but it’s funny) and then LITERALLY leaving them on hold with speakers on for a whole TWO HOURS whilst I had lunch and surfed the net, whilst they waited for something to clear that didn’t. Yep I was wasting their phone bill and being rude to them. And then I just hung up suddenly, hehe lol

      God I’m such a toxic, arrogant little cunt, it’s unbelievable, lol.

      1. I think I’d call you an evil genius personally. The last guy who tried that on me was told that I suffered from Tourettes. I screamed and swore at him for about 20 minutes on and off. He hung up on me.

    1. Were throwing a bitchfit in the street so our law enforcement doesn’t turn into this videos direction. I’m not really a big fan of the protestors because they think its a racial issue and not a police brutality issue.

      1. Agreed. To be fair, the attention has shifted to police brutality. I also don’t think such a thing would happen without a fight, as unlike Chinese citizens Americans are armed to the teeth (Even I have two handguns myself). That’s one thing I love about this country. No one is going to take away peoples’ freedom without a fight.

        1. If you guys are all armed and you fear your government so much why don’t you overthrow them? From any dialogue I’ve seen with men in America they say it’s their government they are armed against, so wage war already.

          1. I have wondered that myself. I guess because here in America the powers that be have succesfuly divided everyone. Race against race, left vs. right, republican vs Democrat, class vs class etc. That nobody even knows what their doing or fighting for. Another thing is American are very materialistic and love eating. An overthrow of government would mean perhaps losing their comforts, big home and car they are in debt to and no mcdonalds to eat. That’s my take on it atleast. oh and Americans are generally very stupid people. I love America as a land but the people are definitely a cancer on it especially our white greedy, evil leaders.

          2. I don’t think things are that bad yet. I am an armed black man and the last time i was stopped by a white cop he let me off with a warning over a broken rear light and told me have a nice day.

            I can only speak for myself though. I’d really like to have a conversation with people who think they are being oppressed. No clue why they would feel that way, but maybe they’ve been through some things man.

            Also to the other guy that’s a good point. People are so against each other it’s depressing. I disagree with done of you’re other statements, but that one is depressingly accurate.

        1. The killing of that dindunuffin was totally justified if you saw the video the fucking retard pretty much committed suicide by cop. I also can’t stand the fact their making it a race thing when its clearly not. Blacks are just statistically shown to commit more crimes thus interacting with tyrants more so than whites.

    2. 你说错了。当你没有底线的去侮辱一个政府一个国家,甚至扰乱了社会的安定,政府采取相应的措施来制止这些反社会的人。我认为我的国家做的没错,这是为了维护我们社会的稳定秩序。中国没有枪支,中国很安全,我们生活的很幸福。欢迎你来中国旅游!你将看到的是一个美丽热情开放的国家~!

      1. 万恶淫为首,逃避现实遮挡肉体只是把眼睛看到的表面的淫埋藏到了心中,表面洁净实则内心有肮脏不堪的潜力,恶的萌芽根本无法消灭,这个最简单的道理你就完全不明白。

    1. she basically said china is ruled not by law but by people (dictators). and she said the crimes she committed shouldn’t result in a death penalty. and she also said shes not guilty? and she doesn’t regret it. and nothing else can be said or done at this point.

      1. 这个女人真的是反社会人格!我是中国人,我很清楚我自己的国家是法制国家,我们这里没有枪支,我们有依法办事的警察和法官,视频中的女人是因为自己的利益没有达到满足,被外国人洗脑了才会如此仇视自己的祖国。如果你真的想了解中国,请来中国看一看,中国没有你们想象的这么恐怖,相反,它是一个美丽开放又热情的国家。看到你们这么侮辱我的国家,我的心里很难受……

  2. We’ve seen criminals turning into little bitches before execution, this woman isn’t one of them, her voice does not even crack, despite knowing she is about the get popped in the brain, or I wonder if an adrenaline rush makes it seem surreal you are about to get shot. On the other hand I do not want to find out, so ignorance is bliss.

    1. I wonder the same every time I see it.
      I could see it, just based on the amount of tourism maybe.
      That would be the only logic I can see for English being printed on a foreign countries/ language government uniform.
      Possibly printed in multiple or both native language & English maybe but in only English? That would be like the US police forces having Chinese lettering on them.
      Maybe a staged event so it could be blamed on the US if it ever was needed.
      Look we have video of US forces executing innocent Chinese citizens.
      (American uniforms).
      What is taped to their back? At first I thought a “target” but as the were all aimed at & shot in the back of the head I’m thinking maybe an “official” death warrant.
      So the guys doing the shooting know they are shooting the correct person.

      1. Because Americans are brainwashed, and materialistic. Anything thats not about drugs, sex, eating, money and cars looses the interests of many Americans and of course any country that kisses the ass of ZOG is a good friend of UNITED STATES INC.™

    1. Saudi Arabia is also a dictatorship, and in some respects it is even more dictatorship than China. Guess what, the United States and Saudi Arabia are allies. So don’t be so naive, everything is national interest

  3. She clearly says ‘it wasn’t a planned pregnancy’ dude used a condom however somehow he still impregnated her. She never could have imagined unprotected anal ejaculation could potentially get her pregnant. Furthermore she admits her hairy snatch may have caused the condom leakage, torn due to friction. According to her she regularly shaved her underarms but not her pussy. And she is also unhappy with the baton insertion groping gang-rapes & sex slavery inside the prison

  4. China, US, Russia…
    Every world leader country has his good things, and as we see in this video, bad things.
    The US is no better, sure it has freedom of speech but, does he really?

    No country should be the leader, after the corona thing the US will be in a very bad situation I think and hope, but China will be the new leader, witch is better but worse at the same time. Everybody cares only for their own so the world is and will be always a fucking dumpster.

  5. I like how Mandarin is more than twice as old as English but they have POLICE spelled on their uniforms.
    So thoughtful and courteous of them to make it easier for us on the other side of the world to follow.

  6. Am I being surprised? Of course not! Its China. Their body probably be chopped up in a bit bite and cooked and end up in some restaurant somewhere. To those Chinese waste not, want not. Thatvis a country that that their people eat cockroach for appetizer before the msin meal. I am happy with my status of being nobody.

  7. This should happen in England to all the bastard traitors we have here, We could have it by the Tower of London and also bring back public viewings to these executions, day out for the family lol kill all the treacherous filth that walk in the shadows.

  8. Even if 5,000 people are executed each year, drug trafficking and murder still occur frequently. No kidding, do you really want to talk about democracy with murderers?

  9. I don’t know what the reporter said. Northeast accent, so I only translate what the woman said.
    Woman: “Want to hear the truth, China is not a country ruled by law, it is a country ruled by man. The crimes I committed should not be executed”
    Then the reporter seemed to ask her if she would regret it. She said, “I do not regret it.”
    The note behind them is about the crime they committed. The video resolution is too low for me to see clearly. With my 25 years of life in China, I can tell you that the crimes that can be executed are basically: murder, trafficking Drugs, arson, kidnapping, robbery (huge amount)

      1. Many Thanks for translating. It’s often the most helpful thing one can do in this forum for others.

        If she’s not regretting her crime, then she is facing death with conviction. Of course most Chinese I’ve met don’t believe in an afterlife but most haven’t considered that QM tell us everything is definitely connected so maybe she knows this already.

  10. This is what they need to do in america to people using the stupid race card nonsense. Thats only way to end that. ONce people see they get executed for it i guarantee they will shut up. you don’t hear anyone scream fuck pigs in africa.

  11. I speak a little Chinese (I speak mainly Orange and a bit of Madarin)
    She basically said:
    For last meal I had :
    won ton soup
    Fwied wice
    Dim Simmy
    Washed down with some green tea n honey
    (and she got to keep the chopsticks with Chairman Mao’s face on ’em)

  12. Yeah, true. It’s just that China has, or once had “White worship” so the police chose to use the English workd”Police” on their uniforms or solely Chinese. Suckers, sell-outs, call it like it is but that’s what China does.

  13. This video is pretty old and there used to be some perfectly timed photos of the brain’s evisceration that came along with the videos. Anyway, these executions were carried out for so called “drug trafficking”.

  14. Good. This is the best thing for them. They should execute hundreds everyday 24/7 to reduce their numbers. That one child policy is no more due to many Chinese expatriates across the world taking over businesses. They are vile people they created the coronavirus. They have taste for anything that moves . Carry on shooting.

  15. Canada’s Trudeau loves China and the way China respects the people of China. If he wasn’t hiding in his cottage due to the Wuhan Virus, he would have bought ring side tickets for this chilling event.

  16. ‘POLICE’ written in English on the front and back of their assault suits, but with hand written Chinese signs pinned to the victims?

    This is obviously an American police department training facility, practicing their murder skills on unarmed and detained minorities.

    2:1 odds its Seattle or Northern Cali with their endless supply of Asian targets

  17. We all already know what kind of country is China, they should be expulsed from the UN ASAP. They never respected human rights and they created that fucking “virus” so nuke them all for all I care

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