Video of Syrian Protesters Dumping Dead Bodies Off a Bridge in Hama

Video of Syrian Protesters Dumping Dead Bodies Off a Bridge in Hama

The so called “peaceful protesters” of Syria suffered yet another PR faux pas after a video of their supporters throwing bodies of dead pro government soldiers off a bridge in Hama surfaced on the internet. In the video, several men are heard cursing in the local language as they pick up corpses from a truck and throw them in a river. As the cameraman points his camera at the river’s surface, bodies are seen floating in the water tainted with blood.

The protesters, who rely on western media to present them as oppressed freedom fighters caught in a desperate struggle for democracy were quick to issue statements that they had nothing to do with the act. To continue receiving support from the international community, the Syrian protesters wanted the world to believe that the culprits in the video were Syrian soldiers who filmed themselves dumping corpses of dead protesters in the river, not the other way around. But after several opposition figures acknowledged that it’s indeed a wing of the protest movement that’s behind this heinous act, they were left with another dent in their public image. According to the statement by a prominent Syrian activist, the corpses were those of murdered Syrian intelligence personnel who were killed by local Syrian fundamentalist group that fought in Iraq. Said group allegedly takes pride in showcasing their brutality with the opposing parties and dumping their kill in a river seemed like a flashy enough idea.

It’s been 5 months since the unrest in Syria jumped into high gear and not only is a chance at swift resolution to the conflict a no event at any foreseeable time, the atrocities from both sides of the conflict seem to be growing in brutality. Freedom fighters blame the atrocities of affiliated groups on rouge fundamentalists, pro-government parties seem to kill indiscriminately – I don’t think I’ll be planning a trip to the country anytime soon…

Raw video of what appear to be peaceful Syrian protesters dumping bodies of dead pro-government people they murdered off a bridge and in the river in Hama is below:

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