Woman with Feminist Size Ass Executed While in Shallow Grave in Brazil

Woman with Feminist Size Ass Executed While in Shallow Grave in Brazil

Woman with Feminist Size Ass Executed While in Shallow Grave in Brazil

Video apparently from Brazil. It shows the execution of a woman with feminist sized ass.

The woman is inside a shallow grave in some backwoods. She appears to follow her instinctual, ass-up BDSM sub foreplay before being shot. That ass sure looks like it’s picked up many a ticket on the cock carousel ride.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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199 thoughts on “Woman with Feminist Size Ass Executed While in Shallow Grave in Brazil”

        1. For real god dammit I’m tired of getting ripped off by all these female executions on here without foreplay or mutilation first. Christ at least allow a titty to be out. Fucking dumb faggot executioners.

          1. Keith, totally agree. Degrade that cunt, make her suffer before she dies. Psychologically. At least strip the whore.

            Blood all over her titties would look so delicious.

          2. Yeah!!! Roxi knows what I’m talking about. They don’t even make her suffer psychologically. How boring and pathetic. Sometimes I wish I lived in a shitty country where I can get away with this shit and teach them a lesson or two! Or I’m just all talk and knowing my luck I’ll be the lucky recipient and they love to make men suffer I noticed. Such as flaying or like that one dude who got his legs sliced off and then beaten with them LOL

        1. You’re having a laugh aren’t you haha, the Union Jack is flying on the Falklands for a start, the Brits smashed all you Diegos up good and proper around 1982, funniest thing I’ve heard all week. Who cares about your 3rd world defeated shithole ? No one.

          1. zipzap
            yeah and everybody reckons theres power in numbers lol yeah cos thats how we took over half the globe lol, pure english have the smartest genetics there is if we were all idiots i think it would’ve been another country that did the taking over you know what i’m saying…

    1. Ke.v.in summers,. you must be a homo. I like big butts and I cannot lie.

      anyway great snuff video. kill that Fucking whore. make her lie down in the grave first. squirm in there deeper, whoRe. before I put a couple of rounds in your face. now you’re going to Twitch you Cum. receptacle.

          1. Hey, I’m 67 and have second thoughts. My wife has a full set of kitchen knives; more importantly (?), I don’t know if I could survive trying to hit that same place twice. Damn!

            On the other hand, your correspondent probably couldn’t hit the same place twice until his partner took a shit.

  1. Feminist – sized arse! That is a bit rich!She certainly has an arse but it is shapely and i wouldn’t kick her out of bed . A bit of an arse angles the lady- bits right for mindblowing -orgasm penetration anyway! Win/win all round!

    1. Yeah I hear a big booty isn’t always a bad thing. Besides women choose to be feminist (although maybe genetically predisposed to be an idiot) but we don’t get to choose the size of our asses… Anyway this girl is hot I expect most of us on this site “would”

        1. Yeah the real asses made by squats have big hamstrings to build up the ass… butt injections make the ass stick awkwardly out from the top of the leg… but I don’t think an ass injection really follows the feminist way of thinking?

          1. Who do i have to fuck to get that kind of luck?
            What did you do there in Brazil? Work ? Study ?Tourism? Is your Portuguese good? Able to converse with man in the street ? Order milk, chat up a girl?

      1. Thank God women can’t choose the size of their asses. If they could ,we would find them all with boyish asses. Then we might as well fuck a bloke! No whining,no nagging ,no pregnancy . You can even play ball with them after a fuck! That’s how it works right? Bahaha

        Guess what?,research shows if you let men choose ass size ,the majority still chooses chicks with butts bigger than the ladies themselves would have chosen . Great time to be a lady!!!

          1. @hopingfornemesis Yeah as long as you’re not a lard arse , you’ll get along fine, Portuguese helps but I learnt that over there. The English schools are a good place to start you’ll meet girls that are educated already speak English and quite possibly ready to fuck. I kept my options open, played in a band that’s my thing so that was easy, I taught some English classes from home too ( met loads that way) and went to loads of house parties, barbecues 🙂

          2. @hopingfornemisis I suppose they were yes, Drs, Lawyers, Psychologists, uni students,Teachers, Fitness instructors, even taught an Asian- Brazilian Catholic priest lol I guess I was lucky but you know I would hang out with poor people too, I had a gf from a very poor area, she was beautiful and down to earth which is common over there unlike the U.K where most are fat and horrible or some other negative quality 🙁

          3. Well done zip. Similar to me . I can hang and do hang with all types . Yes ,the average south am woman would be hotter than the average uk ,central euro or aus woman. Boobier, more back, better smile and eyes.also more feminine ,family-valued.

            I will ask u more questions in time.

            Bye for now.

      1. I disa gree Nem, women are gettingbutt implants and fat pumped into their bums to make them bigger now, it goes in phases. you blokes who like big asses should consider the difficulty those skanks have keeping them clean, blak men like the smell, they don’t care as long as they get pussy. I just reminded myself there was this one armed black manky looking whore lived near me she never had a man, suddenly she got pregnant and had a black baby, those black fellas will fuck anything and these white slags go to them to feel like they’re wanted. fuckin idiots

        1. I have no problem with what you are saying @sloth12 apart from one thing.
          Comeon! Of course a big- bottomed woman can keep it clean!

          What you are saying is like saying uncircumcised guys walk around with loads of smegma on their cocks and find it hard to keep clean. We live in first world countries polluted; plenty of running water. Unless , the ass or cock owner is mentally ill the only reason they have a dirty arse or cock would be they are just dirty/lazy fucks! Haha! Even juicy arse in the grave here. She is in tropical Brazil. She can put her head down ,arse up ,spread her cheeks and wait for the daily downpours to wash her chute! It is not as if she wont be used to the position! Yumm!

          As for cycles of bum fashion. I like you are a man of the world, Polluted; you are absolutely right .just like snatch hairstyles ;cycles and fashions!

          Science says over the ages ,in all soceities most men like a waist to hip ratio of around 0.65. Ie pear -shaped or myfave Georgia Peach!!! Yum!!! Ass wider than waist even if girl is slim! Girls ,mostly like broad-shouldered guys,shoulders broader than chest and ass. So sexes ;broad at diff parts of their bodies . So our grandmas were right! Opposites do attract!

          Sorry re long-assed cough cough response. I had a lot of info to mention and hey you know im a long assed-comment commenter anyway! Haha

          Next time mate.

          1. Phyoy! I’ll read it properly whem i get back from work, yes you are a long commentor nem but i think the ass subject has really got your juices flowing lol

        2. Me personally, I’m against racial mixing and I think mixed babies look disgusting but that still doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t fuck a black or latin chick, just need to keep that coitus interruptus in the back of your head.

  2. just imagine the stench of that shit in that ample rump. hearts of palm, collard greens, black beans and rice, and wretched sausage. her ass was plump, and ripe for a dump, perhaps even a pump, and she jumped felt thumps and now turns fetid in a moist clay soil . Sic Semper brasilena

  3. This is the type of whore that likes to fuck drug dealers, murderers and rapists. Then she does something stupid that pisses the chad off and gets herself killed just like that. The funny thing though is that when you’re dating a criminal or is involved in crime some way, you don’t actually have to do anything “against the rules” to get yourself executed. They can off you anytime, anywhere, for any reason. These filthy whores know that very well before they started opening their legs to thugs.

    That’s the truth plain and simple.

    1. another site had this video and the text that came with the video said this lady shot a cheating man except she shot the wrong man.. and that pissed off some of his family and friends who took justice into their own hands. Seems she got some vigilante justice. I have no animosity towards anyone who kills someone who killed one of their own. eye for an eye.

      1. 2000 years from now, an alien civilization will be doing archeology shit in Brazil. Amongst all the fossilized flip flops, dismemebered limbs and crappy Hi Point guns, they will stumble upon her grave, perfectly preserved to cast a full mold of her body.

        She will be known by them mexicans from outer space as a queen that ruled all over mankind with her ample ass.

  4. Brazil is an almost exclusively homosexual cuntry anyway so her accommodating anus would have been wasted except on lesbian anal fister-sisters and gay male fantasists who would want to rim her stubbly butthole a day after after she had shaved it – so that they could dream they were kissing Freddy Mercury’s ghost on the mouth.
    I suppose she always felt she just didn’t fit in.
    Sad… but there we have it.
    Let’s move on now shall we?

      1. Nah. No thanks. A stagnant backater of corpulant bacteria, germs and stinking shit. I’ll pass.

        I’d prefer a super shiny, fresh & briney, tidally-washed, fishy splinge please.

        Or even a half-hearted wank.

    1. @Lord Wankdust
      You can tell it is full of homos when the national football team gets trounced 7-1 in the World Cup by the Germans. A game that they are supposed to excel at. Looking forward to it again this summer.

      Apologies to anyone here who is Brazilian, lol.

    1. Definitely horrifying. Hence why I believe she just laid down and took the bullet, she felt this was it, only a few more sec…

      Considering how some of the mexican narco execution victims end up, this was extremely merciful. A shame she got killed, but all in all, there’s far worse fates than just dying.

      1. @ElCalamardo and Multiverse; I guess she had a choice.

        Lie down in the pit, wiggle to get yourself comfortable for eternity, and get a pretty much instant lights out round to the head.

        Piss us off, and make a scene, and we’ll use a machete to remove your feet, hands, forearms, legs (those are the bits below the knees), thighs, upper arms and your head.

        Which would you choose?

  5. What the fuck. Seems like that Samsung Text message sound killed her before gunshot did. Seriously why did she plop dead before she got shot? I’m so confused. “I’m just gonna go sleepy nappy nap before I get shot” ???

  6. What a fucking shame. What kind of faggot kills a girl as hot as this? I hope that whichever cock jockeys did this get their assholes and throats busted open like sinkholes by a gang of giant niggers in prison.

  7. woman cry for equal rights unless its getting put in a shallow grave and shot in the head, is sad thou for anyone to end up in that situation. but it is cos she is a woman she was at first not hacked up! so there is a silver lining

  8. She lay there so obediently, just waiting to be shot.
    At the first shot, she barely even flinched.
    At the second shot, she just whimpered.
    Were those bullets not painful or what??
    I wonder why they killed her.

  9. That really was her making that whimpering noise at the end.
    I don’t think there’d be any other women present, there would just be cucks and fags led by the alpha assjerk.

    She wasn’t even dead yet at the end of the clip. Really bad filming.
    Personally, I’d shoot the guy who filmed this for being so incompetent.

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