Woman Publicly Executed by Jabhat al-Nusra for Prostitution

Woman Publicly Executed by Jabhat al-Nusra for Prostitution

Jabhat al-Nusra, also known as Al-Qaeda in Syria, previously touted by Zio media as Syrian “moderates”, publicly executed another woman. The execution was carried out with a gunshot to the top of the head, identical to the way we saw a few days earlier. The victim was accused of prostitution.

I’m pretty sure the executioner is the same guy who killed the other woman too. He’s even wearing the same sweater. He must be Mr. Perfect who never sins.

Props to Best Gore Baby14 for the video:

104 thoughts on “Woman Publicly Executed by Jabhat al-Nusra for Prostitution”

          1. oops, missed a bit out there, i meant give those so called ‘slags’ a sword and then give them five minutes with those c****s. A lot of those women don’t fuck around given the chance.

        1. @Stomper.

          Reckon you right there mate, also sirhan sirhan who shot Bobby Kennedy. To this day he can’t remember it. The main thing is Kennedy was not supposed to have left the building the way he did so sirhan could not have known and placed himself there.

          Mind control goes on every day in the TV and all other mainstream media.

          May have said this before?
          Gettin old.

          1. The whole concept, although very scary, interests me @bobcat. What a murky world those top brass types walk in.
            Don’t worry fella, we all have those ” have I already said that ” moments.

          2. I think sirhan sirhan shouldn’t of drank the coffee he was given…after winning CA the hit was definitely on by the same people that took out JFK ….

        2. Stomps…can’t for the life of me think what it’s called , but there’s a film about Lennons killer with Jared Leto in it , apparently it’s the closest version of what his mind was like leading upto it . Look it up its meant to be dead good

        3. the whole “to impress jodie foster” thing was certainly outlandish.
          i was in a laundry delivery van with my dad, dropping off sack of clean overalls to a small pottery firm in burslem S-O-T, when the News of JL’s death came over the radio on that tuesday morning.
          tues a regular school skive for me, as dad delivered to alton towers on a tues afternoon – and we could jump out of the van and go on “the corkscrew” for free.

          funny how yer remember these things eh?

    1. Look at all of these hypocritical Muslim fucks. Acting as though they are holier than thou. Don’t make me laugh. As if all their crimes ( including murder) makes them qualified at judging another person? And the truth is she probably isn’t even a pro.
      These cavemen sell their daughters to other stinky old cockroaches for a wife from age 10, just to fill their pockets to drink hush hush liquor and pay for their mistresses and prostitutes on the side. Fucking Islamic Neanderthal barbarians………..

      1. I learned appreciation for country music at a very early age from my dad.
        One day after a little league game we were driving home, he had country music on and I was like why always country ? Why can’t we listen to rock, I don’t wanna listen to this.
        “Sounds of Brakes locking and Screeching tires.”

        Then get the fuck out and walk if ya don’t wanna hear it !!!
        Country will do just fine. πŸ™‚

          1. It’s all a matter of personal taste but Motown and oldies and all kinds of music is cool. I have never been a Music Nazi.
            And I can always get the fuck out and walk. πŸ™‚

  1. Wow she’s even more prettier than before. I wish big titty Syrian hotty with the crackle corn neck thought to date enough to get her tight tiny cooter state side she could have made something of herself. But I digress, I don’t live in a fantasy world, in turn I sharpen my blade on the reg and tend to my own. To all ya all big titty depressed, save a bee and eat your honey. Good day. -951-

    1. Could be…but what I can’t figure out is why that guy yells for a “TAXI!” right at the end? Is it to go find more hookers?

      And btw, what kida faggots are these guys anyway? if I had that kind of control over chicks, they’d be naked at all times, spread eagle to boot.

      1. If they made the women do that they wouldn’t be able to hide behind their bullshit hypocrisy. Remember, they want the world to believe they follow the strict Islamic code to the letter, thus the alleged female prostitute, clad head to toe in black, receives a bullet to the head.

  2. Those Holier than thou dick heads are so full of shit. You think the world doesn’t know how debauched you really are ? , that your very existence is based on double standards ?
    Islam my arse. He is nothing but a murderous psychopath playing out his deepest fantasies under the guise of a totalitarianist religion.
    Crock of Utter Bull Shit.

    1. Ok to rape and steal them for use as sex slaves but freelancing is frowned upon.
      What can be said of a race of people who if the slightest amount of skin should show can’t control themselves from raping that woman ?
      Walking around snuffing out life for what seems like any reason real or imagined. This is a sick people.

  3. Damn prostitution in Syria? She must be desperate to make ends me for herself to bad she got the lead end of the deal. Execution must be pretty proud on a job well done and one less prostitute in Syria you have to worry about but they must be so hard to come by because they don’t live very long. What’s a man to do in Syria besides the obvious. πŸ˜‰

  4. The man giving a speech is most probably imam giving a sentence according to Kuran. In the style “… woman which lie down with a man who is not her husband will be punished by decapitating”. It’s questionable if woman is executed because of prostitution. Hearing words like husband, going away (maybe leaving), family. Maybe the woman was cheating on her husband planning to go away with another man and thus giving disgrace to her family?
    In previous video woman was executed for adultery, and executioner is the same guy so maybe this was a serial execution of several females in same place. Speaking of public execution the audience are jihadist only so maybe her husband was sissy jihadist who caught her scewing his jihadist buddies so he complained to the representatives of Alah demanding justice.

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