Yemen Execution of Yehya Hussein al-Raghwah for Rape and Murder of 11 Year Old

Yehya Hussein al-Raghwah Execution in Yemen

This is what Yemen Execution look like. It’s a public event with hundreds of spectators, the convict is laid on the ground face down, then the executioner stands above him and holds machine gun in the same way 4 year olds hold squirt guns and fires a few shots executing the convict without must mess. On one hand it makes sense as face of the dying man is not exposed to the public during the last seconds of his life and brain matter doesn’t go flying to feed seagulls in the air.

Yehya Hussein al-Raghwah worked as a barber in Sanaa, the capital of Yemen. He was found guilty of raping and then murdering an 11 year old boy Hamdi al-Kabas who came to his barber shop for a haircut for Eid – the Muslim festival. I don’t know what kind of interrogation methods the police utilize in Yemen, but Yehya Hussein al-Raghwah confessed to rape and murder of an 11 year old boy whom he hacked into pieces. Lots of pedophiles in this world.

There are 59 countries in the world that still practice the capital punishment. The execution of Yehya Hussein al-Raghwah Yemen’s nineth execution this year, making them one of the most prolific users of death penalty (according to Amnesty International). Yemen is not particularly known for upholding the human rights so whether Yehya Hussein al-Raghwah received a fair trial is questionable (as is questionable whether he really did rape and murder that 11 year old Hamdi al-Kabas).

Note how public executions are always attended by children. And everyone cheers after the shot as if someone just scored a winning goal in a football game. The gallery of pictures from this execution in Yemen is below. The pictures are new, the execution took place yesterday – July 6, 2009. Photos are copyright Associated Press.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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55 thoughts on “Yemen Execution of Yehya Hussein al-Raghwah for Rape and Murder of 11 Year Old”

    1. Actually, sure, they don’t get executed for such thing, but they do get punished to hell and back for such thing. People who rape then kill children are not tolerated in prison, so…it’s actually worse to get ass-raped by inmates for being a child rapist than getting killed.

  1. no one on earth has any power to order or kill others . good ordered us to use mercy in all our acts . we are not gods to take life from any one, god can give life or die any time anywhere to anyone

  2. Funny, you state that the barber might not have had a fair trial and is questionable whether he commited the crime, then you say he confessed to the murder?

  3. Nate, do you have troubles reading text? Don’t just withdraw few words from a sentence to make it change its meaning? Did you not read the beginning of the sentence you are referring to? It says “I don?t know what kind of interrogation methods the police utilize in Yemen…”

    I suggest you look up translations of what some of the beheaded from Iraq and where not say before they are beheaded. They confess to being spies and enemies of free people yadda, yadda. Do you really think it’s difficult to make people confess (or as is in the case of this child rapist – to say that he confessed) especially if it happened in a country where human rights don’t mean crap and abuse of power is served daily?

  4. Narmar, do you mean to imply that all the people that were killed by human hands only died because coincidentally “God” meant for them to die that day? Serial killers do “God’s” dirty work? Other killers are the same?

    The thought that people die just because a single omnipotent being wills it is absolutely ludicrous.

  5. yes its should be killed also. because of what he did is not really acceptable..but why they need to killed him infront of many children,and if we think about it its not good for those kids to watch that someone got killed in see it they think same way those people?or they just cheering up.the truth is that given TRIUMA with our children..they have ever think of it..NOT SURE..anyway if that is their LAW in yemen then its GOOD FOR THEM.but BETTER not to let see this HAPPINNING WITH OUR ENOCENT KIDS WATCH IT.

  6. to all the preachers here, tell me plz does your god want you visiting sites like this, as you ache for your next ‘fix? sorry guys but… stfu

    wiait wait wait, lemme juss cover mine eyes, an ears – oh and wont you god fearing ppl plz cover my eyes >;/

  7. i totally agree that should had been punished for his sins….
    but not like this in the public n also how can public on someone death bcoz every is subjected to some mistakes in his life

  8. This guy raped, killed then mutilated a 10 year old boy!! whats wrong with you people? he was subjected to a thorough mental evaluation and was deemed sane. I feel he was shown much mercy to just take a bullet in the back of the head (instant death) Let this be a lesson to all those who think that a crime so heinous should be taken lightly. The U.S.A needs to take a harder stance on crimes of this bizzare nature, it is a fact that public execution deters crimes.

  9. Hitler, the text is in black and white there is no changing of words are you really that uneducated? Human right violations are prevelant everywhere not just this country educate your self my friend.

  10. Nate, you little closeted fag. This is the second time on one page you made yourself look like a complete idiot. If I were you, I’d shut my gaping faggot asshole and prey no one reads my comments so I don’t look like a complete moron to many. Where do these wannabe fanboys come from?

  11. if he did do it, he got what he deserved. if he was in fact innocent of the crime (which the author was absolutely correct to wonder about given yemen’s well documented willingness to torture suspects into confession) then this is completely awful.

  12. seriously joan? the kids obviously choose to watch the execution, they’re not forced by anyone to watch it. Anyway, its not like his head is going to explode when he gets shot, theres not going to be a mess for anyone to see!

  13. well.. thnk about it our late frnd butchers an 11 yr old… we butcher him… someone else butchers us… yet others butcher them… we are definitely somewhere in the ‘butchering cycle’… i wonder where… now lemme think..

  14. p.s. “someone else butchers us”means someone from this ‘butchering’list may also be ‘butchered'(not excluding myself) by someone(no one in particular i mean)

  15. They showed mercy, it was in instant death. I watched the video, he put 2 in his chest directly to the heart and one in the back of neck, he felt very little pain and is now pushing up daisys

  16. Not many of you seem to know much about Yemen. I have studied there, and lived in Sanaa where this took place. It is a beautiful town to grow up in ( there was a young American boy there while I was there. He was having a great time studying his schoolwork, learning a foreign language and making friends) The old city is an ancient walled town, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. The children there can go anywhere there without their parents having to worry about the traffic, and crimes against children are largely unknown. Something people don’t know or think about. That is why when something like this happens, it causes such a reaction. For that matter, my grandfather found the crimes of Hindley and Brady hard to believe, and when asked if he approved of the death penalty for such people he answered that not only would he hang them himself, but would eat a good breakfast afterwards. He meant it, his generation did not hear so much about this sort of crime. Yemen is a democracy, possibly the only functioning one in the Middle East, and – whatever you think – this is the way justice should be done there. There is no such thing as a secret execution in a society where they are public, and no pretending to yourself that an execution is anything other than killing someone, if you support the death penalty. If you asked the British public what should happen to this sort of criminal, the answer would be that they should be torn limb from limb – and the crowds in any of our major cities would do it if the police didn’t stop them.

  17. Billy K, what you say would be all nice if human rights actually meant poop in Yemen. When rich or powerful want you dead, you will be dead. You won’t get justice. What would you do when given two choices – one is to confess to a horrendous crime for which they would execute you even though you never committed it, or to refuse and be tortured until broken to confess anyway and then they’d still execute. Democracy that doesn’t uphold human rights and uses questionable interrogation practices to impose their idea of justice is worse than totalitarian regime. Because you?re not only oppressing people, you are also a hypocrite at the same time. So let’s not paint Yemen with colors it doesn’t live up to.

  18. Sorry this is not nearly an adequate amount of torture and pain for such a loathsome piece of shit scumbag! Anyone who harms children should be made to die a slow, torturous, painful death execution by being shot just doesn’t fit the crime this man committed!

  19. Sorry this is not nearly an adequate amount of torture and pain for such a loathsome piece of shit scumbag! Anyone who harms children should be made to die a slow, torturous, painful death execution by being shot just doesn’t fit the crime this man committed!

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