Yemen – Protester Camp Stormed at Night, Protesters Burnt Alive

Yemen - Protester Camp Stormed at Night, Protesters Burnt Alive

Unrest in the Middle East continues and even though protests in Yemen don’t get as much coverage in the western media as other countries do, it pays to be reminded that the situation in Yemen is tense and has claimed many lives. As the death toll kept rising and reaching near 100 killed per day in the city of Taiz, a protester camp in the city’s Freedom Square was stormed by forces loyal to Ali Abdullah Saleh at 3am on May 29, 2011 and set ablaze.

Tents temporarily housing thousands of protesters at Freedom Square were sprayed with gasoline using water cannons in the middle of the night, while protesters were sleeping. Many died in an inferno the flames unleashed, those who tried to escape the fire were shot dead by the rooftop snipers. There were children, old and disabled people among those who were unable to flee and ended up burning alive.

Bodies of burnt protesters were then scraped off the square with the use of bulldozers and dumped in mass graves. The protesters want Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down, which he agreed to on April 23, 2011 to tame the protests down but later weaseled out on his word. Video of the incinerated bodies, also showing corpses of burnt children from the mass grave is below. It’s a short video, but do exercise caution if images of dead children offend you.

Photo credit: Taiz Yemen. Props go to Phil for this content.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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18 thoughts on “Yemen – Protester Camp Stormed at Night, Protesters Burnt Alive”

  1. For anyone who wonders why air support is supplied by NATO in such things, well, any questions? A government that would do this to their own people for speaking their mind needs to fall. Saleh is a brutal dictator who is willing to murder anyone who gets in his way. Death by burning alive is the one of the most painful ways to die.

  2. I’d have fried those misogynistic freaks a long time ago. They need to get out of the dark ages. Oil is nothing without refineries. When they run out of that commodity, or if we finally manage to use something aside from fossil fuel, they will have nothing to hold over the world’s head.

  3. Nukes?
    Too bad i can’t post the links to these two articles:

    Iran has secretly stocked enriched uranium for four nuclear bombs DEBKA file – 9 hours ago

    ‘Israel attack on Iran means regional war’‎ – Press TV

  4. Not that Iran is honest with the west, but what uranium they are trying to use for electric energy is mostly spent fuel. Its why it glows blue.

    I’ve seen links on this forum, recently in the circumcision issue, so I think you can post links. Ask the sitemaster if he’ll allow it.

    Israel is not some passive nation, they are aggressive in their own rite. I appose intervention of the United States in the messes they like to cause.

    Nukes are nasty business, they aren’t ‘clean’ weapons even now. No one would win in such a war, and contaminating the environment of the land the antagonist attempts to conquer will be too poison to use. So what would be the point? Russia, China, North Korea, or US intervention? What would be the point?

    Look where nuclear power got Chernobyl, which the land will be contaminated for 24,000 years, or for Fukushima, where we don’t know the extent of the damage as of yet. At least they had a containment dome, Chernobyl did not.

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