Young Kurdish Men Publically Executed by Hanging in Iran

Young Kurdish Men Publically Executed by Hanging in Iran

The original uploader said that these were Kurdish men who were publically executed by hanging in Iran because of their religion. Hard to tell if it’s true or not. The video quite possibly is from Iran. The Islamic Republic of Iran does carry out the death sentences by hanging and we’ve had many videos of it on Best Gore so that’s nothing new. The only question is whether the condemned were really the Kurds or not. And if they are, whether being the Kurds was their only crime or whether the uploader merely used it to push his propaganda. They may have been criminals responsible for a heinous crime for all we know. The fact that they’re presumed Kurds may have had nothing to do with their execution. But that’s all left for speculation at this point.

I counted 5 men with noose around their necks. They each appear to be pretty young, maybe in their early 20’s? I think Saudi Arabia with their medieval executions by sword is much more merciful cause hanging takes much longer to kill and it’s an agonizing death. Plus them Iranians blast Islamic singing into the ears of the condemned making their death so much more agonizing. The last thing they get to hear in their lives is this god awful squealing that never seems to end.

All but the one in the dark shirt had their hands tied behind their backs for the hanging. Must have been a lousy job the executioner did that that man’s hands came undone. You can see there’s another man trying to tie his hands up again at the 0:52 minutes mark but it again comes undone so he’s hanged with his hands loose. Yet he accepts his fate and does not make an attempt to pull himself up the rope.

The frame on which the condemned were hanged appears to have been held in place on the far end with a crane. LOL… What’s the deal, Iran? You execute so many people by hanging over there, you should have these gallows built on every corner. Also – 5 men to go, but only two trucks which could hold two men each. One of the five had to kick his own table from underneath himself to get hanged. Lousy hanging indeed. And that singing…

Props to ButterBatter for the video:

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    1. well hello jesus , my first reply on best gore and its with jesus , and my name is not to suggestive is it lol, yes hanging is over rated now the cartels have it down to a science , chop off there fucking heads and let you deal with them .jesus , god , allah akbar ,lol well have a fucked up day will see you around .and by fucked up i mean a good day , god bless the usa

          1. hahaha picture with a Game Boy 😉

            Do you really think: when the flip-flops fall down, it’s a fact: they’re dead
            funny ;)))

    2. Dude, the shitty-Arab-spermy-fuck of a videographer needs to be hung. All are basically dead, but the 2nd guy from the right is really wriggling! Mean while, the stupid Arab videographer filming all other manner of nonsense.

      1. I think in this video, the song was put over the real audio on purpose so viewers don’t hear the sentencing.
        They announce the reason of execution before doing it.
        It helps their propaganda so they can say these people were hanged for no reason and turns the video viewer against government.

  1. I wonder if all of the mayhem that happens in this world, children going hungry, people falling asleep at the steering wheel of a car, people making irrational decisions, murders, suicides, so on an so forth, are caused by everybody possessing spontaneous telekinetic powers.

    A persons wrongful actions are caused by another persons spontaneous telekinetic powers and vice versa.

    Anyone else think about these possibilities? Is it just me? It’s just me isn’t it? -.-

        1. honestly , you could be on to something , i did a little research, for everyone that meets there maker on here , a child is born somewhere at the exact same time, so maybe its mother natures way of keeping everything in check. and if it was not for the phsycos in the world , we wouldnt be as sane as we are. i guess thats what they call it.

          1. If it was so, the world population always stayed the same.
            And in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombing, around 300,000 babys must be born at the same time 🙂

          1. @Uli- I work as a dental assistant and have had the opportunity to floss out some fingernails and what looked like pubic hair from in between the teeth in a couple of my patients.

  2. I actually don’t mind the singing.

    The one in the purple shirt struggled allot more, or might just have been much more apparent due to his arms being free.

    They put allot of work in these kind of stuff, i’m glad the people show’d there appreciation by attending.!

          1. All I could see were squiggles until you pointed out that it made a word. Awesome!

            And judging by your DP I figured you were Ss_Blind_sS

    1. I second that! You can be walking down the street with black baggy pants on, someone yells out “hey Mr. it’s white pants day your not suppose to wear black!” Citizens suddenly rush in and take you away to be beheaded. What a fucked up country. Anything can set someone off for you to get hung. Sometimes, I want to gather morons who protest here about there freedom and drop them off over there so they can do there protest. I like to see if anything comes out of there mouth then. At lease we get a lawyer and our day in court, at lease we can wear what we want, we can eat what we want, we can fuck whoever we like men/women, we can fart as we please, we can jay walk ect. I think you get the point. We bitch too much about our rights. Shut the fuck up and be thankful you get to live somewhere you are free to do as you please!

        1. Jaywalking is when a pedestrian crosses the street outside of designated crossing area. Corner blocks (designated or not) are acceptable places to cross. Crossing randomly (“mid-block”) would be considered jaywalking. In the end, though, no one really gives a crap. It isn’t heavily enforced unless someone is being a complete moron.

    1. How does that work? In fact, I believe that the hang man’s knot is painful regardless of how you use it. It puts a lot of pressure on the nerve running along your jaw and not enough pressure on your neck arteries (civilized countries use the slip knot, but it’s mostly used for drop hangings).

      1. The drop is the only reason the neck breaks, there’s a formula for how far someone needs to fall to break the neck without the head coming off, its calculated by your weight. they weren’t trying to break their necks, so the knot dosen’t matter, so long as it holds, it works.

  3. Horrible way to go, but that hellish screeching didn’t help ease their tension any less. I’m curious if it’s only middle eastern countries that publicly hang people or if other countries still do this today? Those over here on death row get lethal injection but I’m sure hanging men would be less costly, although prisoners would still bide their time with their appeals.

  4. My dad’s Iranian and I’ve been there once for one month. Most people who live there aren’t Islamic(mostly Jewish believe it or not or they are Zoroastrian), they are just forced to claim they are. To the people wondering if u would be killed/hanged there for wearing shit ect, don’t be retarded. I walked around Tehran in a Redskins jersey, DVS shoes and an SRH hat. Now if ur a girl, its a bit different obviously and the government there can suck my dick, but the people honestly loved me after hearing I was American, got a lot of respect for some reason haha. Don’t get me wrong, the country has its problems and oppression, so therefore I claim to be Persian, fuck saying I’m Iranian. Its sad to see my once proud and deep culture turn to shit because of Islam.

  5. I wonder what the guy in the orange shirt and the guy in the red shirt were talking about. Seriously, what conversation do you have with the guy next to you just before you’re about to have your life snuffed.

  6. Wow, this could have been the best hanging video ever.
    If it weren’t for the cameraman.
    Nobody noticed the death struggle of the 4th guy from the left (dark red clothes) ??
    At 2:19 you can even see he managed to untie his hands !!
    The he struggles to reach the noose as slowly life drains out of him…
    But as I said, the cameraman fails to notice as well… gdmit

  7. This is why we call it the 3rd world……still stuck in the dark ages with ill conceived ideas of salvation in some non-existent after world. Whats most disturbing about this is not the imagery but the mindset that is behind it. Whilst I have contempt for much of so called ‘humanity’, their lack of it is chilling. And what kind of god would be behind that ear-raping music? The gods you get are the gods you deserve!

  8. This is why its called the 3rd world……still stuck in the dark ages with ill conceived ideas of salvation in some non-existent after world. As far as I know not even ancient tribal Africa did this to their own. Whats most disturbing about this is not the imagery but the mindset that is behind it. Whilst I have contempt for much of so called ‘humanity’, their lack of it is chilling. And what kind of god would be behind that ear-raping music? The gods you get are the gods you deserve!

    1. Prolly not. They can’t even hang a mufuggah correctly over there. They all more than likely just hung there and suffocated instead of having their body weight break their necks. Almost all of them just slid off of the vehicles they were standing on. To me, it didn’t look like they dropped far or fast enough to have their necks broken. Dude just happened to free his hands, flail around a bit, then ultimately accepted the inevitable…

  9. The most Kurds are Zaradosht or jewish /christian in Iran , they get hanged because their religion or because they fight for more rights and autonomia…
    Kurdish jews/alawites/christians/zaradoshts/Suryoyos/Yezids can live perfect together no problem when we have our autonomic state just like in Iraq we will unite and live in all our freedom :)))) Syria and Iraq are free now ,only the turkish and the persian mullah regime are over and their time will come to hopefully :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    PS. most of the ppl here should be in the shoes of those killed tortured ppl who get presented like theyre nothing ,on this site …it could be the western atheist mentallity what causes ppl like here on the site :))) Put ya hands up in ya asssssssssssss ..I..

  10. These are kurds, you can see that by their baggy pants. kurds in the middle east have some of the biggest terrorist organizations that will make the los zetas look like quire boys. kurds are famous even in the middle east for brutal beheadings. what makes their beheading so famous is the method of starting the beheading from the back of the neck, which is more painful than starting from the throat. the kurds have been fighting against iran, iraq, turkey,and syria. they bomb metros, buses, kidnap and behead people, …. ect. i dont know the crime of the kurds being hung in this viedo, but it is probably justified.

  11. This hanging could be fom Iran, but is more likely from Pakistan. Iranians aren’t usually that dark compexioned (they generally look more like southern Europeans tha south Asians; these guys look almost Indian brown.

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