Young Man Loosely Tied to Pole Executed with Several Headshots

Young Man Loosely Tied to Pole Executed with Several Headshots

Young Man Loosely Tied to Pole Executed with Several Headshots

The telephone ding dong from the beginning of the video reminded me of this video which also started with a ding dong, though a different one. Must be Brazil again.

The video shows an execution of a young man who’s loosely tied to a pole inside some shack. He squeals in a high pitch voice after taking the first shot, but the consequent headshots quickly silence him and finish him off.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. @Roxi well the guy’s body was tied up to the pole, he couldn’t do shit but if he wasn’t a complete coward maybe he would at least find some nice last words to say instead of trying to work this out the pussy way

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  1. I don’t get it,why in every execution video they stare at their killer.
    In Brasil,you know when you will get executed if they start filming it.
    I mean try to grab a gun feck sake,either way you are dead if you don’t try.

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      1. What more can I say about the video? These Brazilian executions are like some jew tube channels, shit posts for views. Where is the alligators, piranhas or sharks with fricken laser beams on their heads?

    1. I was about to get mad but then I saw that you listed Froot Loops. You’re a good man and I really hope you find what you’re looking for, this is the best place to find true unconditional love after all.

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  5. Legit translation:
    guy tied up: suck a dick
    Gunman: no man
    Suck a dick
    no man
    suck a dick
    no maaan
    suck *gets shot* eyeeeeeee eye eye *shot dead*

    why would you say that to your killer like wtf quit playin

  6. I really wonder why some of the victims heads bounce up when getting shot. Is it a reaction from the body, for example parts of the brain getting hit that control this motion or is it the sheer force of the bullet, bouncing his head so hard on the ground that it bounces back up again?

  7. What can I say? There’s nothing but the rush of hunting people down and killing them! I mean my hearts beating! MY HEARTS BEATING! My hands are shaking! MY HANDS ARE SHAKING! BUT I’M STILL SHOOTING! I’M STILL GETTING HEADSHOTS! It’s like BOOM HEADSHOT

    ( You’re makin this to easy for me )

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