Zetas Commander El Bebe Tortured and Executed by CDG Sicarios

Zetas Commander El Bebe Tortured and Executed by CDG Sicarios

Victim in this video is believed to be a plaza boss for Los Zetas in San Luis Potosi known as El Bebe (The Baby). His captors who torture and behead him are allegedly sicarios with El Cartel Del Golfo (CDG).

In the beginning of the video, El Bebe is seen laid on the ground with shirt over his head and hands tied behind his back while a sicario smashes his feet with a 2×4. The 2×4 is later used to break his lower legs too, but that shot is short and quickly cuts to something else.

Once El Bebe’s feet are crushed bloody, another sicario stuffs his mouth with a piece of fabric and uses a small blade, dull knife to cut his ear off, which is then force fed into his fabric stuffed mouth. After the ear cutting, the sicarios torture Comandante Bebe with electricity by applying wire ends to various parts of his body, including his face and mouth. After that El Bebe is decapitated using the same dull blade knife previously used to cut his ear off.

Needless to say it was a painfully slow beheading and so much of it is cut off and only the beginning with the shots of head already severed are shown. Brutal treatment for sure.

The message (not shown in the video) the killers reportedly left with the body read:

Esto les va a pasar a todos los zetas que quieranentrar a San Luis Potosí, Nosotros lo demostramos con jale no con narcomantas. ATT. “EL T” C.D.G.

Translation by Jewgle:

This is going to happen to all the Zetas that quieranentrar to San Luis Potosi, We can not show to pull narcomantas. ATT. “THE T” C.D.G.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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153 thoughts on “Zetas Commander El Bebe Tortured and Executed by CDG Sicarios”

      1. Well, this horrible monster (now victim) previously tortured and murdered dozens of true other drug pushers and now it’s his turn to compensate the demands of nature’s laws. That’s how I see it.
        I.e. one has to compensate one’s negative actions. To me this is totally normal process and that’s why I don’t dare to act negatively or infringe nature’s laws. Did you get that?

    1. im going to start judging how high up these bastards are by the quality of there video camera, like i have the new olympus its very efficient when filming and has a high quality finish video. this crew look like they have not paid there electricity bill in a long time and had to resort to using there chinese made cell phone to film something that could of been of better quality, that mr slim has supplied them with, free of cost of course. Sorry CDG crew i couldnt sell this shit in a Hollywood horror film. get a better camera Cannon is a good manufacture.

    1. @jewish_simon on don’t feel sorry for him.he was smart enough to join the cartel but stupid as fuck to not go out with a bang.I know I would be armed to the teeth,very sobber and aware of my surroundings.and if all that faild then I would go out guns blazzing and not like a slaughtered pig.

        1. YOU know in reality you don’t know how you react in any given time I never think id do some things iv done but when it happened I just did , I always believed my ex was brave then I got to know him more and more and saw in his soul he was a coward and I never knew I was fearless or strong or can be brave in dangerous situations’ I did not think I react and I was also lucky , that’s just life

  1. These guys are getting more active lately. It must be the season…to torture and kill…I’m good with that as long as its the Mexicans doing Mexicans. Then again I would like to see the Cartel Boys get they’re hands on some Muslims…

        1. It’ll be a dog fight but I think the Snackbars will win. Cartels may be more trained, intelligent and sophisticated, have money and arsenal and they are more violent and brutal, but Snackbars are more motivated, they have cells operating most part of the world, well connected and have political islamic support. And they have the numbers.

    1. Yo @kill , I think these motherfuckers go thru some kinda torture training ’cause these bitches don’t fight at all, AT ALL, they just take it, like they were trained to do so, and yes this should be done to muslims and a bunch of other people that I will not say ’cause I don’t wanna get caught up in the political agenda of it cause my voice, just like voting , Will not be heard.

        1. OMG I squirmed in my seat through the whole damn thing! I could never do anything anywhere near that brutal to another human with one exception,child molesters!!! Oh yeah, think meat slicer from the toes up!

    2. No doubt… The hell with a fence, I say we mine the border! After a couple thousand get their legs blown off they would think twice before trying it. The Chinese make an economical plastic mine that lasts forever, is undetectable and only costs $2.50 a unit. For way less then the cost of the fence they could plant a million of them.

    3. I didn’t really thought that the public hate muslims that far,
      What ever your vision of islam, how could you all agree with this idea ?
      For your knowledge real muslims will never do something like this to another human beings, why do you all wish something sick like this to muslims ?

        1. In terms of appearance, some snackbarists look funny to me, like Pakis/Afgans, they look kinda stupid I wouldn’t take them seriously. Though some Arabs really look scary, espcially those fat, hairy and smelly dudes from Saudi/Emirates, and the black burka is a killer. While the cartel, geared with vests, balaclavas and ak47s, riding in convoy of armored truck is the classic badassary, hands down more scary.

          In terms of technical capabilities, armaments, and economy, they maybe equals but I think the Snacbarists have an edge since they have more political/religious support from Islamic fundamentalists all over the world, unlike the Cartel, who’s power only exist in Latin America, some part of US and EU. So I guess Snackbarists win on these.

          In terms of motivation, it’s the Snackbarists, no doubt, who wouldnt want 72 virgins in heaven after blowing yourself up? Brainwashed minds are more dangerous, I think.

          But when it comes to terror and brutality, I agree with you guys, I remember seeing a photo of severed heads and limbs displayed in a chapel in Mexico, and a video of a sicarios skinning their captives alive like they having a fiesta… The Snackbarists will probably win the war against the cartels, but like wicked mama said, I’d rather be snackbared than carteled. 🙂

      1. since when would a cartel give a fuck about gps? by the time they finished recording they’d be outa there to do more work on them. this is natural selection and they will all die out and the best cartel will be the last one standing.

    1. @alicatt I was thinking the same thing. After all the other stuff they were doing, he probably welcomed the beheading…
      Another aspect is that he has tortured people before so he knows what to expect, that’s probably why they gave him a mix of things. I like that he’s getting what he has given..

  2. It’s amazing that guys are just lining up to take his place when they see that this is their fate. Life must really be shit if every time you see a torture/beheading all you can think is’ Hey, a position just opened up’

  3. To El Cartel Del Golfo and Los Zetas and every other cartel out there that plans on pulling a stunt like this in the future, please buy the new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera in a pair with a fast lens, and give us something we can actually see! There’s hardly any point doing videos like this when they are barely discernable…
    I hope my request will be granted.

    Yours faithfully, Cryptkeeper
    Videographer, filmmaker.

  4. They really need to get some better phones for fucks sake! Literally cannot imagine being in his situation, hands tied, helpless and awaiting the inevitable. He took it better than I would have, that’s for sure.

    1. I’d be crying like a baby, shit in my pants, sucking my thumb I’d I can reach it and crying to my mama to please make them stop. I can never get why they allow to be taken like that. I would fight with all I got, gonna be torture and executed anyways.

  5. 2013 ? 04 ? 29

    Better translation here according to the ?Narco Manta?:

    “This is what is going to happen to all the Zetas that are thinking of entering San Luis Potosi, we demonstrate it with work and not with narco banners. Attentive ‘El T’ C.D.G.”

    I’m in constant contact with my pochos Mexican (boy)friends here in SoCAL & the word is that Los Zetas are disintegrating and losing the drug war ~ they’ve lost complete control of Canc?n & the State of Quintana Roo to their rival Gulf Cartel (CGD). The f*cking lame media like Fox, CNN, MSNBC do not cover the drug war in Mexico.

    1. Yeah probably the best that we have now is borderlandbeat.com . It’s like BG format, but specifically for cartel, drug wars news/articles. It has uncensored videos and photos too, and the best thing is it’s in english. So if you wanna know all about drug wars in Mexico, that site is highly recommended.

  6. Mark! There is another beheading video where Mexican sicarios behead a woman supposedly for stealing and snitching. It’s done with a sharper knife and very quickly, and when they hold up the woman’s head you can clearly see her eyes shift from one side to the other showing clearly that there’s still signs of life for a few seconds post-beheading. It’s a really good one if you can find it! It deserves to be on BG soo bad!

          1. aww that would be nice 😉 i try to watch These beheading Videos, i press Play.. and as soon as i see one of them moving i pause it. i promise myself, to watch it the next day..but instead of it i read the comments ..and thats how it goes..each time..

    1. Lol well said .. Hate the zetas , I don’t like no cartel but zetas isn’t no cartel no more , they don’t operate the way they should , and btw pretty hot for a cute paisa to be watching gore like this 😉 ahuevo

  7. Why the obnoxious fat white narco watermark. Its ruining the already horrible resolution.

    Just go back to filling up the whole page with them. At least they had a little fade out.

    DL took the beating like a man. Props.

  8. where it says ”quieranentrar” in the message, it should be ‘quieran entrar’ which means who ‘want to enter’ so the message would say ‘This is going to happen to all the Zetas that want to enter San Luis..’

  9. i cant believe they got the baby… hes been active in that area of mexico for a while now, if you go back to some other narco videos they talk about him and his operations. i guess all that info does go to use before the kill the fuckers… anyway this shit in mexico is getting worse, but yet the videos are getting better. who agrees?

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