Zetas Commander El Bebe Tortured and Executed by CDG Sicarios

Zetas Commander El Bebe Tortured and Executed by CDG Sicarios

Victim in this video is believed to be a plaza boss for Los Zetas in San Luis Potosi known as El Bebe (The Baby). His captors who torture and behead him are allegedly sicarios with El Cartel Del Golfo (CDG).

In the beginning of the video, El Bebe is seen laid on the ground with shirt over his head and hands tied behind his back while a sicario smashes his feet with a 2×4. The 2×4 is later used to break his lower legs too, but that shot is short and quickly cuts to something else.

Once El Bebe’s feet are crushed bloody, another sicario stuffs his mouth with a piece of fabric and uses a small blade, dull knife to cut his ear off, which is then force fed into his fabric stuffed mouth. After the ear cutting, the sicarios torture Comandante Bebe with electricity by applying wire ends to various parts of his body, including his face and mouth. After that El Bebe is decapitated using the same dull blade knife previously used to cut his ear off.

Needless to say it was a painfully slow beheading and so much of it is cut off and only the beginning with the shots of head already severed are shown. Brutal treatment for sure.

The message (not shown in the video) the killers reportedly left with the body read:

Esto les va a pasar a todos los zetas que quieranentrar a San Luis Potosí, Nosotros lo demostramos con jale no con narcomantas. ATT. “EL T” C.D.G.

Translation by Jewgle:

This is going to happen to all the Zetas that quieranentrar to San Luis Potosi, We can not show to pull narcomantas. ATT. “THE T” C.D.G.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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153 thoughts on “Zetas Commander El Bebe Tortured and Executed by CDG Sicarios”

    1. Absolutely, I would definitely be sure to have a quick and painless way out. The very last thing any of those men want is to be caught alive. It makes one wonder just how so damn many are caught alive knowing the absolutely guaranteed outcome of such a kidnapping. Maybe it’s stupidity, maybe ignorance, maybe arrogance, or just as likely Karma that keeps them from being prepared for death, but death is in their back pocket living the lifestyle they chose.

  1. I just wouldn’t get took alive knowing the shit what is going to happen to you. If i knew i was gonna get caught I would of shot myself, iv’e seen loads of shit like this but this as gotta be by far the most brutal shit, If there is a hell it is mexico. The guy took it like a champ tho, I would of been screaming like a lil bitch

  2. Mexicans are useless pieces of shit. On top of the usual botched beheading it’s the way he cuts the throat and ear…so flaccid, uninspired and boring, it’s like he has no love for what he’s doing…and a 2×4 to smash feet what are you Jim Duggan ?

  3. Hey umm im new well ive been on this site for a year just never tried to log in but i finally did because mainly i have things to say but so now i wont hold back ! Well im fluent in spanish so i can help with all the translatios ” this will happen to all the zetas wanting to get in san luis potosi we show our work not put narcomantas”

  4. Video’s like this make me HATE wetbacks even more than I already do . These spics need to all die in Mexico. HEY ! THANKS FOR LIVING UP TO YOUR REPUTATION and confirming the STEREOTYPE.. These Aztec Mexicans are dumb scum that could never hold a candle to the Germans who migrated to Mexico or America . Stop getting women pregnant and having them come to America with your stupid anchor babies

  5. What the message says:

    “This is going to happen to all the Zetas that wish to enter to San Luis Potosi, We prove it with “pull” (jale means “the pull” which refers to the action of killing instead of making nothing) not with narcomantas (narco-signs). BY ?THE T? C.D.G.”

    It’s like: If you are zeta, do not enter to San Luis, we are going to kill you, not to scare you with messages.

    BTW i’m mexican

  6. nosotros lo demostramos con jale no con narcomantas, means something like ” we show and/or demonstrate ( our toughness , etc) by doing this sort of job, and not by hanging warnings signs to the other cartels ( narcomanta )”

  7. I don’t mean to be funny but I can take that pain , iv cut piece of my own ear off and once my grand mum is dead I will kill and torture her son worse than that maybe im sick my psychologist seems to think so but that’s not torture

  8. Did I hear rightly? Was someone still smashing his feet/legs to bits whilst his head was being painfully & slowly severed? Man, now THAT’S eagerness in the work place – the dude’s certainly looking at a promotion – or at least a bonus. But I’d want to keep him in MY team. When word got out, he would’ve surely been head-hunted by other cartels/organisations! Bet he lives in a fuckin big-assed house by now; few cars, huge tv’s, indoor pool, the lot!!

  9. A tourcher sampler or an educational video. It’s passed along to the ranks of newbies in the bunch so they know what to do or what will happen to them if they get kidnaped I think.
    It could of use better lighting though missed a lot of detale here.

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