Feminine Thai Guy Cuts His Cheek with a Razor Blade on Camera

Feminine Thai Guy Cuts His Cheek with a Razor Blade on Camera

It is my guess that the person depicted in the video is a male, despite feminine features. I’ve come to learn that in countries with high population of ladieboys many of whom look so authentically female, you’d have to examine really carefully in order to securely determine their sex, if there is but a 1% chance that it could be a male, then it probably is a male even if it looks like 99% female.

The reason why I know the video is from Thailand is due to the pictures in the background. There is a picture of Thai king who’s a guy that never smiles. For whatever reason, despite having this grumpy chap for the king, despite him wallowing in riches while much of his country is poor (he’s the richest royal in the world), Thais think he’s the shit.

The feminine guy in this video cuts his own cheek with a razor blade and films it on camera. He’s going deep enough to draw blood, but probably not deep enough for the cuts to leave scars. I don’t know his motives or anything about him. I don’t even know for sure if he’s a man, but like I said earlier, in countries like Thailand, unless it is absolutely certain that it’s a woman, than it’s probably a man.

Because life is so much easier when you’re a woman, there are only a few women who change their gender to a men, but thousands upon thousands of men who change to be women. In Thailand alone there are tens of thousands of them.

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      1. ..I thought katoeys looks more feminine and will put on more make-up,her’s more like the other way around,if I’m not mistaken..
        .A tomboy trying to look manly and all macho for her lesbo partner/s..,they number a lot in those parts..A possible scenario,guys..?

      1. @Atucker31,

        Whether or not people of either gender agree with it, for the most part women in white western societies do have it easier and it is factually proven.

        How many female homeless beggars do you see living on the streets?, very few in fact and the reason for this is because unemployed women receive far more social support and financial help than unemployed males do.

        If you take a look at your country’s unemployment figures you can see that the number of males unemployed is far greater than the number of unemployed females, compare this with the demographic totals and you will notice that when companies downsize it is the males who tend to lose their jobs first before the females.

        Also social legality issues, males are guilty of rape if the woman consented to sex whilst drunk, this despite the males often being equally if not more drunk at the time.

        If you take a look at the crime figures, particularly the court statistics you will see that females tend to receive lighter sentences compared to men under equal circumstances, the list goes on and on.

        My conclusion, I operate on logic and therefore do not have any anti-female bias in my thoughts and decision making so I can state objectively that, on average, females in white western societies do have it easier than men.

        People may disagree with the above and that is fine, but facts are facts and it is what it is regardless of emotional bias on the individual’s part.

        1. @Empty soul,
          i disagree with most of what you said. women have to suck cock and take it up the ass for their man or the man will go to another girl that will.

          unless you suck cock and take it up the ass, that is way worse than what we males go through.

          fuck that shit.

          1. svarg26,

            Ha, I’m not sure where you would have to live when woman have to take it in the ass and mouth to survive. I personally have never inserted my meat into anyone’s ass in my entire life and I intend it to keep it that way.

            I do however, metaphorically, take it in the ass every time my government increases the tax rates.

        2. @ empty soul, it was a joke for Ate saying on this page that it was easier for women, nothing more…Also where I live there is a lot of poverty and some homelessness in the ghetto. my own mother has been homeless. there has been times I had no food. I had to get out of date food from a food drive but when you are hungry you will eat anything. Everybody is not weathy here. I finally got out of the ghetto.

        3. @ Empty soul, Every part of the U.S.A. is different. Im not rolling in riches I’ve been hungry, there are plenty of beggars here. I lost the long comment I posted. If it shows up later I appologize for the repition. @ Empty soul, statistics are much different than real life. I hope my joke didn’t upset you. life is different than your statistics. like I said each part of this counyry is different.

      2. you don’t see many female beggars on the streets because they have been forced into prostitution by creepy pimps who keep their eyes peeled out for them…so basically they are getting the shit beat out of them, being choked and stabbed on pretty much a regular basis…

        1. @Alicatt,

          It is a matter of statistics. There are far more homeless, street begging males than prostitutes being abused by pimps.

          I don’t know about America but in Europe all unemployed females receive social support, housing benefit and a roof over their heads, which means that they would have to be in huge debt or have a drug addiction to feed to cause them to turn to prostitution.

          The vast majority of prostitution in Europe is by Eastern European criminals tricking and trafficking young Eastern European girls into the sex trade throughout all EU member states.

          Also, being an homeless male is no treat either. They get beaten up, urinated on by late night drinkers, attacked by other gangs of homeless men who want their sleeping spots, get frostbite and lose limbs in the winter, get pneumonia from the cold and rain and generally get ill and die.

          1. @empty
            yeah its really different here in north America…for starters women don’t get more assistance only if they are caring for young children then they get additional monies, but I don’t think they get places to live or anything…they can get housing assistance which is a reduced rent…but this goes for men or women…whoever is the one with the kids. Its this way in Ontario Canada anyways, and im pretty sure its much worse in the states, depending upon state of course. So young women with no children who are homeless don’t get much help…its equivalent to the males, and once they are on the streets that’s when the pimps get their hands on em….and im pretty sure that’s the same throughout North America…definitely not an easy life. But if you are caring for kids its not as bad. So us ladies who have no children are screwed if we lose our jobs and our homes…if there is no one to help or let you bunk on their couch its basically shelters and the street.

          2. @elma
            well being muslim of course they are getting the royal treatment! as long as you aren’t Canadian we take care of those foreigners good 🙄

          1. You know what they say. There are three types of lies. Lies, damn lies and statistics. In this box ticking world, the above is probably more relevant and true than ever.

        2. I agree with you, alicatt. Here in the states you’re screwed if you don’t have kids… don’t matter if you’re a girl. And hey, I got out of the ghetto too. I met this really young girl, such a shame she was hooked on meth, sleeping around with old guys. She was way too young and pretty to be out there, but I guess we don’t all get lucky. I never touched drugs, shit, I knew I didn’t want that life. Also, I had to get my mom and sister out of there. But so many of my boys have fucked up their lives, and even lost them to drugs and that ghetto. There’s so many homeless people where I live, and i’d say it’s a 50/50. I don’t know about Europe, or Canada… just here in the US, but the statistics show 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence I their lifetime. My mom was one of them. Domestic violence is also the 3rd leading cause of homelessness. My mom was one of them. And 2 out of 3 female homicides are by family member or intimate partner. Women are more likely to be sexually assaulted. About 4.5 times more likely. And most victims are females under the age of 24… my mom was one of them. Plus girls gotta deal with all those girl problems, and giving birth… fuck that. So I wouldn’t necessarily say females have it easier. It’s a tough life, for all of us. People born into wealthy families, they are the one’s that have it better.

        1. @ cheeky you are tough. I thought I was going to die when they threaded my eyebrows. I didn’t cry but it was a fucking nightmare. It felt like they were burning my eyebrows off of the sin. I admie your strength. I have just tried regular waxing. I like to feel it warm on my face and it feels good when they rip my eyebrows off. I will never let anyone with thread near my face again. once again you are very tough. I admire your strength.

          1. Hahaha I thread my own and after years of doingnit its actually painless now.. including waxing.. the more you do it the less pain you feel. .. truth ?

          2. @atucker.. when you do it in a regular basis it kinda feel numb..

            Yeah.. i pluck my eyebrows with a tweeser.. threading is faster but i dont know how to do it.. :/

          3. Ha ha, I can reply to this. I also want to applaud the well written posts above. I had my whole body waxed for charity a couple of years ago to raise money for the Hospice i was working in at the time. The centre of my chest and the Achilles’ tendon area were the worst bits. The other doctors filmed and laughed, and the terminal patients looked at me and left quickly (still laughing!). Managed to buy enough flat TVs to fit to all the side rooms. Would do it again but after I looked like i rolled through a field of stinging nettles would need to raise a fair bit of cash again to make it worth the 90 mins of waxing! My wife (who did the waxing) had a great time lol.

        2. Brazilian waxing does indeed hurt like a bitch–especially the first time; however, ladies, remember big brush brings about forest fires and it’s essential for fire prevention! Ha!

          Furthermore, if you think that shit hurts, imagine getting your nipples pierced–it was painful, but totally hot I and never regretted it!

  1. i knew a dude who did this to his face. he also wore headphones every minute of the day and mimics everything that seemed likable to a majority. Attention whores fed on this type of shit. Image is a byproduct of ego, kill that shit before it eats you alive. ave Brahma

  2. Years ago I use to work with some guy who couldn’t shut up about how great Thailand was and how he could not wait to visit that place again.He would always look at ladyboys on his phone so I guess that’s what was so great about Thailand to him. :S.. Thanks to Best Gore I’ve seen what a shit hole of a place it really is and how many tourist end up killing themselves or murdered. Fuck Thailand..

    1. @cerebral_goretex First of all, your name rocks my socks! Yes! And I couldn’t agree with you more about that shithole wasteland! Every time someone mentions visiting Thailand, I am quick to question their sanity and inquire about their presumed acceptance of being on the receiving end of a buncha “pointers”– I’m always met with perplexed-faced inquisitiveness, reminding me of my freakish solidarity in my enjoyment of being a reality death enthusiast. Some day, I’ll hear a response amongst a single individual in the flock of sheeple, who high-fives me in acknowledgement of our bestgore commonalities and I’ll ride off into the sunset with him happily ever after…where we shall not enjoy a honeymoon with the flip-floppers or the finger-pointers. 🙂

  3. That cut would be much nicer to look at if he did it across his neck..
    Damn my hands are itchy.. I want to pluck those bushy eyebrows.. but wait i think its not his real brows.. just an epic use of brow liner or charcoal?.

    1. wicked moma, I didn’t know they had contacts like that. I never could wear anything in my eyeball. I even put my eyeliner outside of my eye. hell my eyes are already big enough. I look like a deer in head lights now. lmao these big eyes and I am almost blind as a bat…….

    1. @ The protocols of zion, you and that soy milk. You trip me out. lol. my brother is gay. I will have to ask him about his diet. He is manly though. He doesn’t look gay. He is tough. His husband is a pretty boy. I had to borrow his eyeliner one day when we were doing our make up. Maybe his husband drinks soy milk.

  4. most women are shit. without that hole between their legs men wouldnt even associate with them. and im not saying all of them you do get some who have a personality but not many.but yet they expect the fucking world because of faggot liberal governments have for some reason put them on a pedestal because they have a wet minge. yet if you really want a society to flourish im sorry but you should concentrate all your efforts on young white males and chinese male youths because they through time are the creators of this world and leading scientits etc. if white europeans and chinese just got together and cast everyone else out the world would be an awesome scientific place. fuck religion and 3rd world races and dumb whores who get everything for nothing.

    1. You’re right about white European males. The scientific leaps made, specifically by northern European males, changed our world growth exponentially for the greater good. It is, however, very unfortunate how the liberal left have all but ruined our societies via their bigoted small minded ideologies, without which, our plethora of dormant individual brains, could flourish once more.
      Oh for the day when the leftist shackles are tossed to the wind and our nations begin to achieve greatness once again.

  5. I think it might possibly be a girl….he/she has a very fine neck..much like a girl and the hands well im on the fence about them…she seems to have sort of mannish fingers but I have known women with worse. The eyebrows look like they were penciled up to be that way.

    Anyways I was wondering..what exactly was the point behind what ‘it’ was doing anyways? And where on earth is this being?? In some kind of a temple?? Awful lot of religious statues there…hmmmm….its a cult member!!! I knew it! The cutting whilst lying down is to attract their animalistic god to their upcoming service….its all a sexual thing..totally…I saw a movie about this once… 😛

    1. @ allicat, Im blind and on a cell phone. I noticed your redish streaks in your hair. I like it. my mom has huge man hands. she is beautiful but has muscular man hands. she could crush his/her hands. I guess you are right about not judging by the hands.

  6. Thats fucking nuts, I don’t care if its a dude or a chick people do some weird fucking shit to them selfs… At least the person isn’t getting some lame tattoos on there face like someone I read about. Anyway I would take no pleasure in this kind of pain to myself although I find myself kind of curious on people who actually do this stuff to them selfs. I mean do they get off on it, like after I bust a nut during sex I’m good you know it’s all good a wave of happiness. Do you think they fell the same, maybe not happiness but something to fill in the special bullshit… I dunno I’m lost on this one even on the gender hahah

  7. Awww. Why would he ruin that beautiful face? I can only assume that he is depressed and uses self-harming to cope with mental pains. I don’t know for sure, but looking at him makes me feel so sad. I guess I’m just a naturally sympathetic person. But I really hope he gets whatever it is he wants; someday…

  8. Truth be told he looks better than alot of females. He could be a pop singer or a boy model. Jealous ugly women (more than likely black or caucasian niggers) probably scorned him for being attractive, so he resorts to self loathing.

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