10g Ampallang Piercing Video

10g Ampallang Piercing Video

The ampallang is a horizontal piercing of penis glans. The individual in this video already had the apadravya (glans pierced vertically), so the addition of the horizontal barbell forms what’s known as the magic cross.

The video was sent to us by Wayland Rumble who added the following commentary:

I am a BIG fan of your site! Would love it if you could add my ampallang piercing video that I shot myself. It is a 10g ampallang and it does get nice and bloody at the 7:20 mark. Video was shot on 1-9-16 in Oregon.

Thanks a lot for the video Wayland Rumble:

194 thoughts on “10g Ampallang Piercing Video”

        1. No.., no fckn way.., i couldnt in a lifetime.., unimaginable.., well Wayland, you’re a bigger man than me.., uhh let me rephrase that.., you’re a braver man than me when it comes to propellers in the dick. Ouch..!

          1. Well Mr. Wayland, hopefully now you will make the switch to boxers and stop wearing those tight, restrictive briefs. That little guy needs room to grow.

        1. I was wondering if anybody besides me noticed what a small dick her has. The reason I ask is, I have 1 2. Huw, No way I would pierce it though. But twice. Fuck No. Ant gonna do it. I never have understood how anybody would want to hurt them selves. Sure, I get depressed, angry, feelings hurt, But wouldn’t it make you feel better if you beat the Shit out of someone else. And if you a pussy, find someone you can beat up. Hell go cut um.

    1. I have a penis that’s also been pierced a couple ways, plus been tattooed a bunch of times. Most times there’s been a crowd gathered around to watch. And never once did ol’ Elmo even start to get hard. That stuff is sheer terror to a fun loving penis!

          1. My guess is it was cold, really cold.., not only that, you got some fckn Dude with a huge fcking Needle heading for Major Tom.., I’d wanna find some place to hide too.

          1. @LF
            But still, even if all the conditions are in his favour..
            Maby he got these piercings so that he can use them to stretch him out a little??

            Anyway, I feel bad for that poor bloke

          2. @Nightmare

            Lol that’s probably true. I’ve just seen some guys who look tiny soft and then they get hard and I’m thinking wtf where did all that come from?!

    1. I dated a couple guys who had the vertical peircing… Sex was great, but it likes to snag behind your uvula (dangly thing in the back of your throat) when you go down on them, and they can make your throat a little raw at first. But you adjust. I enjoyed them.

    1. Ha! I can see that. At first glance it appeared to me to be a close-up of a very hairy nipple piercing.
      If there’s no discernible difference between a picture of your dick and a picture of a nipple, you should not try to draw attention to the poor little thing.
      Side note: The 4-way pee stream could prove to be problematic.

      1. Well I had 40 micro hoops in each ear, it took over 60 rings to make the collar around my neck, the compass on my stomach took 9, so you see how quick that can add up, I don’t have 90% of them any more but I kind of miss them.

          1. When I joined the military is when I took them out and after 9years most of them healed, I’ve been thinking about getting some redone but I’m not sure yet.

    1. It looks battered…like self inflicted domestic violence…but the gore and cringe factor are off the charts…I made faces, oh wtf noises and averted my eyes…that don’t happen every day. πŸ™‚

  1. He hopes that maybe the added bling will help him please his woman, or his man, or child or dog or whatever has to pretend that he/she/it can feel the damned thing. I think he’s wasting his time and perhaps what little junk he has.

    1. I worked with a lot of FOB Filipinos before and they used to tell me how back in the Philippines, they would Pierce their shaft in someone’s house and just stick a piece of rubber through it. They always said it was for “her pleasure”.

      I won’t say I know for a fact that it does feel better for her. I can see how it makes sense, though…

  2. @Wayland Rumble – I’m sure you knew what you were getting into by submitting your video, so I won’t apologize too much for the snarky comments. However, as a fellow BG member I would like to say thanks for your video, I hope you’re healing well and that you’re enjoying your piercing! πŸ™‚

  3. I am reminded of elementary school when my friend said something to this other kid that I still laugh about to this day…

    “You’re dick is so small, it looks like a mushroom in the forest”

  4. I’m curious: Doesn’t all that metal passing through your urethra tend to restrict the flow of urine – or semen – ?

    I’ve had the frenum and Prince Alpert piercings and can relate to how good it is to do things with your favorite toy.

    No reason why a man’s penis shouldn’t be his lifelong hobby. Beats most other hobbies I can think of.

          1. All in all, 99000 people are making love right now, 22000 are kissing, 11000 are getting oral and one sad wanker is reading this…..
            You hang in there, friend! πŸ™‚

    1. It’s said that when women get their clitoris pierced they cum so maybe the same applies for men? Anyways that hurt my dick and I don’t have one… I’ve got piercings and I love them but I couldn’t go that far…..

    1. AH,HA,HA! Balls of Steel that Ballman, has though. I could NEVER do this to my junk either! No fucking way. I had surgery a few years back, to kill my baby making abilities, AWAKE,and almost passed out, man. Not from the pain BOOZE, it was from an older man and the though of him fucking with my nutsack. πŸ™

  5. That was hot.thank you for this.. I wish there was more guys like you.

    Why are guys acting like they’d be packing 9+ knowing that a fucking rod is going to be shoved through their wiener ?

    1. There are restrictions you know, Even if I stick mine into the fucking snow (or if I think back to that one time with that crazy chick and her candle-grease) it still cant pull back that far…
      Hell, if I do that I still feel like a friggin porn star compared to that

  6. I would think with as much rubbing and touching as he got in the beginning would result in a hard on, I was waiting to see if he would spring a woody. Probably too nervous knowing the pain that was in store. He needs to manscape.

  7. I have an apadravya and it really wasn’t bad. I got it when I was 16 (32 now) and it started to heal (ie stop bleeding) after a few days. Those first few days I had to keep my dick in a ziplock bag with a semi-loose rubber band around it to keep the blood “contained” πŸ™‚

    Pain-wise, it got less sensitive after about two weeks, and then regular sensitivity-wise, ~two months or so to be damn near completely healed.

    We video taped the whole deal and when my friends mom found said tape she promptly destroyed it (our friend was a tattoo/piercer and did it in my friend’s kitchen).

    I can only imagine how sketchy this all sounds, but he had all his usual gear and cleaning stuff – we just were all at the house, not his shop. He also did my tongue the year before in the same house, then my labret a few months later at his shop, lip, eye brow, etc etc etc.

    Of all the piercings I currently only wear the tongue and apadravya on a regular basis, the majority of the other facial one’s closed when I joined the service, though I could still put my labret in for awhile after having it out – strange how some holes close right up, others don’t…or from person to person how drastically different the reaction to piercings (and heal time) can be.

    Case in point; my sister got her tongue done (would be when I was 14) and couldn’t eat for an entire week. When I got mine done the following year I ate that night and within a day or two is was perfectly normal. I think all of this sort of took the edge off and made getting piercings (in general) a lot more appealing to me, not to mention took any sort of stress/anxiety out of the equation…which only helps dull any associated pain that much more.

    1. I think pain threshold has a lot to do with it too, fearing pain, you take longer to move etc, I have an extremely high pain threshold, don’t mind pain, so my piercings always healed quickly as I would move and clean and carry on as usual with them, where others might be scared,,

      My view on pain is, it’s only going to hurt so much till you either get used to it, or you pass out, which means you pass out, I’ve never passed out,,

      Has a csection with my youngest and within 4 hours was walking around the ward doing everything as before, other women wouldn’t even move 3-4 days later,,

      It’s all about mind over matter

  8. did this be good for women ?
    its look like an cat dick. cat dick have some little thing on it and its very painfull for female cat when the male put his dick out (so the female scream and extrem MEOOWW when he finish) (my vet explain me that)

    just….. the fuck to be crazy mind for do shit like that. i mean, not the idea to get some piercing on dick , but just didnt think about possible reaction of body (his own and female he fuck, if he fuck some women)

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